The GOD-TIER Computer Chair

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This ergonomic desk lets you stand, sit, or recline however you want! But is it worth the huge price tag if you DON'T have an ergonomic issue like an RSI? What about gaming?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. SovietGrazz
    7 小时 前

    Great review, but IDK man. I think *I'd* definitely be stupid enough to drink coffee at a 45 degree tilt.

  2. Captain Rocky
    Captain Rocky
    14 小时 前

    no arm rests?

  3. Stefano Paci
    Stefano Paci
    天 前

    At first I was intrigued, but then...the wobbliness D-:

  4. Nehl Kevin Pandi
    Nehl Kevin Pandi
    天 前

    That setup will make me sleepy

  5. Peter Batman
    Peter Batman
    天 前

    How do I convince my doctor. To write a prescription for this chair. Just so I can get it past wife. Honey it was prescribed by the doctor see I had no choice.

  6. abnormality16
    2 天 前

    Tbh id rather have that 10000 one

  7. Jumpman0926
    2 天 前

    They should put a bigger chair on it

  8. Cockatiel Time
    Cockatiel Time
    4 天 前

    Just buy a second hand dentist chair lol

    5 天 前

    PhilHealth setup be like

  10. Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper
    5 天 前

    7k and it doesnt have an arm rest

  11. doggywhiskerbut
    5 天 前

    It doesn't have a foot massager.

  12. Lit Sauce
    Lit Sauce
    6 天 前

    Looks like the Pilot Seat of the Juggernaut Ship of the Engineer in Prometheus

  13. Flidan
    6 天 前

    I think I'll keep my imperator works IW-J20 workstation, it's a little slow to get in and out of, but that just adds to the effect! It looks way cooler, and is half the price!

  14. David Lamothe
    David Lamothe
    6 天 前

    We have all dropped our phone in our face while laying on the bed. Could you imagine that 32 inch screen dropping on you x) That would probably hurt

  15. Josh Novotny
    Josh Novotny
    6 天 前

    Why don’t they sell just the chair lol. It actually looks comfy

  16. 3plus3ist4
    6 天 前

    What happened to the "no more clickbait"-titles? How about: "The GOD-TIER Computer Chair - Altwork Signature Station review". Linus said "I want to make sure that in all cases there's something properly descriptive that's in the title" in the video "Let's Fix Our Click Bait Titles - GoXLR Showcase" at 28:39.

  17. MercyIsAMercyfulGamer
    7 天 前

    I would only use it for watching things and maybe gaming if I was using a controller. So, it's absolutely not worth getting it for 5k let alone over 7k.

  18. Moon Dancer
    Moon Dancer
    7 天 前

    the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen , put a motor on it and drive it around your liven room

  19. Think Like A Car
    Think Like A Car
    7 天 前

    Lying on your back gaming would save alot of people back trouble. I want this. So I can lay down and game

  20. Von D
    Von D
    8 天 前

    Imagine having enough clout for people to just sent you stuff for review

  21. Nathan Hynes
    Nathan Hynes
    10 天 前

    And if it falls... well at least you died doing what you love

  22. Crescendo remifasolasido
    Crescendo remifasolasido
    11 天 前

    I always want these kinda chair,but the price keeping those thingy in "dream chair" category 😂

  23. Ultx
    11 天 前

    That’s literally a dentist chair

  24. salama balash
    salama balash
    11 天 前

    wider buty means a wider mind ;) ya

  25. Andrey B
    Andrey B
    11 天 前

    Thank you for a detailed review! Was waiting for it for long time! Let's see how they fix all issues

  26. Tommy Rørstad
    Tommy Rørstad
    12 天 前

    uhm + forwards - backwards? xD

  27. miguel izon
    miguel izon
    12 天 前

    a computer for a dentist

  28. Daniel Rogers
    Daniel Rogers
    12 天 前

    Yes mom i need it for school

    14 天 前

    After watching this video I'm very happy with my $150 very comfortable computer chair and desk setup!!

  30. BannaMan117
    14 天 前

    This thing cost the same that my car did

  31. anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous
    14 天 前

    I was planning on buying a thronos but then it just became much less realistic and it just never happened.

  32. anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous
    14 天 前

    I would just half recline for the comfort without the problems

  33. Chris P
    Chris P
    14 天 前

    I've been wanting an AltWork chair for literally years now. For a long time you had to be in Cali to buy one. The shaking is something I didn't expect, but I guess makes sense.

  34. BlueLava Clan
    BlueLava Clan
    15 天 前

    Nah bruv I think I’m good with my 30hz monitor and my potato chair

  35. Chip
    15 天 前

    And he never thought of that dude from grandma's boy. I'm disappointed linus

  36. Just Jordan
    Just Jordan
    16 天 前

    Ha if you jack a cable in the back of you're head you can be reinstated in to the Matrix.

  37. Tri-Fi Online
    Tri-Fi Online
    17 天 前

    I sure am glad there are rich youtubers out there that can afford to make a video showing me why cool stuff isn't worth it.

  38. GamingDerp
    17 天 前

    Compare this to the Acer Thronus

  39. Lazer Tech
    Lazer Tech
    18 天 前

    Looks like a MASSIVE waste of money

  40. Kurt lundholm
    Kurt lundholm
    18 天 前

    Nerds ! ! ! =)

  41. Paul Diersing
    Paul Diersing
    19 天 前

    Ok so is it as hard to assemble as ikea furniture

  42. Afiq Afiq
    Afiq Afiq
    22 天 前

    The capricious monday conceptually warm because stopwatch orally enjoy via a deep lunch. naughty, eager bumper

  43. Jonathan Reeves
    Jonathan Reeves
    23 天 前

    Can I be an assembler for linus tech tips

  44. Tuguldur Javkhlantug
    Tuguldur Javkhlantug
    23 天 前

    i dont have enouth kidneys

  45. Andy V
    Andy V
    23 天 前

    Imperatorworks IW-R1 up next?

  46. maCrofage
    25 天 前

    There is no review because no interested person can actually afford it. Simple. 😁😅😟

  47. Octoboi
    25 天 前

    for people that still want a life even is they care about gaming but the thronus is for the people that don't want a life

  48. Lord Winter
    Lord Winter
    27 天 前

    I love how you segue into the ads. lol, classic.

  49. zane wilkins
    zane wilkins
    27 天 前

    I literally could build that as far as the frame is considered by just TIG welding that stuff together and it'll probably come out more comfortable

  50. navid mehdi
    navid mehdi
    28 天 前

    I could buy a 3080 with that moneys

  51. Dillon Morris
    Dillon Morris
    28 天 前

    Linus laying under a 32 lbs monitor, my mind went to horror lol

  52. QuestEnderVids
    29 天 前

    This chair reminds me of a dentist chair

  53. Furlow Torent
    Furlow Torent
    29 天 前

    I'm personally happy to see folks that are honest reviewers and not just sellin products cause pay offs. Right off the bat when I looked at that, it looked very uncomfortable. My father's Bariatric wheelchair wasn't very comfortable though and it was built for someone to almost live out of the chair. In fact, the cost of this one is almost same as his chair was. The biggest differences is that instead of mobility, letting him drive around at speed of light jogging, you got the computer parts that plug in and isn't meant to move. I'm bit curious as to the weight of this behemoth of chair. My father's was around 500lb without him in the seat and that thing looks like it's holding up almost as much metal and misc electronics as his chair did. Honestly, I think I could make something for 10th of the price easily and be just as comfortable, if not more so. Heck, if wanted comfy chair, I could just use my Lay-Z-boy recliner and have the armature mounted onto the side of it. That's far more comfy, an cheaper than that thing looks to be, plus has enough room on it for that scene with the kid :P (Bariatric size chair)

  54. John Doe
    John Doe
    个月 前

    You could just game/work laying on your back, but you can set the keyboard/mouse down flat on your balls? Seems to me, that would be comfy af, unless you're some noob who needs to look at keys when typing xdxd

  55. Justin
    个月 前

    I've seen a reclining gaming chair that is better than this that only cost 3000 dollars and has free shipping in us

  56. octet33
    个月 前

    IDK, I imagine this is more of an accessibility device with people with (for instance) back pain or orthostatic intolerance or something. (The cruel irony, is that Disabled people are the least likely to be able to afford the $7k.) Also, trackpads exist.

  57. Anthony Ellis Âû
    Anthony Ellis Âû
    个月 前

    You need a trackball! I've been sitting on a steel bar stool so there's nowhere else to go but up. Not this far up though.

  58. Dark Fox
    Dark Fox
    个月 前

    title The GOD-TIER Computer Chair, the video yea honestly this thing just really sucks

  59. Desire Asonye
    Desire Asonye
    个月 前

    Hey Linus. Could you please do a video on how to convert your old laptop into a desktop. Please 🥺. Preferably a gaming laptop

  60. vert2552
    个月 前

    missed chance for Im walking here meme

  61. shafty shades
    shafty shades
    个月 前

    $1495 usd is converted to $1928 aud but they want me to pay $2200 aud for it :(

  62. getwreck3d1
    个月 前

    Wtf cost 7k in this chair

  63. getwreck3d1
    个月 前

    7k it better come with a computer and a monitor

  64. Thomas
    个月 前

    I prefer to walk around and lie down on a sofa without working when suffering from back pain

  65. Agent24
    个月 前

    If you can't bolt a 21" CRT to it, what's the point? :P

  66. CneqCS
    个月 前

    Looks like one of those things from Wall-E lmao

  67. Victor de Souza
    Victor de Souza
    个月 前

    I have one of those for the last 2 years, using 12 hrs a day, if your crew is interested on real feedback on long term use, the good, bad and the ugly. Glad to talk to you guys about it. Yes, you can find my review from Nov-2019 at their site

  68. Axos szn
    Axos szn
    个月 前

    I’m just imaging that thing falling on his face

  69. Wake
    个月 前

    I have lived long enough to hear an American say 'innit'

  70. Wake
    个月 前

    I wouldn't get it due to the paranoia of that monitor falling on my face

  71. Tom Brown
    Tom Brown
    个月 前

    There's no risk for a bad review from linus unless it's AMD, lmao. Cause Lins is certainly not biased or anything.

  72. FIR-3
    个月 前

    who the FUCK would use this with a laptop?

  73. morearty
    个月 前

    Man forget about the station and tell me about the monitor? Holly shit man

  74. HiJacky7500
    个月 前

    I guess it’s good that the IPhone is now magnetic

  75. Shuko
    个月 前

    I think I would buy zero gravity lawn chair with some 2x4 and make my own.

  76. That Guy
    That Guy
    个月 前

    The coffee table should be on the right side... so the mouse could be used flat.

  77. That Guy
    That Guy
    个月 前

    The mouse could be on the side and level with the body. You don’t need to see the mouse.

  78. No Name
    No Name
    个月 前


  79. Sentry Ward
    Sentry Ward
    个月 前

    the basically, the chair is good got it

  80. keithc1234
    个月 前

    wow, Excel on this bad boy

  81. Shane Porter
    Shane Porter
    个月 前

    Dude LINUS just get a trackball, like a logitech m-570, then you can just magnet it down and forget it. Not brain surgery.

  82. _Alusionation
    个月 前

    it probably means the angle of the chair

  83. Papa Shango
    Papa Shango
    个月 前

    10s into the vid and already annoyed by the "wibbly-wobbly". 🤨

  84. adrenaline
    个月 前

    "you know the WoW guy from South Park? This feels like his final form" lmfaooooooooooo god damn i laughed so hard at that

  85. Captain Keyes
    Captain Keyes
    个月 前

    i have more than enough money for it and i still hate it, wouldn't ever buy it

  86. Dot man
    Dot man
    个月 前

    Just chair look so comfortable

  87. Frosty.
    个月 前

    they could avoid the wobbly nature of the arm with a few gyros it would increase the power draw (obviously), cost a fair bit to get them quiet/smooth enough, and be a pain to dial everything in for easy use. but you'd be able to void most/all of the wobble. and if ur spending 7k on something like that i doubt an extra 1k is gonna scare you off lol

  88. For2went
    个月 前

    "woohoo look at that blubber roll!!"

  89. JasperisCasper
    个月 前

    As a disabled gamer, this would be absolutely fucking amazing for me. I constantly have to keep a leg propped to avoid issues... however... I would NEVER be able to afford it. lol. It's roughly what I make in a year on SSI.

  90. Kenneth Dariagan
    Kenneth Dariagan
    个月 前

    where can you buy that predator gaming set up?

  91. Objectified Cross
    Objectified Cross
    个月 前

    I'm sorry but that wobblyness imo is unacceptable.

  92. BenjiKinda
    个月 前

    thanks linus i am now interested in buying this!!!1!!!!1!

  93. Solo Squirrel
    Solo Squirrel
    个月 前

    Trackball mouse

  94. Pyrolight
    个月 前

    I wonder if this would work with a 22 inch widescreen CRT?

    个月 前

    Its a 'god tier' chair and he wears sandals on the thumbnail.

  96. moshiko ssaass
    moshiko ssaass
    个月 前

    just get a good sofa lol

  97. AJ Blue ninja
    AJ Blue ninja
    个月 前

    Do you get legal hacks with this?

  98. Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee
    个月 前

    Genuinely looks like a dentist chair

  99. Ronnie
    个月 前

    They charged $3,000 for wheels

  100. VHS Email
    VHS Email
    个月 前

    The grubby gruesome corn actually rot because tenor basally protect of a descriptive arithmetic. loutish, glib edge