Zverev Battles Nadal; Thiem, Berrettini Eye Semi-Final Spot | Madrid 2021 Quarter-Final Highlights

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  1. Jack Waters
    Jack Waters
    14 天 前

    Where are the womens highlight???

    25 天 前


    个月 前

    Welldone everyone! Thank you all so much for the most productive qualities of a tennis athlete. See you again soon. Take care!

  4. jongili malta
    jongili malta
    个月 前

    tallness and power off both wings is nadals weakness

  5. Thor Nado
    Thor Nado
    个月 前

    So Nadal is not invincible in clay.

  6. Francisco Contrera
    Francisco Contrera
    个月 前

    Impressive, at 2:08 minutes, Nadal's ball with spin effect goes up to the height of Sverev's head

  7. Toto the Mutt in NW
    Toto the Mutt in NW
    个月 前

    wow can Zverev win against Nadal in Roland Garros?

  8. Alex Gabe Ross _A_G_R_
    Alex Gabe Ross _A_G_R_
    个月 前

    Впшооидкмлд!!! Фмаашодщкгоатм!!! Валкартенси!!!!

  9. Jan Wade
    Jan Wade
    个月 前

    Damn, the court looks small in Isner! Imagine a doubles game against Isner and Del Potro! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. raging For Peace
    raging For Peace
    个月 前

    Rafa Nadal 14 roland Garros triumph what's the young generation doing there's no stopping him?

  11. Nicola Galli
    Nicola Galli
    个月 前

    But at the and he will take Roland Garros for a 14 th 🔥🙏😎

  12. Игорь Щербаков
    Игорь Щербаков
    个月 前

    Nadal 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  13. Sheng Long
    Sheng Long
    个月 前

    Dominant Theim

  14. nadeem khan
    nadeem khan
    个月 前

    Garin is such a sore loser

  15. Zen ManitoO
    Zen ManitoO
    个月 前

    Berrettini doesn't play like barazzuti...

  16. Ralki
    个月 前

    Dang, not only did Berrettini won but he bageled Garin 6-0 as well.

  17. The Teflon Don
    The Teflon Don
    个月 前

    What a point that was from Garin. Amazing work!!

  18. The Teflon Don
    The Teflon Don
    个月 前

    Zverev is making big improvements

  19. Hiroki Mori
    Hiroki Mori
    个月 前

    Somehow a small chunk of like/dislike may be found in each player. Zverev stands staunchly up against El Rey of clay. Significance is much bigger in his mind. Mental strength & stamina is crucial when one faces a player like Nadal, but to execute it is a herculean task to do. Well done, the warmest congrats! Shame the never-sinking sun is gone from Madrid yet suffering much from the virus. All credit to his rival. That's the way Nadal is. His mind is already flown to Rome.

  20. Orwa Mohamed
    Orwa Mohamed
    个月 前

    نادال يجب ان يستعيد مستواه ويرفع الاداء حتي يحقق الفوز بالبطولات القادمة ، علي الأقل بالخبرة كان يمكنه ان يحقق الفوز ، أين ملك الملاعب الترابية حاليا ؟

  21. George Stavrinides
    George Stavrinides
    个月 前

    Zverev beats up women

  22. thorium222
    个月 前

    4:03 Isner really wants that volley back I guess.

  23. Ichsan Nurzaman
    Ichsan Nurzaman
    个月 前

    What is that dead silence after Berrettini's massive serve lol

  24. Commentary Talk
    Commentary Talk
    个月 前

    Men's Tennis quality is STUPENDOUS at the moment: So much depth and diversity. So many exciting styles and match-ups to enjoy right now!! Wonderful. Special plaudits to Bublik too: I hope he finds a hot streak and gets some titles.

  25. Indian
    个月 前

    Here many tennis lovers are not understanding the actual scene..most of the matches outcome mainly total scores are pre fixed by betting companies.

  26. dustinzk
    个月 前

    Rollercoaster Zverev continues...

  27. Bernd Klumpp
    Bernd Klumpp
    个月 前

    Bublik is massively sympathetic guy, a very good tennis player and one of the fairest men on the tour. I‘m always looking forward for his comments at the end of his games.

    个月 前

    Zverev wins this tournament, for sure.

  29. Boris Kostic
    Boris Kostic
    个月 前

    Good precision by Zverev totally outplayed Nadal who looked like a 100th player in the world yesterday

  30. JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
    JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
    个月 前

    After this victory I would put Sasha right up there!! 😂🙏🏻

  31. el diablo
    el diablo
    个月 前

    Ruud is becoming one of the best clay players of the ATP tour !

    1. el diablo
      el diablo
      个月 前

      @Felipe Maldonado Of course ! ;)

    2. Felipe Maldonado
      Felipe Maldonado
      个月 前

      he has been practising with Rafa, apparently he has learnt a lot from that.

  32. andrea cefeo
    andrea cefeo
    个月 前

    1:44 what a bicep

  33. Dean Ryan Martin
    Dean Ryan Martin
    个月 前

    Dominic Thiem or Casper Ruud FTW

  34. Andrey Rudin
    Andrey Rudin
    个月 前

    Беретини конечно красавчик :) к Гарину никаких вопросов, просто Беретини красавчик!!!

  35. Andrey Rudin
    Andrey Rudin
    个月 前

    Бублик интересно кричал матом на весь корт как он ненавидит этот е%%%ый теннис? ))))))

  36. Andrey Rudin
    Andrey Rudin
    个月 前

    ладно Надаль. Тим против Изнера, ну прям на него кидает мяч, прям на ракетку :) и тот и ошибается.

  37. Simone Martinelli
    Simone Martinelli
    个月 前

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  38. AdorablePluto05
    个月 前

    7:20 super awesome running forehand

  39. AdorablePluto05
    个月 前

    6:39 check out the Power.Enough to scare Zverev

  40. Carlos Andres Castro Medina
    Carlos Andres Castro Medina
    个月 前

    Can we appreciate that amazing point that Garin won in the first set?

  41. Tina Martin
    Tina Martin
    个月 前

    Zverev is also playing doubles in Madrid?? Does he play two games every day??

  42. nastastic
    个月 前

    Christian Garin is actually a pathetic player. How on earth can you be so shit you go from a set and 3-1 lead to never winning another game? He must of taken a fairly large fee for fixing that match.

  43. General Shockwave Kingpin
    General Shockwave Kingpin
    个月 前

    No matter how Nadal performs in Rome, he'll be ready for Roland Garros 2021.

  44. Paul Labbe
    Paul Labbe
    个月 前

    Fun fact : Ruud's forehand has more rpm than Nadal's

  45. 相馬哲士
    个月 前

    Rafa should regain himself before Roland Garros

  46. Kody Maine
    Kody Maine
    个月 前

    Nadal will retire very soon

  47. georgybelco
    个月 前

    Bublik is too nice.. he didn’t get the rub of the green in the first set so he basically just gave up in the second.. great guy, but don’t think he has the mentality to perform at the top level consistently

  48. Jonathan Grant
    Jonathan Grant
    个月 前

    Nadal should have worn a sleeveless shirt

  49. Dario Palmieri
    Dario Palmieri
    个月 前


  50. djeeee911
    个月 前

    Gatin didn't look good. Covid ?

    1. 相馬哲士
      个月 前

      He has corona

  51. Namispond Jamispond
    Namispond Jamispond
    个月 前

    With Bublik's personality, he is going to be a joy to watch for years to come. Unfortunately, we will be watching him alongside the vile arrogance of the likes of Medvedev and Kyrgios.

  52. William Davies
    William Davies
    个月 前

    How does Garin go from a set and a break up, to not winning another single game?

  53. Mohammad Irfan
    Mohammad Irfan
    个月 前

    Nadal heavy defeat show on his face Saltty i want see him to congrats his opponents with smile not 😒

  54. Federico Siscaro
    Federico Siscaro
    个月 前

    Grande matte❤

  55. Teodoro Raco
    Teodoro Raco
    个月 前

    Congrats to Matteo Berrettini, who yesterday has showed us that the victory against Karatsev was not only question of shape and energy but talent and mental focus too.

  56. 1MATION- Yannis Xylouris
    1MATION- Yannis Xylouris
    个月 前

    This is off topic but the way Isner "fills" the court is... funny. It's like playing with a kid in a playground.

  57. hg82met
    个月 前

    How did Garin lose 10 games in a row?

  58. Alex Richardson
    Alex Richardson
    个月 前

    Bublik seems like a really nice guy, often praising his opponents at the net after he had lost

  59. Muhy
    个月 前

    Zverev is showing that He Is able to beat Nadal on Clay And Djokovič on hard. But he needs to improve his mindset to be Champion.

  60. Dumè Lopez
    Dumè Lopez
    个月 前

    Berrettini must to change the way he uses his backhand if he wants to be a real champion. He seems like to be the new Tsonga... great serve and forehand but weak forehand. Hope 1 coach will change that

    1. Dumè Lopez
      Dumè Lopez
      个月 前

      @ComeQuando FuoriPiove Corsica

    2. ComeQuando FuoriPiove
      ComeQuando FuoriPiove
      个月 前

      @Dumè Lopez ahaha just for fun :D Yes i love Fognini..the Italians Marcelo Rios lol Where are u from?

    3. Dumè Lopez
      Dumè Lopez
      个月 前

      @ComeQuando FuoriPiove you speak as 1 italian, but berrettini wants his own titles. He doesn t care about other italians🤣. But yeah nice génération for tennis in italy. Btw the more talented is fognini, it a shame he is crazy that much

    4. ComeQuando FuoriPiove
      ComeQuando FuoriPiove
      个月 前

      @Dumè Lopez Berrettini is improving with the backhand, little by little but has already improved. To win a GS we have Sinner and Musetti :D

    5. Dumè Lopez
      Dumè Lopez
      个月 前

      @ComeQuando FuoriPiove not enough for winning GS against players like djoko, nadal, thiem... even young players like zverev, medvedev, tsitsipas are way better in this side of the game. He really needs to improve, but he can do it. He has the physical abilities and the mental for that

  61. Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah
    个月 前

    Court is faster.So Nadal fell

  62. Meraz Mahim
    Meraz Mahim
    个月 前

    Great comeback berrettini! 3rd set 6-0 unbelievable

  63. Aya Belleza
    Aya Belleza
    个月 前

    Go domi🤍

  64. pukulu
    个月 前

    wow, Nadal just didn't have it out there.

  65. Romain Mj
    Romain Mj
    个月 前

    I think not many People know that but ruud topspin this tournement is even higher than Nadal ! Which is fucking impressive ! One if top 5 clay court player of the moment

  66. kieran
    个月 前

    We keep talking about Jannik Sinner but Casper Rudd is rising like a rocket, 3 semi in a row in 1000 masters atp

  67. Munaz Khan Shaheb
    Munaz Khan Shaheb
    个月 前

    Zverev battles? He dominated nadal. correct your title atp

  68. nir S
    nir S
    个月 前

    i am sad that nadal lost but zverev looks amazing very impressive

  69. Shiva Kumar
    Shiva Kumar
    个月 前

    Last year, I wrote wrote somewhere that Berrettini should use his knife like slices often, more like an offensive shot than defensive one. He is really doing that off late. His FH when gets time, is extremely potent. Bublik, shame that he serve action has technical issues. He goes into trophy position with very little momentum. He and his team has to fix that, just my opinion.

  70. Francesco Lomuscio
    Francesco Lomuscio
    个月 前

    Zverev beat Nadal on Clay Federer in halle on grass and Djokovic on hard

  71. pureb
    个月 前

    Rafa looks weary. There must be a lot of pressure on him to win on home soil and you can see it on his face.

  72. Slime Brilliantly
    Slime Brilliantly
    个月 前

    I don t believe in tennis anymore

  73. Nurul Ansari
    Nurul Ansari
    个月 前

    NAdal serve is disaster,he cant able to serve a single ace,this fucking let him down,i dont know doesnt he improve his serve

  74. Joshua Dearing
    Joshua Dearing
    个月 前

    Bublik is the most likable guy on the tour outside of Fed.

  75. Teresa Virina
    Teresa Virina
    个月 前

    GO Alexander, Go beat BEAT Thiem & win the Mutua trophy!

  76. Stecie Bigand
    Stecie Bigand
    个月 前

    Merci zverev

  77. Babsy Mueller
    Babsy Mueller
    个月 前

    Bublik have the best personality/character on Tour. Just a nice guy 😊

  78. Aryo Medianus
    Aryo Medianus
    个月 前

    Nadal Vs Zverev ........what an ugly match , ugly shot makings , ugly errors , ugly purposeful unforced errors , quite unsportsmanship that prove that any uncorrupted saint in tennis is prone to play people and to corrupt .

  79. Nicolas CONSALVO
    Nicolas CONSALVO
    个月 前

    More unskippable ads plz

  80. Harshal Pawar
    Harshal Pawar
    个月 前

    4:04 what was that shot? Should've smashed that instead

  81. Aria Cane
    Aria Cane
    个月 前

    Sorry for Garin! He was playing so well and winning all the rallies against Berettini and then it all went totally wrong for him! Mental strength and focus is so important in big matches! And Ruud has been impressive in this aspect!!

  82. Hiren Patel
    Hiren Patel
    个月 前

    Bublik is so nice & seems so happy for his opponent at the net...u gotta love him..👏 Now, I like both thiem & zverev but I really hope Ruud wins the title coz he really deserves it & we will see another new masters 1000 champ...I would like to see this trend continues for the rest of the year...

    1. MahaLakshmi D
      MahaLakshmi D
      个月 前

      This trend continues for not just rest of the year, but always in the future. We have had enough of big 3 ( nadal & novak for around 14 years & the greatest roger federer for around 20 years). It is now the time ( already late by 5-6 years)for the next gen to take over by winning all the tournaments. Enough is Enough

  83. Naimul Noyon
    Naimul Noyon
    个月 前

    If Bublik not quality karatsev should win With Rudd😡 Fuc** bublik game play

  84. FakenaKeis
    个月 前

    Рафе потихоньку нужно завершать карьеру.

  85. Fong Tze How
    Fong Tze How
    个月 前

    Hope Casper will win. He is hard working and he improve in every games he played. I root for him. All the best!

  86. Muyu 【絶學 無憂】
    Muyu 【絶學 無憂】
    个月 前

    These days, even when he could not win, Bublik gains more fans for his sportsmanship.

    1. Muyu 【絶學 無憂】
      Muyu 【絶學 無憂】
      个月 前

      @Azula Blue Thanks, I initially thought he was like another Kyrgios. Maybe many expect him to behave like a villain, so when we see the exchange over the net after a defeat, we're a little surprised.

    2. Azula Blue
      Azula Blue
      个月 前

      Check out his ig. He has a lot of haters. Probably when he declared that he only plays tennis for money and nadal and novak's game are boring. I still think he is a nice guy.

  87. fegelx x
    fegelx x
    个月 前

    Berettini vs Garin is like the spiderman meme 👉 👈

  88. Sean shen
    Sean shen
    个月 前

    Berrettini didnt even take hat off.

  89. --
    个月 前

    Isn‘t it interesting that Nadal‘s always losing on clay when the opponent doesn‘t make many errors and got forced by Nadal‘s kind of playing people tired type of play 🤔🤔🤔 I will never understand, why he won so many titles so far on that Surface, but I did never play him so who am I to judge or guess about that 😅😂🙈 great win from Zverev, who just managed to find the agression on his own which suprisingly happened the last 3 times always against Nadal 🤷🏼‍♂️😳 at the end the French Open turned out differently somehow and Nadal found a god modus shape 😅😳

  90. Alexander Rizo
    Alexander Rizo
    个月 前

    Why are the number 1 and 5th seed playing each other on side but the 8th and 16th seed on the other?

    1. Nichole The Otter
      Nichole The Otter
      个月 前

      Uh, Thiem is 3rd seed.

  91. Nog i
    Nog i
    个月 前

    Rafa was leading in the first set. Then there was a huge umpire fault by letting nadal challenge a ball much too late. He had break points there. Since then he could not win the match anymore since it blocked him (he is super fair player). He lost 4 games in a row and never found back into the match

  92. Josh's Universe
    Josh's Universe
    个月 前

    Zverev is streaky. When he's on, he's hard to stop. But, Nadal hasn't reached his peak form on the dirt yet. If he does he will win the French, if not then it opens the door for Djoko, Thiem, Zverev, and Tsitsipas. Time will tell.

  93. T Rex
    T Rex
    个月 前

    I feel like Nadal didn't play his best, maybe try to save for RG.

  94. B. Glynn
    B. Glynn
    个月 前

    Poor Nadal. How can a man be a fierce competitor when wearing pink shorts. He's the matador, he should be clad in black and red.

  95. Tom Smith
    Tom Smith
    个月 前

    2:22 Zverev blood glucose monitor showing

    1. Freya2021
      个月 前

      @Tom Smith i think he's not embarrassed at all, it's just a matter of privacy, it's something that affects his life on a daily base, not only his tennis on court , he just wanted to stay away from the pressure of some part of the press, I think that everytime people would relate every loss or low performance to his health issues or some players would look at him differently, I don't know, Sascha is such a professional and proud guy, he would never let this thing interfere with his tennis (more than already it happens on court) . When he will be ready to coming out it would be a great day for all those athletes who struggle with this medical condition and he will be a role model for all of them.

    2. Tom Smith
      Tom Smith
      个月 前

      @Freya2021 I think you’re right actually, good call. It is extremely impressive. I don’t know why he’s so embarrassed by it.

    3. Freya2021
      个月 前

      Look carefully, it's not the glucose sensor , it's just his bigger pendants blocked under the tank top sleeve! That wouldn't be for sure a comfortable and safe place for that. His glucose sensor has always been placed on his lower back at his hips level , periodically moved from the left side to the right. It will never cease to amaze me the fact that a diabetic guy can reach such high results in an individual tough sport like tennis! Props to Sascha, he always fights on court against two opponents : the one on the other side of the net and his chronical health issues.

  96. Shreevaas Iyer
    Shreevaas Iyer
    个月 前

    Wanted Isner to win, well played Thiem, Zeverev vs Thiem will be a good match

  97. Марко Ройс
    Марко Ройс
    个月 前

    Tennis tv decided to take melody from saw and a little bit change

    个月 前

    Silence for garin

  99. kobayashi
    个月 前

    Where is rublev?

    1. Stian Bjøntegaard
      Stian Bjøntegaard
      个月 前

      He lost to John Isner.

    2. 相馬哲士
      个月 前

      Rublev lost in the tournament

  100. 40 Love
    40 Love
    个月 前

    ruud is like the modern wilander