VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for : Let There Be Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters this fall.

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Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

Directed by: Andy Serkis
Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
Based on the Marvel Comics

Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Naomie Harris
Reid Scott
Stephen Graham
and Woody Harrelson


  1. Secret Tube
    Secret Tube
    54 秒 前

    Is it part 2

  2. Rafael Sapia
    Rafael Sapia
    分钟 前

    every scene with Eddie Brock is uncomfortable, too bad the character

  3. Weeb Shrimp
    Weeb Shrimp
    分钟 前

    What happened to venom's old VA?

  4. Paul Joseph
    Paul Joseph
    分钟 前

    I really think they screwed this up. People loved Carnage because of the shock value. You were used to Spider-Man, then venom came and felt intense. Then Carnage came along and felt even crazier, unique. By them having 20 different symbiotes in the first movie, I think they really diluted it all. Plus with these first two trailers we are left with no cliffhanger. We know what Carnage looks like and what the action will be like. It’s just all feels wrong.

  5. Harsha Vardhan
    Harsha Vardhan
    分钟 前

    Much much better than the first trailer I must say

  6. Jeff Thejizzler
    Jeff Thejizzler
    分钟 前

    "OH SHIT!" "OHHHH YEAHHHHH!" Are the best lines 😂😂😂

  7. Hamed Mohammed
    Hamed Mohammed
    分钟 前

    Looks like a movie should be watched in a theater

  8. Thirteen Fifty
    Thirteen Fifty
    2 分钟 前

    carnage is the real hentai monster 👹

  9. Mehdi Alee
    Mehdi Alee
    2 分钟 前

    No way homeee trailer

  10. jnkrae
    2 分钟 前

    Is anyone also waiting for the spiderman trailer?

  11. Egan Maheswara
    Egan Maheswara
    2 分钟 前

    wow venom is cool, now drop the spiderman nwh trailer

  12. Joshua Golden
    Joshua Golden
    2 分钟 前

    Dis finna be super brutal if it’s like how carnage do people in comics

  13. Kushal Dobhal
    Kushal Dobhal
    3 分钟 前

    Are they creating same like hulk & bruce banner?

  14. Viktorivaltryk
    3 分钟 前


  15. sahil singh
    sahil singh
    3 分钟 前

    oh yeeahhh!

  16. Jack Snuller
    Jack Snuller
    3 分钟 前

    So it is the same story again. Venom against another Venom. The evil dude is just evil and crazy no backstory needed. Who gives a crap.

  17. Football genius
    Football genius
    3 分钟 前


  18. Nguyên Phạm Đăng
    Nguyên Phạm Đăng
    3 分钟 前

    Let be Carnage!

  19. Crazzy Razzy
    Crazzy Razzy
    3 分钟 前

    2:28 Damn, that was cruel. He was a nice guy in the first one :( So hyped for this

  20. Rai Star✓
    Rai Star✓
    4 分钟 前

    Iam waiting for this over 3 years 😍 finally

  21. OG Loc
    OG Loc
    4 分钟 前


  22. Dániel Szilágyi
    Dániel Szilágyi
    4 分钟 前

    WHERE IS THE BLOOD?? (by the way, gonna watch this film in the cinemas, 100%)

  23. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    4 分钟 前

    Everyone is so fucking hyped for Carnage, meanwhile me (and a few other people hopefully) is just thinking about Anti Venom.

    1. Crazzy Razzy
      Crazzy Razzy
      3 分钟 前

      I hope we get a Venom 3 with Anti-Venom

  24. rahul pal
    rahul pal
    5 分钟 前

    definitely better than avengers.

  25. ッpiece CTRL stormy
    ッpiece CTRL stormy
    5 分钟 前

    If spiderman lost the fight

  26. Anthony Hopper
    Anthony Hopper
    5 分钟 前

    I felt like this movie could of been a dud after 1st trailer. After watching this. I’m so stoked to see it. I’ll be there for the mid nite showing

  27. Piern Foun
    Piern Foun
    5 分钟 前

    Spiderman dov'è?

  28. Yeetus Confuctus
    Yeetus Confuctus
    6 分钟 前

    This venom has more emotion and expressions

  29. jispremium two
    jispremium two
    6 分钟 前

    please be rated R

  30. W.S Music Production
    W.S Music Production
    6 分钟 前


  31. DIO Da Gamer
    DIO Da Gamer
    6 分钟 前

    The first movie was amazing, I’m watching this first chance I get.

  32. Cat w Bongos
    Cat w Bongos
    6 分钟 前

    "Exclusively in movie theaters" Gonna do the Scarlett?

  33. U Work 4 Me Now
    U Work 4 Me Now
    6 分钟 前

    Thus looks like it had potential

  34. Maicon Marques
    Maicon Marques
    7 分钟 前

    Biblia. Jesus disse nada que entra pela boca é sujo só o que sair por ela.

  35. Jack Rabbit
    Jack Rabbit
    7 分钟 前

    Such a shame. Always loved venom and carnage. Looks horrible. And venomous voice sounds stupid. Carnage needs to be hard R or nc17. This is just garbage.

  36. Jamie Tooth
    Jamie Tooth
    7 分钟 前

    ayo thats the song from magnolia!

  37. Kian
    8 分钟 前


  38. Petro Deineka
    Petro Deineka
    8 分钟 前

    Where 4K?

  39. Saion Dutta Roy
    Saion Dutta Roy
    8 分钟 前

    2:13 Dom Toretto ?

  40. N Satriawan
    N Satriawan
    9 分钟 前

    So, the girls who screamed... Is she Scream?

  41. Faivre Jean-Michel
    Faivre Jean-Michel
    9 分钟 前

    Comment est-il possible de connaître pareille déchéance après un rôle aussi profond et authentique que dans True Detective, Mr Woody Harrelson ?

  42. TrusT De Karma
    TrusT De Karma
    9 分钟 前

    Oh.. Shit.. Its a week one... It's a red one... I will let u eat everybody.... Promise.. Promise!!!!... Me.. 😦

  43. Cupcake Monster
    Cupcake Monster
    9 分钟 前

    Carnage was always my fav 90s baby

  44. LH H
    LH H
    9 分钟 前

    did he just say FAMILY?

  45. Iceuffer
    9 分钟 前

    No more PG-13 pandering bullshit, i want to see Cassidy reap out some intestines.

  46. Abdullah Imran
    Abdullah Imran
    9 分钟 前

    That was going to be "US"......😂😂

  47. WolfSenpai'sYT✓
    9 分钟 前

    Well I need AOT FINAL SEASON....🥲✌️

  48. soulengraved
    10 分钟 前

    Carnage looks great, but the movie looks like it's going to suck. Big time.

  49. 50.Shekhar Kumar XI D 752
    50.Shekhar Kumar XI D 752
    10 分钟 前

    Spiderman no way home

    11 分钟 前

    mallu undo

  51. Marvel Mind
    Marvel Mind
    11 分钟 前

    Ok great!Now give me no way home trailer

  52. bighomie jomar
    bighomie jomar
    11 分钟 前

    Curious how they will explain Carnage hopefully it has a nice spin like the MCU and not a copy paste from the comics.

  53. TheTimeMasterHD
    11 分钟 前

    Ok happy they changed Venoms voice a little and i’m excited to see the big showdown

  54. Karim Abdelaziz
    Karim Abdelaziz
    11 分钟 前

    I love carnage's slim profile

  55. Lomaz.K.O07
    11 分钟 前

    Get Chills Everytime VENOM Says "OH YEAH!!!" 1:59

  56. Morning Star
    Morning Star
    11 分钟 前

    Question is how did the character BECOME Carnage?

  57. Alej souza
    Alej souza
    11 分钟 前

    I want this on AVENGERS!!!!

    11 分钟 前

    Trailer Looks promising 😘 Absolutely Loved it ❤️

  59. Mathieu Patterson official
    Mathieu Patterson official
    12 分钟 前

    This is the official trailer to this but yet still no trailer to spiderman no way home!

  60. j
    12 分钟 前


  61. Kapil Gupta
    Kapil Gupta
    12 分钟 前

    Venom : The BEAST💀

  62. Glizzster
    12 分钟 前


  63. ម៉ុន មុនិន្ទ 9B
    ម៉ុន មុនិន្ទ 9B
    12 分钟 前

    Area 51 what

  64. Charlie Baker
    Charlie Baker
    12 分钟 前

    This looks like high dollar trash

  65. abdumalik ganijonov
    abdumalik ganijonov
    12 分钟 前

    Wattahack? xD

  66. solax
    13 分钟 前

    I have a feeling Venom and the Kool aid man would be best friends

  67. Rohit
    13 分钟 前

    The name of the song is "one".

  68. CLASH by SG
    CLASH by SG
    13 分钟 前

    Venom⚡ എനിക്കിനിയും വേണം😼

  69. Rambo Jesus
    Rambo Jesus
    13 分钟 前

    The way the symbiote is depicted in these movies is fucking cringier than Woodys wig.

  70. Pitch Mind
    Pitch Mind
    13 分钟 前

    Carnage looks like shit. Like actual feces. They should have committed to the red.

  71. Nguyen Hong Tham
    Nguyen Hong Tham
    14 分钟 前

    i will make you eat everybody 😆

  72. liquidignition
    14 分钟 前

    Calling it, if they cant even get the BITRATE, of all things, down for a piece OF MARKETING, for their OWN FILM, how on earth do you expect this NOT to be trash!

  73. Ryan Kohls
    Ryan Kohls
    14 分钟 前

    Woody Harelson is great. I think he is going to make a spectacular carnage as i am convinced that Woody can do comedy and dramatic dark roles. He absolutely floored me in OUT OF THE FURNACE and True Detective. All of which are working with other masters of their craft. Christian Bale Casey Affleck Mathew McConahay. Sorry bout the spelling MM.

  74. Marvel Fan
    Marvel Fan
    14 分钟 前


  75. Charlie Baker
    Charlie Baker
    14 分钟 前

    Lets be honest holland spiderman would get demolished by either of these

  76. sanzar
    14 分钟 前

    Looks pretty shit to be honest.

  77. j311y_3
    14 分钟 前

    1:30 Rule 34 artists: *aggressive thinking*

  78. Janice Avila
    Janice Avila
    15 分钟 前

    If this ain't rated R I ain't going

  79. Tiến Nam Đinh
    Tiến Nam Đinh
    15 分钟 前

    I've been waiting for part 2 of this drama for a long time

  80. Charlie Baker
    Charlie Baker
    15 分钟 前

    God that voice is annoying

  81. coenfuse
    16 分钟 前

    1:30 what kind of french kiss was that?

    1. Hydra zemo
      Hydra zemo
      14 分钟 前

      Fool he's tasting human lungs you can't see Or that's a very bad joke

  82. Owen Lewis
    Owen Lewis
    16 分钟 前

    Venom and Carnage would kill if DC owned them.

    1. Hydra zemo
      Hydra zemo
      11 分钟 前


  83. Earnest Lamuel
    Earnest Lamuel
    16 分钟 前


  84. Azhar Akhter
    Azhar Akhter
    16 分钟 前

    🕷️ man no way home

  85. Neo Gecko
    Neo Gecko
    17 分钟 前

    Venom-"ohh, that's a red one"

  86. RinKage
    17 分钟 前

    I just wish Spidey could be part of the action 😭

  87. Geo Ghost
    Geo Ghost
    17 分钟 前

    Eminem should make a Carnage song like he did with Venom

  88. Azhar Akhter
    Azhar Akhter
    17 分钟 前


  89. Theironken GG
    Theironken GG
    17 分钟 前

    I want it i need it

  90. Ser Eminente
    Ser Eminente
    17 分钟 前

    Saw the preview now give us the full movie 😁😆

  91. deepa
    17 分钟 前


  92. Jayasurya Raveendran
    Jayasurya Raveendran
    17 分钟 前

    Directed by Andy serkis🔥🔥🔥

  93. Mangakaar
    18 分钟 前

    Area 51 wut??

  94. Hannah Oswald
    Hannah Oswald
    18 分钟 前

    Love it love it love it can't wait to see it Tom Hardy seriously rocks as venom 😍

  95. Caner Eskisoy
    Caner Eskisoy
    19 分钟 前

    when will the movie come out

  96. R Y U K
    R Y U K
    19 分钟 前