UFC 261: Rose Namajunas Octagon Interview | "I Did It Again!"

Rose Namajunas recaptured the UFC strawweight title with a stunning head kick knockout in the first round of her fight with Zhang Weili. An emotional Namajunas spoke to Joe Rogan after the fight.

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  1. Joshua McRae
    Joshua McRae
    小时 前

    I'm so happy for her

  2. Manuel Labor
    Manuel Labor
    3 小时 前

    Oops I did it again

  3. Bryan DeAnda
    Bryan DeAnda
    8 小时 前

    Rose : 😢 Me : 😢 Mike Perry : 🧔🏿‍♂️

  4. Robert Cerda
    Robert Cerda
    10 小时 前

    She is the best.

  5. Alexander -AlterEgo-
    Alexander -AlterEgo-
    17 小时 前

    one of the best moment in mma

  6. Richie Longomba
    Richie Longomba
    21 小时 前

    You are still the best

  7. Frankie Martinez
    Frankie Martinez
    天 前

    Stfu saying god did it. Why do you think out of 6 billion ppl would god help u? Isnt he toi busy helping Steph Curry make every 3 pointer. He obviously isn't heloing a child eith cancer tho, right? Also you're not the best Valentina would whoop that ass any day or weight class

  8. Edward
    天 前

    JRE 1665 Sent me here again.

  9. Igor pin
    Igor pin
    天 前

    Rose namajunas looks like man

  10. Nathan Delamora
    Nathan Delamora
    2 天 前

    What a waste of a front row seat. Peep the girl texting the whole time at 1:47🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Nicholas Tedesco
    Nicholas Tedesco
    2 天 前

    Dude rose messes me up. I go from watching her absolutely total a woman with a round kick, to seeing her cry at the post fight.

  12. Mike McCormick
    Mike McCormick
    2 天 前

    I love you so much rose so proud of you never met you but you made a difference in so many lives keep killin it in Gods name gorgeous

  13. Sawmtea Ngente
    Sawmtea Ngente
    3 天 前

    Cutest killer ever😍

  14. FT Driver
    FT Driver
    3 天 前

    Thug 🌹

  15. MontereyZman
    3 天 前


  16. Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson
    3 天 前

    Awww rose is a sweetheart. I love that woman

  17. bobTom37
    4 天 前

    Zhang so pissed

  18. Thando Maseko
    Thando Maseko
    4 天 前

    The way Bruce Buffer sang "Namajunas"

  19. Angel
    4 天 前

    She so young and have a lot to prove. hopefully she remains her belt.

  20. richard perez
    richard perez
    4 天 前

    been watching MMA since day one...not only do I think was on of the best cards of all time..but something we needed as we slowly get back to normal and see people at a live major sporting event..only time I got misty eyed seeing a fighter win...u go thug rose

  21. SummerGirl
    4 天 前

    Love her and her lions heart.

  22. Blake Jay
    Blake Jay
    4 天 前

    Dang she cute lol

  23. aziz zaligh
    aziz zaligh
    6 天 前


  24. Nuno Barros
    Nuno Barros
    7 天 前

    Funny to see Whei Li zhang trying to walk "without a compass" and complaining....

  25. ThaShitTv
    8 天 前

    Idk if I've watched any video more than this...keep grindin' ppl.

  26. rinthara ralte
    rinthara ralte
    9 天 前

    Big fan from Mizoram n.east india

  27. lightspear
    9 天 前


    1. E W
      E W
      7 天 前

      Could be part of the solution. Fighting as a sport mellows people out. Get that aggression out in the ring and you have a mellow person out in the streets.

  28. Arther Ladett
    Arther Ladett
    9 天 前

    Goddamn it I love this woman! She has a great soul!

  29. Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
    10 天 前

    She’s like one of those people who are so hard not to love

  30. Farhan Rashid
    Farhan Rashid
    10 天 前

    Lord God Jesus Christ bless you 🙏

  31. Ghostlyred 13
    Ghostlyred 13
    11 天 前

    Like everyone else, you want to learn the way to win, but never to accept the way to lose - to accept defeat. To learn to die is to be liberated from it. So when tomorrow comes you must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying! Bruce Lee

  32. Ridwan Tarmizi
    Ridwan Tarmizi
    12 天 前

    stupid referee, still strong zang

  33. Dilson Negão Dil Santos
    Dilson Negão Dil Santos
    12 天 前

    Namajunas é de uma simplicidade que deixa as pessoas comovidas , alem de ser uma excelente lutadora , muito técnica e inteligente , Namajunas vc tem muitos fãs no Brasil , um abraço .

  34. Eiichiro Oda
    Eiichiro Oda
    12 天 前

    better dead than red

  35. David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez
    12 天 前

    Denver Represent THUG ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ciro Arnold Gonzales Pauccar
    Ciro Arnold Gonzales Pauccar
    12 天 前

    1:30 la humildad de rose respeto al oponente aun cuando la noqueó, y Weili tambien es respetuosa en el pesaje, al inicio del combate, en todo, eso es deporte y competitividad profesional, que diferente a la fea de Joanna Jedzedrick que se burlaba de Rose, por sus dificultades mentales del pasado, y Rose le callo la boca, Weili también le callo la boca en su oportunidad a Joanna

  37. Misiek Shego
    Misiek Shego
    12 天 前

    Bc I'm the best

  38. Susan Sucks
    Susan Sucks
    13 天 前

    i love rose i love ufc i hate china what a day..

  39. TM26 Slippy
    TM26 Slippy
    13 天 前

    coach was like "dont forget your five grand from monster"

  40. Michael Montoya
    Michael Montoya
    13 天 前

    Rose has so much class it's always a pleasure to watch her do her thing. Thank's for being a strong inspirational person.

  41. abisheikh
    14 天 前

    She is so cute...i hope pat barry treats her right

  42. Christian Bravo
    Christian Bravo
    14 天 前

    I teared up- one of the most beautiful moments I've ever experienced.

  43. Linas Drulia
    Linas Drulia
    15 天 前

    Some personality... Live and learn... Spit on me, who don't agree... Love you all, don't reply, I'm married

  44. Ex8
    15 天 前

    I look at Rose's arm, And then look at Weili's arm, It makes no sense at all.

  45. love bug
    love bug
    15 天 前

    maybe time to consider dropping that stupid thug name...if she wants to be an ambassador of the sport.

    1. bizarroeddie1
      15 天 前

      @love bug nicknames are just nicknames. It's about what you do in the cage, not in your life. You're making a big deal out of nothing.

    2. love bug
      love bug
      15 天 前

      @bizarroeddie1 Youre missing the point genius. Ambassador....a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. Rose wants to open MMA schools around the world to promote the good affects this sport has on people. How many assassins should represent anything? Those names are good for the average jackhole...like genius commenters here!..not for an ambassador of the sport. Especially in this crazy world in which we live. Keep thinking genius. Youll set us back 50 years!

    3. bizarroeddie1
      15 天 前

      What does the nickname has to do with anything? There are a lot of "something-assassins" out there. Should they drop it too??

  46. Nina Romanin
    Nina Romanin
    15 天 前

    I love herrrrrrrrr

  47. RJ DA
    RJ DA
    15 天 前

    Rooooose Namajunaaaaaas!!!

  48. Dougiee Fresh
    Dougiee Fresh
    16 天 前

    Feels like a “If u cry, u lose” challenge: And I Failed when it happened, failed the last time I watched, and now the 3rd time was NOT the charm. Rose is impossible not to like and root for. Still so fuckin happy for her!

  49. ftd888
    16 天 前

    Weili deserves a rematch for her next fight.

  50. Sarcasm Unlimited
    Sarcasm Unlimited
    16 天 前

    In an evolutionary sense, Orientals were built smaller and weaker. Probably because of the lack of food. That's why they can't compete in MMA.

  51. coopboulton
    16 天 前

    That crowd loved her!!

  52. christian sulania
    christian sulania
    17 天 前

    I like Rose, she's humble for the opponent

  53. Joseph West
    Joseph West
    17 天 前

    I cry every single time I watch this. Wtf

  54. Luc Farr
    Luc Farr
    17 天 前

    The People’s Champ!

  55. Kevin ILLIDAN
    Kevin ILLIDAN
    19 天 前


  56. leet463
    19 天 前

    rose is a warrior love her

  57. Soumil Sahu
    Soumil Sahu
    19 天 前

    Bruh Rogan's reactions are so over the top I love it

  58. Kanny Nguyen
    Kanny Nguyen
    20 天 前

    TBH this is the best example why it's not the gender that decides the views. It's the skills, the IQ that attract fans. These women fights beautifully, so technical and smart. And everyone loves every second of it.

  59. GMONT28
    20 天 前

    I am so proud of her

    21 天 前

    Mówiłem że mistrzyni jest jedna !Ona nie bije ciosów w miejscu !!! To cecha wielkich np.Mamed H.

  61. Sydney Johnson
    Sydney Johnson
    21 天 前

    "Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk without having feet. Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete, when no one else ever cared." - Tupac

  62. Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez
    21 天 前


  63. Yiu Yu
    Yiu Yu
    22 天 前

    This is a great win for rose, she is one of the great skillful fighter, she captures Chang weak spot, toke her out. Great coaching, on the other side, not much to do but accepting the defeat, true champion will learn from the defeat and come back look at rose she is great example. I always love rose such cool person, and miss Chang now you know what you needs to do I always thought you punch combo is weak needs to double up on your punches, those single jab was what got her in trouble and she needs to study your opponent tapes. Rose team did a great job to find Chang weakness. But I think they will meet again in the future. I would like a better fight regardless who win.

  64. RRK
    23 天 前


  65. Darrell Robbins
    Darrell Robbins
    23 天 前

    I believe that's one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen.

  66. Antonio
    24 天 前

    Still come to watch this every day. Rose is my new favourite fighter.

  67. Mega Color
    Mega Color
    24 天 前

    Rose Namajunas is my fav. female fighter

  68. William Mccormick
    William Mccormick
    24 天 前

    All you people that disliked this video are entitled to your opinions but shame on you!!!

  69. diaz tenzin
    diaz tenzin
    24 天 前


  70. Polish Afrikaner
    Polish Afrikaner
    25 天 前

    "thug" rose is the best

  71. Cody Ritner
    Cody Ritner
    25 天 前

    Love her faith in God and damn can this woman fight, it's a blessing just to watch.

  72. Cody Schlabach
    Cody Schlabach
    25 天 前

    Thug rose is beautiful..

  73. brando orlando panesso gomez
    brando orlando panesso gomez
    25 天 前

    Rose que grande eres y qué mentalidad tienes para no dejarte provocar

  74. kevin sisneros
    kevin sisneros
    26 天 前

    It's that damn dimple

  75. kevin sisneros
    kevin sisneros
    26 天 前

    How you end a fight. I adore her.

  76. Kevin Sandoval
    Kevin Sandoval
    26 天 前

    She’s so cute 😭

  77. Eric Rowsell
    Eric Rowsell
    26 天 前

    For real if I need to feel a bit happier all I gotta do is watch this!

  78. King JappyJoe
    King JappyJoe
    26 天 前

    Its funny how nobody mentions how badly Weili has accepted her loss. She recently blamed her loss on the loud crowd. 😂😂

    1. Anirudh Mittal
      Anirudh Mittal
      9 天 前

      Maybe it's true, not everyone can handle a hostile, racist crowd.

    2. Guilherme Caetano
      Guilherme Caetano
      25 天 前

      That's just sad

  79. Daire khaireddine
    Daire khaireddine
    27 天 前

    Love you

  80. if_u_build_it
    27 天 前

    Fight was thrown.

  81. cjllanos llanos
    cjllanos llanos
    28 天 前

    Don't agree at all..fight was stopped too early if you will see the replay only two hummer fist then referee stops the fight right away

    1. Garry Miller
      Garry Miller
      25 天 前

      You're just wrong. Watch the replay. The ref has to keep weili from falling flat on her back when she stands up. That's how messed up she was. When you're laying face first two little hammer fists is enough especially after a kick that put her there

  82. Coach Rick The CEO
    Coach Rick The CEO
    29 天 前

    I could feel this through the TV!

  83. 김건희
    29 天 前

    장웨일리 인상쓰니까 두더지같이 생겼네

  84. Keith Cornetta
    Keith Cornetta
    29 天 前

    1:18 sec into the FIRST RD!!!!!

  85. Connor B
    Connor B
    29 天 前

    Iconic moment all around !!!!

  86. 楊順發
    个月 前

    Tyson predicts

  87. 楊順發
    个月 前


  88. illuaions
    个月 前

    Raw emotion after years and years of hard work and dedication. No shortcuts! What a feeling it must be in front of a crowd going nuts cheering for you!

  89. Dotdotscott Schott
    Dotdotscott Schott
    个月 前

    Fucn champion of the world 🌎

    个月 前

    Joe rogan muy emocionado.

    个月 前

    I no the losers during the interviews in the back of their minds are always thinking “fuck this sucks “

  92. Stephanie Graf
    Stephanie Graf
    个月 前

    Man when zhang got knocked I couldn’t fucking believe it . Rose did her damn thing and she made that shit look effortless

  93. magusalak cristituto
    magusalak cristituto
    个月 前

    better dead than red >> Thug Rose

  94. Mr. Honesty
    Mr. Honesty
    个月 前

    When Thug 🌹 cried I cried & I’m a dude I’m such a bitch. 😂 Go watch her back story you’d understand.

  95. Ivan Tadic
    Ivan Tadic
    个月 前

    She said Hammerfists like they are butterflies 🦋

  96. T M
    T M
    个月 前

    Sooooo... Why Did I start getting a rock in my throat watching this ??? Lbks

  97. Its me eric
    Its me eric
    个月 前

    New Mythical fighter unlocked?

  98. The DWI Trial Guy
    The DWI Trial Guy
    个月 前

    The crowd's reactions is all you need. We all love "Thug Rose"!!

  99. Brennen
    个月 前

    200k for this fight she better get a cool mil next time

  100. Emy Rivas
    Emy Rivas
    个月 前

    Zheng Weili please training hard and do your all best next time and you will fight again against Rose Namajunas