The 'joke' decision that highlights a bigger F1 problem

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F1 officials were in the firing line again in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with puzzling decisions over yellow flags and safety cars that angered drivers. Along with other confusing calls and punishments, plus a string of previous actions that baffled the F1 paddock, Scott Mitchell looks at a worrying theme that needs to be changed - mainly for the sake of safety.


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  1. Aquiles Caigo
    Aquiles Caigo
    9 天 前

    Mercedes needed time to figure out an strstegy

    10 天 前

    Questions SHOULD beasked the drivers deserve that right, but the FIA MUST ANSWER the drivers questions with FULL TRANSPARENCY and also make pubic the answers so as not to be perceived as the corrupt governing body they were during the Michael/Ferrari era. Side note: Tsunoda should absolutely be penalized for his blatant disregard of the double yellows, and a preset max speed should be implemented and enforced from that day on. This is just another reason why F1 fans/reporters feel the FIA is corrupt or show favor to certain drivers/teams. Not looking good for the FIA.

  3. ヲンギュDennis
    17 天 前

    it's so confusing for us teh viewers as wel as the drivers: track limits are different per track, they should just put it on paper: stay in between the white lines with all 4 wheels.

  4. Shaq
    17 天 前

    In tracks like Azerbaijan and other street circuits, it is evidently clear that there is little margin for error. There are no gravel or similar traps available as in purpose built tracks. For these tight tolerance circuits, it is not difficult to decide in advance of each race that crashes in certain sections of the track, the VSC should be deployed as first response immediately. Additional time may be required to ascertain if a safety car deployment or a red flag is necessary. However, with the Azerbaijan GP, it is clearly evident that the safety car should have been deployed immediately, especially considering Verstappen's crash was in the front of the paddock! Race directors spend the duration of the race looking at screens, so it should not have taken them so long to get this right. Verstappen & Lance could have easily lost their life if another driver lost control due to the debris and T-boned them. Safety is paramount in this sport. That was the driving reason for the introduction of the Halo among other mechanisms. The FIA should buck up and get sharp... Have we not lost enough drivers to this sport?

  5. John Smith
    John Smith
    19 天 前

    It's funny/sad that FIA does not use the fastest, safest cars in the world as safety cars. I would have thought they have an image to uphold. F1 = The Best and all that. So why use inferior AMGs? TESLA MODEL S PLAID till you've gone 0-60 in 2 or 100 to 150 mph in 4.7, You don't know Plaid .

  6. Christoforos Paphitis
    Christoforos Paphitis
    19 天 前

    No Massi is doing a horrible job as race director. He should be replaced ASAP

  7. ChaosZombie999
    24 天 前

    We are in no way shape OR form being "Too Harsh" we are simply pointing out OBVIOUS flaws that the FIA chooses to ignore.. which is sad..

  8. TheShellshock67
    24 天 前

    questions need to be asked. is this going to continue until at one race we lose a driver? are we only going to make changes to safety after someone loses his life? Safety cars are there for a reason... and we also have VSC to deploy in cases where a full safety car is not needed.

  9. Your Average Wierdo
    Your Average Wierdo
    25 天 前

    I think masi I a fucking danger

  10. Esper
    26 天 前

    I feel F1 should do similar to what is seen at Le Mans, when yellow flag comes out, there is a delta time to respect until out of the designated zone. That would remove the ambiguous wording from the equation.

  11. akikevin1
    26 天 前

    If the single and double-waved yellows are vague in their nature. Why don't they just implement a VSC in an affected sector where it is deemed dangerous to go full racing? Set a delta time that will be mandatory for drivers to set a sector time in for the affected sector of the race track. Surely that would fix the 'vagueness' problem of the single and double-waved yellows?

  12. lucalucaSUN
    26 天 前

    Can anyone explain how masi has got his seat there to make these kind of decision? I get the feeling that all of us viewers got a better understanding than most of the people who work in this segment of F1 ?!

  13. The1Stefan
    27 天 前

    In racing, drivers are gonna try and push the rules regardless to get the quickest time. This is a given so you then write rules specifically to give the drivers hard limits on what's acceptable and punishments. It's a clear failing on the FIA to prevent the inevitable.

  14. Visteron
    27 天 前

    They should stop being such pussies. They get paid millions so they can risk their lives for it. I never want to see a safety car, it destroys the whole race.

  15. SibbyStiggy
    28 天 前

    Mesi is gonna do something one day, something big that'll go in the history books for all the wrong reasons. I think he should be forced to step down for his own good.

  16. petef15
    28 天 前

    How come my local go-kart track can have a bloke in a high vis press a button and slow me down past a crash but f1 can't?

  17. Finno Celestin
    Finno Celestin
    29 天 前

    When Charlie passed, I really wondered, how did this relatively 'young' guy got the job when there is so many old dudes who have been out there for a long time, who I think probably deserved the job because of their experience.

  18. Richard Long
    Richard Long
    29 天 前

    The problem is having 15 different yellow flag procedures while allowing 20 different drivers to "interpret" said flags. There should be one yellow flag procedure, slow down to pit road speed until green flag is waved. This safety car and virtual safety car is ridiculous. Any time a car needs moved should be a safety car. Caution will bunch guys back up and so on but that's what happens when there's a crash. The FIA is the only racing org in the world that let's drivers interpret "slowing down". They're race car drivers of course they aren't gonna slow down. The argument of "it's not that simple" is ludicrous. Yes it is, it's a caution flag, use one procedure, it can't get much simpler. This ignorance will continue until someone gets hurt bad, or worse. Great video, this needs fixed.

  19. Dexter Carrie
    Dexter Carrie
    29 天 前

    I think the FIA is both good and shit. I think a steering wheel feature similar to PIT mode, but flashes yellow on their display screen guauges, rather than a spec of yellow while doing 200+ mph that can be missed on the sidelines is necessary. It should be added to all teams under a yellow flag caution that forceably slows the vehicle down with a limiter max speed of 30mph, but in a safe manner that doesn't kill a driving going fast entering or mid way through a turn, recognizing when the steering wheel is back to straight or center to engage crawl/limp mode. Some drivers my have advantages from which section and speed of the track they were driving, but to make sure the sport is safer, I think all drivers would prefer it compared to the haphazard situations shown of inconsistency of other drivers yielding or not yielding to track rules and that yellow was super late from track officials. I know the sport might seem less exciting if people are interested in crashes, but prefer to see drivers race another day.

  20. szewei1985
    29 天 前

    Haha interesting

  21. Ed Murphy
    Ed Murphy
    个月 前

    On the restart isnt really just the drivers in the back's fault? If Bottas is in control of the pace he can choose what pace and when to step on it anywhere before the line right?

  22. Bruno Jozef Durcek
    Bruno Jozef Durcek
    个月 前

    what about if drivers could only use a certain number of gears when bypassing a crash. for instance they would be stuck in the 4th gear for double waved yellow flag and would be punished when using 5th gear 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  23. TakeItOnline
    个月 前

    Massey he looks like a F1 Dictator.

  24. Christian Johnsen
    Christian Johnsen
    个月 前

    What ive learned from this is massi is useless and should resign..

  25. ooldmka
    个月 前

    Nordschleife has the so called "Code 60".. imo the best thing to ever happen..

  26. Peter T
    Peter T
    个月 前

    With all the computers on these cars, the solution is simple. Single yellow, car has to slow to below 150mph. Double yellow, car has to slow to pit lane speed.

  27. Antonio D'Alonzo
    Antonio D'Alonzo
    个月 前

    Michael Masi is simply unsuitable for the F1 standards.

  28. Somillian
    个月 前

    I've been a proponent of instituting a proper Full Course Yellow procedure with automatic speed limiters for years now. Just like WEC and FE.

  29. Bogdan Antone
    Bogdan Antone
    个月 前

    2021 - how hard is it to add a button on the wheel that caps all the cars at a predefined max speed during yellow flag ? They already track all other bloody parameters. It's easy to track if pilots enable the yellow flag in time.

  30. davidkosa
    个月 前

    The safety car should be used way more, because that AMG GTR is one beautiful beast.

  31. Matthew
    个月 前

    show track wide double yellows. then 15seconds later electronically limit all cars to a set speed. we have the tech, makes no sense to me not to

  32. james white
    james white
    个月 前

    imperfect people at home wanting everyone else to be perfect how silly

  33. MrNenixx
    个月 前

    Just make a Double waved yellow a 120kph Speed limit. Then we at least won't have to talk about drivers not lifting off enough.

  34. Carde
    个月 前

    Many many questions have to be asked currently, so much work is done on trying to make racing saver only to be undone by the actions of a single person.

  35. Ryan lukens
    Ryan lukens
    个月 前

    I’m not an F1 fan, but I have been a motor sports fan my whole life. What I am seeing here is either the directors inability to correctly call the race or his desire to “put on a good show” over the safety of the drivers and the health of the cars (let’s not forget how absurdly expensive these cars are). Either way, he needs to get his head on straight and figure out the right call or get out of the game. In NASCAR, there is rarely this confusion over the safety car. If a crash occurs, the safety car comes out and all competition stops. Any passes made during a yellow flag are null and void, the field is set once the yellow lights come on. I realize there are worlds of difference between NASCAR and F1, but racing is universal and so is driver safety.

  36. George B
    George B
    个月 前

    Its about politics, something that does not belong in any sport. Apply the rules fairly, as expected and with a conscious.

  37. DrVish
    个月 前

    FIA has become a joke... especially this season. Delayed reactions, no track limit policing, inconsistent penalty, list goes on. They should rebrand themselves to Flipping Incompetent Association.

  38. Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee
    个月 前

    It's clear a day. Masi is incompetent and needs to go.

  39. Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts
    个月 前

    These officials are making it up as they go along. Is it possible things are so complicated they don't know what they are doing?

  40. Asmo
    个月 前

    The safety car didn't come out and they done a full race restart to maximise Lewis Hamilton's chances of winning. It is flagrantly obvious at this point that F1 is tailored toward ensuring their token black man wins the race.

  41. BIGredFREAK
    个月 前

    Well, well, well. Everything points to teams running low pressures. All you people saying Pirelli are the problem, or blaming race control, start eating your words. The teams are playing games with reducing pressures as much as possible and some got caught out.

  42. Gois83
    个月 前

    It's been ages since I've been advocating for the introduction of FCY in F1 with a defined speed limit instead if this retrograde double yellow and, in some cases, SC. As soon as there's an accident and there's danger on the track, FCY is the way to enforce actual reduction to a safe speed while assuring the difference between cars is maintained. And all the "2 weights and 2 measures" on applying the rules is getting really annoying. If rules get broken, punishment should be obvious and immediate. Period!

  43. Björn Jonsson
    Björn Jonsson
    个月 前

    Maby use "pit stop" speed in that sector where the accident has accurred? And why they not use more restrictions about the safety is that they dont care, itss all about status, money and politics. However in the middle of a race with stress as well I think the race manegement didnt know what to do in a split second, but a minute later they did.

  44. Wolter Wolters
    Wolter Wolters
    个月 前

    Toto owns Masi and the FIA therefore defacto protectors for the golden boy.

  45. James Everett
    James Everett
    个月 前

    Sack the fia star fresh

  46. Bartooc
    个月 前

    Whiting did so much better job than this new guy. This gut either realeases safety car if someone parks a car in a completely safe part of the track or doesn't realese it like here. Also wtf happened to the VSC? It was used so many times when it first came.

  47. Bjornsnik l
    Bjornsnik l
    个月 前

    Im really happy that you highligth this issue.

  48. Derek H
    Derek H
    个月 前

    roast em

  49. JJUKES
    个月 前

    Questions don't just need to be asked they need to be answered by the FIA

  50. Rica Meirelles
    Rica Meirelles
    个月 前

    These commissioners are a joke. And the drivers are just spoiled children

  51. Kay V. D.
    Kay V. D.
    个月 前

    Fuck the double yellows! The VSC is there for a reason!

  52. M Fuller
    M Fuller
    个月 前

    The simple fact is the FIA have found no one good enough to be Race Director after the death of Charlie Whiting, He knew what he was doing and why and the drivers and teams trusted him. The current guy is not fit for the job.

  53. Paul West
    Paul West
    个月 前

    At the highest level of racing and with the $$$$ they make the officials HAVE to be the utmost in Professionalism. No one is perfect, but multiple gaffs like this put a real black eye on the Formula 1 HQ and staff. Wouldn't be the first time a thoroughly unqualified man was elevated to a job he had no business taking.

  54. Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown
    个月 前

    There was double waved yellows.. Who cares? Total non story.

  55. Marc BM
    Marc BM
    个月 前

    I don't get why this has not been treated before, most drivers never slow down in yellow flags. Introducing FCY or slow zones would be much safer and easy to enforce

  56. Frank N'Stein
    Frank N'Stein
    个月 前

    Engines are governed by computers anyway. So , slave those systems to a central server and, in case of a yellow flag, restrict the board computer to a certain speed for everyone. Done.

  57. Fjutcha
    个月 前

    With the problem of double yellows i think they should add something like code 60... not 60 specificly but with tb.he same system

  58. xristos kalandrias
    xristos kalandrias
    个月 前

    FIA's decisions is like a flower in the wind.

  59. PC_Modder
    个月 前

    To put it simply - questions need to be asked

  60. Jonathan Agulhas
    Jonathan Agulhas
    个月 前

    VANSTAPEN! Is a joke🤡his useless😜

  61. kolim jone
    kolim jone
    个月 前

    If Schumacher was the only one really slowing down for the Verstappen incident all the other drivers should had been given penaltys, its unfair to MSC

  62. sPACEje
    个月 前

    They need to do VSC and then SC for restart on every crash, that's what happen in GT3 and it works well. What about electronic speed limit system to force car to slow down on every yellow parts ? F1 officials are still in 1967.

  63. andrew newton
    andrew newton
    个月 前

    if double yellows are shown ,then the drivers should press the pit speed button so they all go no faster than each other

  64. oneshot_me
    个月 前

    Enjoyed the video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

    1. kolim jone
      kolim jone
      个月 前

      student has made the same mistake on their homework then the teacher must have made a mistake. This is usually obvious to everyone but the teacher. In the same way, th

  65. kailen piardi
    kailen piardi
    个月 前

    haha i keep thinking about how its etiquette in cycling to "back off the gas" when the yellow jersey has a mechanical or has to stop for a wiz

  66. wolf 101
    wolf 101
    个月 前

    after the death of jules this shit just can't fly anymore.

  67. Aditya Vikram
    Aditya Vikram
    个月 前

    Spot on mate…! I think FIA’s underlying motivation of making F1 more thrilling than it already is and putting on a good show, are often the root cause of such compromises. The claim for tyre burst due to debris also needs to be investigated. If there was debris what were the safety officials and track side Marshall’s in that section of the track doing. Why didn’t they not spot the debris and deploy a VSC to clean it off. Track side limits are anyways a joke. Bahrain (Max vs Sir Ham) and Portugal (Max’s fastest lap deletion) are a head scratcher. How many more failures before Masi is demoted to a trackside Marshall..!

  68. Ito Ke
    Ito Ke
    个月 前

    I was in Belgium at Spa when Antoine Hubert passed away during his crash. I understand why Charles is irritable/upset about the lack of response. When you lose a friend in an accident you can't blame them for having little patience for a lack of response time. I lost a few friends in accidents. One on a motorcycle, lady made an illegal uturn and hit him and the other they got t-boned on the way home from work during a rainy night. So I understand Charles perspective. He has every right to be upset. I still can't describe the feeling of being at the race when you know someone has had a horrible accident. On race day it was a very heavy feeling, that day at Spa 2019.

  69. george carpenter
    george carpenter
    个月 前

    The damaged toenail revealingly tap because protest phytogeographically kick beyond a happy revolver. glossy, ordinary motorcycle

  70. bishopoftroy
    个月 前

    So much technology and they just can`t put a bloody software limiter on the car when hazard is on the track...lame

  71. LegitDucks
    个月 前

    I thought it was absolutely insane having Max out of the car on the fastest part of the circuit with only waved yellows. Couldn't imagine what would have happened if someone else's tire failed.

  72. mmi16
    个月 前

    Masi is not Charlie Whiting and doesn't have the respect of the drivers.

  73. Tenzin Rigdol
    Tenzin Rigdol
    个月 前

    The narrator voice needs to be more clearer (maybe it’s a mic issue) but other than that great content

  74. Adrian Durn
    Adrian Durn
    个月 前

    Because it's not like Jules Bianchi wasn't killed for the poor application of safety cars and red flags.

  75. Hammad Ali Janjua
    Hammad Ali Janjua
    个月 前

    officials need to be skinned alive

  76. Barnabás Molnár
    Barnabás Molnár
    个月 前

    Overreacting is way better than under reacting these situations. Deploy the safetycar or red flag the session immediately. They will start racing again. but if you hesitate and delay the decisions you can kill someone. Both driver and marshal. We saw marshals on the track now more than a couple of times. Last year Turkey, Imola, this year Bahrain, and now Baku. Unacceptable. Masi ment to be a temporary option after the unfortunate death of Whiting. I don't know how he is still in charge.

  77. Hami101
    个月 前

    TL:DR Fuck Michael Masi for putting drivers at risk multiple times in Baku.

  78. Elliott Henderson
    Elliott Henderson
    个月 前

    Similar problem in MotoGP with decisions race direction are taking. Not black flagging riders when their leathers are undone on track. Track limit penalties that are deciding race results etc

  79. Novacification
    个月 前

    Fine if you think all drivers (or most driver should be penalized) but by doing nothing to Tsunoda for not lifting at all, you're basically signalling to all the other drivers that they might as well do the same. If you want to signal to all the drivers that they should slow down more then penalize them but Masi's inaction simply widened the range of responses to anywhere from nothing to a complete crawl. So now drivers are forced to look for a competitive edge in a safety situation while wondering if Masi is in a forgiving mood on the day or if someone served him cold coffee at the hotel that morning.

  80. Joey Gee
    Joey Gee
    个月 前

    Here is the point. If every single driver on the grid has made the same mistake then the fault isn't with the drivers, it's with the FIA. It's like a teacher in a classroom. If every single student has made the same mistake on their homework then the teacher must have made a mistake. This is usually obvious to everyone but the teacher. In the same way, the FIA will refuse to admit wrongdoing, but at the end of the day, they are the ones who have made the rules vague and down to interpretation. Not only does Yuki deserve a penalty, the FIA need to rewrite the rules and change the procedure / safety regulations. Otherwise, this will happen again and again.

  81. 06 DPA
    06 DPA
    个月 前

    7:30 Wet track racing with recovery vehicles still on track has already caused a death, we don't want more.

  82. Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse
    个月 前

    It's simply clearly a WRONG decision. Heads of such decision makers must roll, or else a driver may be hurt or killed.

  83. Herwig HÖFLE
    Herwig HÖFLE
    个月 前

    It could be as simple as that, looking to the N24: double yellow equals to speed down to 120 kph, to further slow the cars down there's "Code 60" meaning activation of the pit lane speed limiter and reducing speed to 60 kph. Period. Flag signs are transmitted to the cars way ahead of the incident by radio, so no one can argue to not have seen anything. So it is technically possible on a 25 km racetrack - no excuses for the FIA and F1.

  84. Bret Z
    Bret Z
    个月 前

    Visibility only defence.. I like le clark

  85. DeYouNit
    个月 前

    These FIA morons are paid millions. Hold them more accountable for sure

  86. Sandra
    个月 前

    Thanks for having the data to back up explanations. Too bad the FIA doesn’t believe in that. Drivers snd Teams should be furious. After all that has been done to improve safety, can it really unravel for this? Good video!

  87. Aaron Green
    Aaron Green
    个月 前

    Of course questions should be asked. They should always be asked to ensure the right measures are being taken and to develop safety precautions. It can never be perfect but can always be better

  88. pear7777
    个月 前

    They're effin right.

  89. jamiemb17
    个月 前

    Is it not obvious that they delayed bring the SC out so that everyone could get past it and no one would have to unlap themselves to close to the end of the race?

  90. David Cane
    David Cane
    个月 前

    As far as Baku is concerned.... VSC!!! That's exactly what it's there for. It was introduced in the wake of drivers (Bianchi) not allowing for double yellows in Suzuka and the traffic consequences. Masi looks like he's up against a ticking clock here. He's missing the point re safety completely and if this continues he has to go.

  91. klemm1985
    个月 前

    Cry babys 👶

  92. daedraq
    个月 前

    "Mick absolutely crawled past Verstappen." Are you sure it wasn't just haases top speed?

  93. korgmangeek
    个月 前

    add "yellow" button to limit the PU power or speed.

  94. MrLeovanderMeer
    个月 前

    It`s double yellow. That means slow down. That is what did not happen and that is the problem.

  95. SmokingSpitfire
    个月 前

    We lost a driver 2 years ago due to a high speed side on impact. It wouldve surely been fatal if stroll or max had been hit by any driver passing that incident. They should have instantly red flagged the race. Or safety car at least. Masi needs to go, before he has a drivers blood on his hands.

  96. Alec Brown
    Alec Brown
    个月 前

    The drivers have a point. Pirrelli's pathetic excuse for 2 different cars, 1 high, and 1 low rake, wasnt good enough. The other cars doing 200+ mph on the wreckage, carbon fibre etc, could have caused an even worse scenario. Take lewis's front wing at the halt, ready to break in 2. The crash should have brought out an imediate red flag, and instruction to go into the pits. Flags being ignored, especially as now there are flag lights round the circuit, flag displays on the drivers dashboards, along with speed deltas ( or limits) for each driver to slow down to, are simply inexcusable. And iff the grid ignores the flags and deltas, then every driver should be fined and given a penalty point, or 10 second stop go.

  97. seeni gzty
    seeni gzty
    个月 前

    nothing happened yet

  98. Sim Dane
    Sim Dane
    个月 前

    Absolutely amazing journalism, this.

    1. FNC Luke
      FNC Luke
      个月 前


  99. Joy L
    Joy L
    个月 前

    The safety rules are there for safety, not unfair advantages. If you don't penalize drivers for breaking those rules they will learn it's okay to do that again. No "talking to" at a driver meeting is gonna change that. Masi should get his head checked.

  100. Joy L
    Joy L
    个月 前

    Masi is making so many dodgy decisions it baffles me he is still in charge. Probably politics keeping him in the position. It's gonna lead to more dangerous situations and controversies for sure.

    1. Joy L
      Joy L
      个月 前

      @seeni gzty me too - it's because he ruins the sport by not applying penalties where he should and applying them where he shouldn't. And worst of all, as explained in this video, he toys with drivers' lives by not enforcing safety regulations.

    2. seeni gzty
      seeni gzty
      个月 前

      Michael Massi, just have 0 clue what hes doing, I hate him with a passion. idk why