Thomas Tuchel & Andreas Christensen Press Conference: Chelsea v Real Madrid | Champions League

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba \u0026 Eden Hazard.


  1. alida flus
    alida flus
    个月 前

    InsyaaAllah..the blues will create the history once more. Bravo CHELSEA!!

  2. abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose
    个月 前

    We are ready to finish the job tomorrow night.. blue army 💙💙💙

  3. sokin jon
    sokin jon
    个月 前

    make it then the trophy is coming home...... COYB 💙💙

  4. Wabibi355
    个月 前

    This was the first time I’d ever heard Christensen talk- I’m not sure why I was so surprised

  5. Ali
    个月 前

    Chelsea will be no where near where they are without Kante

    1. alida flus
      alida flus
      个月 前

      Since Tuchel came in Christensen is playing like prime Maldini! 🔥 Let's do this Chelsea,this is our night! 💙👊

  6. Wieslaw Sobocinski
    Wieslaw Sobocinski
    个月 前

    Konferencja prasowa

    1. abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose
      个月 前

      This guy will be given the time to take Chelsea FC to the next level

  7. Jasim Karbeen
    Jasim Karbeen
    个月 前

    Good man TT

    1. sokin jon
      sokin jon
      个月 前

      Christiansen speaks the way he plays, so calm…

  8. Iosif Bortan
    Iosif Bortan
    个月 前


  9. nkengurutse claude
    nkengurutse claude
    个月 前

    We really need to do our best and beat real Madrid chealsea players needs More concentration and détermination to win is 100% today

  10. SincereDoper
    个月 前

    12:29 if you close your eyes, you can almost taste it.

  11. Sammie
    个月 前

    Tuchel is amazing. I hope we give him time to become a legend! Every press conference is a football lecture / exposition!

  12. Nero Pasta
    Nero Pasta
    个月 前

    19:20 very dumb question. yet how TT managed it. pure class and genius

  13. Hello !!
    Hello !!
    个月 前

    All the best chelsea the blues

  14. budak sunda kreative
    budak sunda kreative
    个月 前

    Bravo chelsea 🙏🙏

  15. Xi Jingping
    Xi Jingping
    个月 前

    We will go through.. Yay!!!!!

  16. Miguel Fumero
    Miguel Fumero
    个月 前

    vamos chelsea!!!!si se puede!!!!!vamos con todo....

  17. Aaron Whittington
    Aaron Whittington
    个月 前

    Work shop 2 Paul f Richard Adrien Tracy m Adrien rocky die now Go come on Diane Vs Aaron kockevin school 3 Vs 1

  18. KM4L
    个月 前

    PSG got rid of this guy????? Still baffles me, I’d sell the players before him. Mbappe gonna leave anyways, neymar is just a showboat

  19. Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić
    个月 前

    Since Tuchel came in Christensen is playing like prime Maldini! 🔥 Let's do this Chelsea,this is our night! 💙👊

  20. Shady Nation
    Shady Nation
    个月 前

    This guy will be given the time to take Chelsea FC to the next level

  21. Kanu Alobamah Christopher
    Kanu Alobamah Christopher
    个月 前

    Christiansen speaks the way he plays, so calm…

  22. realerrol Sam
    realerrol Sam
    个月 前

    I love this guy Thomas Tuchel his enthusiasm amazes me...he's incredible..progress to the finals or not Chelsea fc wbere they're right now are the best. They just need two more strikers.

  23. Wade Williams
    Wade Williams
    个月 前

    Andreas is so handsome 😭

  24. Mikael Struve
    Mikael Struve
    个月 前

    Rigtig god kamp i morgen Andreas, COME ON BLUES!!

  25. Colum
    个月 前

    Pure performance will do me

  26. 문푸른
    个月 前

    투헬 첼시 화이팅

  27. Colum
    个月 前

    Ramos he's a tube

  28. Tobias Thompson
    Tobias Thompson
    个月 前

    anyone else astonished by Christensen's english? 😳😳

  29. Bagus p Kusuma
    Bagus p Kusuma
    个月 前

    Good Luck coach, this is Chelsea

  30. Super Fly
    Super Fly
    个月 前

    I hate to say it but I think that scum bag Sergio Ramos is going to intentionally injure Kante and pulisic

  31. Vishnu P
    Vishnu P
    个月 前

    N bum. T+

  32. Lan
    个月 前


  33. Dickson Mello
    Dickson Mello
    个月 前

    Thomas Tuchel is a bright guy you can tell by the way he does things i hope the board will give him players he feels will improve our game and not to frustrate him.

  34. Sarandos Tyropolis
    Sarandos Tyropolis
    个月 前

    We will play against BIO-HAZARD🤣

  35. Ektor D’MPS
    Ektor D’MPS
    个月 前


  36. Hamza Husssain
    Hamza Husssain
    个月 前

    Law of attraction: Ask, Believe, and receive we shall win indeed ☑️

  37. Agus Hartono
    Agus Hartono
    个月 前

    Ayo Chelsea,kami yakin kamu bisa🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    个月 前

    London is blue 💙

  39. Daniel Brayan
    Daniel Brayan
    个月 前

    13:08... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Lord J10x
    Lord J10x
    个月 前

    Betting our line up will be Mendy Andreas Thiago Rudi Azpi Jorgi Kante Chilly B Mount Puli Havertz/Werner

  41. Ervira Rosiana
    Ervira Rosiana
    个月 前

    Gaffer looked so happy when talking abt NG.. 😂

  42. andrew hayes
    andrew hayes
    个月 前

    Tammy Tammy 😍

  43. Jose Porto
    Jose Porto
    个月 前

    In the last question to Christiansen we can see how clearly the guy asking the question is trying to manipulate psychologically Christiansen making him remembering previous errors? Does the Real Madrid players and every other team players don't have thousands of errors for him to be putting those kind of ideas in our players minds previous to a match? The other journalist present have had to put a stop to that stupid manipulating psychologically our players.

  44. David Miles
    David Miles
    个月 前

    Gosh I'm so nervous 🥺

  45. x y
    x y
    个月 前

    Today Chelsea Will see what us mean to be king of Europe hala Madrid

  46. saeed tabatabaee
    saeed tabatabaee
    个月 前

    i am a barca fan and i am rooting for Chelsea to win score them chances

  47. frank mkumbo
    frank mkumbo
    个月 前

    Mr Super Happy😂😂😂😂🔵💙⚪️

  48. frank mkumbo
    frank mkumbo
    个月 前

    Mr Super Happy😂😂😂😂🔵💙⚪️

  49. frank mkumbo
    frank mkumbo
    个月 前

    Why people do tap and dislike the good press conference like this? Are these really Chelsea fans? Or that protestors at Old Trafford? Chelsea Football Club Up🔵💙

    个月 前

    Christensen masterclass upcoming!

  51. Rafli Akbar Darmawan
    Rafli Akbar Darmawan
    个月 前

    Come on chelsea💙💙

    个月 前

    Chelsea forever.. today make us proud we real want to lift Uefa trophy

  53. R K
    R K
    个月 前

    I am Nervous but I am confident yes we can do it..we have to play positive football..attack real Madrid score atleast first goal in first half then we will easily controlled whole game.First Goal from any team will get advantage..we can beat real Madrid my guts feelings positive Yes we can we have mount pulisic Kai Werner with thiago Silva Azpilicuta & ofcourse jorgeniho & best Midfielder we have Kante we should win 2-0 today come on Blues 🦁 Come on Chelsea

  54. Jerry J&G
    Jerry J&G
    个月 前

    I hope your morning is as bright and gorgeous as we're winning to the finals come on Blue's 💓

  55. Effah Daniel
    Effah Daniel
    个月 前

    Christensen talks exactly the way he looks....a real shy guy

  56. kadri erkal
    kadri erkal
    个月 前

    Kerem ereal 90

  57. Carlos Kalonje
    Carlos Kalonje
    个月 前

    Lets just Pray🙏🏾🤲🏽 today even if you never prayed lets pray to win against real and mancity👏🏾👏🏾

  58. Виталий Алексеев
    Виталий Алексеев
    个月 前

    Blues, good luck today, no nervous just focus )

  59. Edward Dska
    Edward Dska
    个月 前

    We need him as pep josp of barcelona

  60. Shamiso Moyana
    Shamiso Moyana
    个月 前

    Tuchel's smile and laughter is contagious don't you think?

  61. Alex
    个月 前

    I hope chelsea will BEAT real madrid COY💙

  62. Varun Sahk
    Varun Sahk
    个月 前

    Pep took 5 year with city he took his new team in semi in 1 year . How much overrated pep is

  63. ALITube363
    个月 前

    Let's go chelsea

  64. 남이
    个月 前

    Tonight Expectation

  65. carefreecfc
    个月 前


  66. King Marvelous
    King Marvelous
    个月 前

    I love Thomas one of the determined coach chess ever got

  67. Dunstan Walker Studio
    Dunstan Walker Studio
    个月 前

    😂😂😂is zinedine zidane in your office?...gotta love this guy

  68. Brian Kasanda
    Brian Kasanda
    个月 前

    I hope Tuchel haz tot his strikers wat to do in front of goal, unlike wat we saw in the first game very wasteful at goal.hopefuly Werner knows wats at stake today.

  69. tennisblood
    个月 前

    Rudiger was really scary without the mask and now with the mask.....

  70. Mr.Villain
    个月 前

    He reached semi final with Timo Werner at front that shows how great manager he is and I’m happy he proved all the haters wrong.

  71. Nilesh Awooh
    Nilesh Awooh
    个月 前

    We can win this match ..the blues for ever 💥💥💥💥💯

  72. Prince of Bel Air
    Prince of Bel Air
    个月 前

    Stupid really asking for the lineup😂😂

    个月 前

    Go on Chelsea c1

  74. Der Barsti
    Der Barsti
    个月 前

    Greetings from Germany-wish you good luck for the semi final.And at all you Chelsea supporters:You did a great Job(Super-League).Respect

  75. zorosapprentice
    个月 前

    2:50 -3:27🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Element
    个月 前

    the way he talks about his club and players. Ive never seen a manager this caring for a club hopefully he stays a while and we do big things in this the upcoming team and seasons :)

  77. Mo Behta
    Mo Behta
    个月 前

    Everybody what's the plan British journos....Hazarrrrddddddddddddd drools drool

  78. Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams
    个月 前

    0-0 🤲🏽

  79. Nischal maharjan
    Nischal maharjan
    个月 前

    Come on Chelsea!!!! Let's play our best game and show the world. What Chelsea is all about...

  80. الفخر ورفلة
    الفخر ورفلة
    个月 前

    Regardless of the result. I love this man. Absolutely top manager. Best we've had since a long time. Hope the interviewers don't jinx out defence. They can't shut up about it.

  81. marko marin
    marko marin
    个月 前

    Final Chelsea v Man city

  82. Jibrin Alkhaseem
    Jibrin Alkhaseem
    个月 前

    Insha Allah we will win real Madrid and win final insha Allah 4rom Nigeria

  83. kyle bridgett
    kyle bridgett
    个月 前

    In Tuchel we trust!!!!!

  84. Bryan Vogel
    Bryan Vogel
    个月 前

    For some reason I had no idea Christensen would have a posh British accent.

    个月 前

    it real madrid

  86. Sandla Manyelana
    Sandla Manyelana
    个月 前

    Win or lose.... keep him forever Come on you Blues🏆

  87. Dennis Williams
    Dennis Williams
    个月 前

    So much respect for tuchel

  88. The Opinion Guy
    The Opinion Guy
    个月 前

    Even if we lose, Chelsea will come back stronger next season 💪🏽💪🏽

  89. Hemn Mohammed Ali
    Hemn Mohammed Ali
    个月 前

    The injury of Kovasic is the most disappointing news for me! I hope that will not have an effect on the game!! PLEASE WIN THIS GAME, TT! Best of luck

  90. Conscious And Aware
    Conscious And Aware
    个月 前

    We will win tomrw 💪🏿

  91. oussama salama
    oussama salama
    个月 前

    I wish he will give ziyech more chance i miss ziyech ajax

  92. Zack GBT
    Zack GBT
    个月 前

    Comeon blues💙

  93. MountSzn
    个月 前

    In Tuchel We Trust! :happy: :Blue_heart: :blue_circle:

  94. Oghenevwegba A
    Oghenevwegba A
    个月 前

    Andreas Christensen has improve massively over the years. Top defender, intelligent also.

  95. Anthony Alvelo
    Anthony Alvelo
    个月 前

    Let's do this tomorrow night lads. Go Blues. Let's make history

  96. Lagievieral 77
    Lagievieral 77
    个月 前

    The blues king chelsea... ⚽🏆💪

  97. Anvarjon Mirzoev
    Anvarjon Mirzoev
    个月 前

    He is our new Special One. He reminded us about who WE are and how WE can fight with big clubs. Come on CHELSEA.

  98. 꾸야
    个月 前

    18:56 Classic.

  99. Babatunde Shonibare
    Babatunde Shonibare
    个月 前

    Yes he his, amazing and very smart.. he never disclosed his plan

  100. Vince Mauro
    Vince Mauro
    个月 前

    I liked him from day1