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  1. Tuan Thach TV
    Tuan Thach TV
    个月 前

    "Congratulations Chelsea !!! ❤️ Condolences to Real Madrid !!! 😀 "

    1. Raihan Gaming11
      Raihan Gaming11
      个月 前

      @Muflihun Purbalingga salam hangat dari Pemalang Jateng bro

    2. Muflihun Purbalingga
      Muflihun Purbalingga
      个月 前


    3. Muflihun Purbalingga
      Muflihun Purbalingga
      个月 前

      @Raihan Gaming11 🙂

    4. i hate kent c doods
      i hate kent c doods
      个月 前


    5. Sebastián Diaz
      Sebastián Diaz
      个月 前

      paaaa el madrid es el mejorrrrrrr

  2. Janis Knight
    Janis Knight
    个月 前

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  3. Daniella Cox
    Daniella Cox
    个月 前

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  4. Талгат Муканов
    Талгат Муканов
    个月 前

    Без Роналду Реал не тот.

  5. Soccer Zone GH
    Soccer Zone GH
    个月 前

    Chelsea deserved to win yesterday cox they were well determined

  6. Alibek Rizayev
    Alibek Rizayev
    个月 前

    Tuxel go forward chelsea is champion never give up i am with you ! [][]

  7. Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan
    个月 前

    Benzema production banned by Mendy.

  8. Yared Zerai
    Yared Zerai
    个月 前

    Mendy woww

    个月 前

    Who has watched Werners moves else?? I That guy is a wonder striker ever ready to score and there for deadly passes. Only time don't over demand him will deliver alot. Big up mendy, Christian p., Kante, I Rudiger and mount all at large

    个月 前

    Chelsea FC deserved 7 goal even Ehhhh!!! I The guys are so good and pace powered!!! I Congratulations team London. 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

  11. Owen Sheddy
    Owen Sheddy
    个月 前

    Chelsea forever 💙💙💙

  12. best football skills kh
    best football skills kh
    个月 前

    Mr.Peres’s think is wrong 😑

  13. Hades
    个月 前

    How did Werner scored that, I thought he was supposed to miss

  14. APPLE i
    APPLE i
    个月 前

    Sergio Ramos, lost his Kingdom of Heaven.

  15. best football skills kh
    best football skills kh
    个月 前

    Don’t want to win if you don’t have CR7 😃😃😃

  16. Luigi Board
    Luigi Board
    个月 前

    Good for Timo But he's still a liability. Can't rely on him too much going forward.

    1. TalesfromVivian
      个月 前

      He is not a liability

  17. Md khaledul Bashar
    Md khaledul Bashar
    个月 前

    Advertise Game link please

  18. Tannia Tassya
    Tannia Tassya
    个月 前

    i love how its just an highlight into an pes 2021 gameplay :v

  19. Marjan P
    Marjan P
    个月 前

    Chelsea could have scored at least 8 goals... their finishing is too bad...

  20. Unpopular Person
    Unpopular Person
    个月 前

    Real Madrid Keeper is a stupid Keeper

  21. Nkurunziza Lewandowski
    Nkurunziza Lewandowski
    个月 前

    Hello every Chelsea's Fans ,you deserve to win

  22. Rehema Cosmetics
    Rehema Cosmetics
    个月 前

    Chelsea they fight for real 😂😂😂

  23. Javanasami #
    Javanasami #
    个月 前

    A fan of the blue. No internet over here in my country, Myanmar. Can't play the video. can only see the comment section. Very happy to see the team's winning.

    个月 前

    Goal Keeper chelsea super man of the match

    个月 前

    The blues on fire

  26. Bilbon Baggin
    Bilbon Baggin
    个月 前

    Mendy is a beast hat 🎩 off

  27. Mark Goodall
    Mark Goodall
    个月 前

    You guys without a doubt have some of the worst editing I have ever seen

  28. Жома Машков
    Жома Машков
    个月 前


    个月 前


    个月 前


  31. Ugin Tuban
    Ugin Tuban
    个月 前

    wah jagoan ku menang

  32. Adi Arto
    Adi Arto
    个月 前

    Congratulation ❤️❤️

  33. Dzalal official
    Dzalal official
    个月 前

    Mendy save👍

  34. phat bui
    phat bui
    个月 前

    Tran này che thắng xứng đáng r, thu wa cung, phan công wa ben

  35. Afgan Safrudin
    Afgan Safrudin
    个月 前

    Sejarah membuktikan ingris vs men city

  36. jiss george
    jiss george
    个月 前


    个月 前

    Chelsea Good Play, "Congratulations Chelsea Final UCL !!! 😍❤️😍

  38. Derrick Muhereza
    Derrick Muhereza
    个月 前

    I think its gona be an all premier league affair for both Europa and champions league

  39. Davud Bin Abdullah
    Davud Bin Abdullah
    个月 前

    Ngolo Kante 95% Eduardo mendy 90% Mason Mount 85% Kai Havertz 75% Timo Werner 70% Jorgenho 65% Rüdiger 60% Thiago Silva 55% Ben chiwell 55% Azpilicueta 55 % Christensen 55%

  40. Mr. Governor
    Mr. Governor
    个月 前

    This champions league final is between the Hebrews (Abramovich) vs the Arabs ( Sheikh Mansour) .

  41. Melisa James
    Melisa James
    个月 前

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  42. mike watson
    mike watson
    个月 前

    Edward Mendy is the man of the match he safe a lots of goals

  43. tomsito by africa
    tomsito by africa
    个月 前

    Mendy 🇸🇳

  44. Cheikh Fall
    Cheikh Fall
    个月 前

    The blue💙

  45. Grand Redmi
    Grand Redmi
    个月 前

    chelsea -manc city. I love them

  46. Ely Zuniga
    Ely Zuniga
    个月 前

    Jajajaja oy no compraron al var 😂😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅

  47. Carlos Souza
    Carlos Souza
    个月 前

    Real madri só mo mo hoje.

  48. Sangam Sherpa
    Sangam Sherpa
    个月 前

    well played chelsea

  49. Lalboi Hangshing
    Lalboi Hangshing
    个月 前

    Useless hazard

  50. Luiz Eduardo
    Luiz Eduardo
    个月 前

    Agora ficou fácil pro City

  51. Wangwanyi Yusuf
    Wangwanyi Yusuf
    个月 前

    I wish Chelsea good luck in final

  52. Mi Tour
    Mi Tour
    个月 前


  53. Акыт Курман
    Акыт Курман
    个月 前

    Раналдусыз риал белгылы болды

  54. Hasnain Jan
    Hasnain Jan
    个月 前

    Congratulations 🥳 Chelsea love u

  55. Mnzava Chris
    Mnzava Chris
    个月 前

    kamparf signings doing tuchel good..great this 1!

  56. Carlos Revira
    Carlos Revira
    个月 前

    Donde esta esa bestia que Dise.algien.por.ay.

  57. Ahmad Hidayat
    Ahmad Hidayat
    个月 前

    The Young Lads from Chelsea sides is scarry as Hell for the Madrid White Clans. Ball possesions,attacking style,and the strength of their stamina was too much for Real Madrid, Good Job !!

  58. K C
    K C
    个月 前

    Too much loop hole in Chelsea defense,it can't stand up to man city attacking force. If it wasn't for the goalkeeper they would loose,happy for them though!

    个月 前

    Chelsea Vs. Man city. Chelsea Up!! 👍🙏

  60. Harshvardhan Rai
    Harshvardhan Rai
    个月 前

    Mendy man of the match. Werner, mount, kai & pulisic made it possible.

  61. Videos  for kids
    Videos for kids
    个月 前

    Hi tuan can i use your videos for spreading in the world wide

  62. Gerald Neba
    Gerald Neba
    个月 前

    The Blues for life

  63. Kh Jagne
    Kh Jagne
    个月 前

    Chelsea win

  64. Micheal Forson
    Micheal Forson
    个月 前

    No Ronaldo no champions league trophy

  65. ome barrack
    ome barrack
    个月 前

    Gacor chelsea

  66. Phan Thanh Quyền BRVT
    Phan Thanh Quyền BRVT
    个月 前

    Real còn trẻ hóa đội hình, già hết rồi

  67. Luciano Dias
    Luciano Dias
    个月 前

    Chelsea campeão da champios legue

  68. Kaya Kıllı
    Kaya Kıllı
    个月 前

    Benzema = Beşiktaş

  69. Nano Tialia
    Nano Tialia
    个月 前

    Kante running man

  70. Kundan Piyush
    Kundan Piyush
    个月 前

    Cup is going in premier League

  71. Rony Shamiula
    Rony Shamiula
    个月 前


  72. neyamul ali
    neyamul ali
    个月 前

    I am happy for Chelsea as a EPL fan

  73. Zul Siagian
    Zul Siagian
    个月 前


  74. Mamadou alpha Barry
    Mamadou alpha Barry
    个月 前

    kante best player

  75. Romario Pereira da Silva
    Romario Pereira da Silva
    个月 前

    Esse. Kante tá brincadeira joga. Dimas

  76. gede sudarma
    gede sudarma
    个月 前

    MC VS C .....wow

  77. Tran Thanh Triet
    Tran Thanh Triet
    个月 前

    gã đầu trọc zindan hết ăn rùa nữa rồi...kkkk

  78. Yakub Ahyarov
    Yakub Ahyarov
    个月 前


  79. brando Andrey
    brando Andrey
    个月 前


  80. dançando funk
    dançando funk
    个月 前

    Me seguem

  81. karlo Orozk
    karlo Orozk
    个月 前

    Mi nacho, mi verde A/N DE LA LIGA Y R M Eliminado de la shampio leage. 🙈🙈🙈

  82. Hussein Tube
    Hussein Tube
    个月 前

    طارش رحت ل ل كانتي ل كانتي ها راموس وين تروح هذا كانتي هذا توخيل 😂😂 كلماتي 😂😌

  83. Hoa Nguyen
    Hoa Nguyen
    个月 前

    Chelsea's keeper #1

  84. Agustinus Riada
    Agustinus Riada
    个月 前

    Chelsea pasti juara ucl

  85. Bikal Gurung
    Bikal Gurung
    个月 前

    I'm Very happy.. congratulations chelsea 👏👏.. Of course, this is the result of Gareth Bale's removal for Real Madrid..

  86. Platriere Toni
    Platriere Toni
    个月 前

    I think it is the first English final. Congratulations to #Riyad_ Mahrez⚽⚽⚽

    1. Micheal Forson
      Micheal Forson
      个月 前

      No not the first English final, Chelsea vs Manchester was also a English final

  87. Augustine William
    Augustine William
    个月 前

    Viva Chelsea viva

  88. kamesi simple
    kamesi simple
    个月 前

    Bamos kante

  89. Sergio Nozaki
    Sergio Nozaki
    个月 前

    Zidane fez uma grande merda com ir em Madrid. Tem q ser mandado embora.. !!!

  90. Muzic_corner
    个月 前

    cnauto.info/cycle/sh-p-n/2KmomNG3rLDUnZI HD

  91. Yadi Mulyadi
    Yadi Mulyadi
    个月 前


  92. Yudhie Priyono
    Yudhie Priyono
    个月 前

    Selamat chelsea, sebagai fans chelsea kasihan pada hazard yg mudik tp kalah 🤗😔

    1. Hiburan Sekopi
      Hiburan Sekopi
      个月 前

      @Yudhie Priyono 🤭hikhik.. Tw sendiri hazard itu klo main maju mundur Ayuk! Mw di Chelsea or di Belgia sama2 Gacor nya.. Pulisic mah g seberapa skillnya.. Hazard ngeri klo lg serius mainnya.. Mw yg bdnnya gede uga berani di Obrak Abrik m dia.. Bodi defense nya ada klo hazard

    2. Yudhie Priyono
      Yudhie Priyono
      个月 前

      @Hiburan Sekopi betul... kalah aja malah ketawa2 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Hiburan Sekopi
      Hiburan Sekopi
      个月 前

      @Yudhie Priyono Hazard sudah buktikan lebih syg ke Chelsea dr pada R.Madrid bro😁👏👏👏

    4. Yudhie Priyono
      Yudhie Priyono
      个月 前

      @Hiburan Sekopi hazard sama pemain chelsea, pas lg main, *_awas jgn macam2 lho ya_* jd takut 😓

    5. Hiburan Sekopi
      Hiburan Sekopi
      个月 前

      Hehe.. Dalam hatinya dia senyum bro.. Setidaknya ngasih peluang Mantan tim nya juara Champion lg👍 Respect buat Hazard🙏 Yg tidak serius mainnya😂 Fans Chelsea seneng dah...

  93. Alishah Turkmany
    Alishah Turkmany
    个月 前


  94. Speedy
    个月 前

    great goalkeepers on both sides......great saves

  95. Adama Sow
    Adama Sow
    个月 前


  96. PART 2
    PART 2
    个月 前

    It's a good job. Congratulations to Chelsea. Who will be champion you have a toothpick

  97. Elhadji Boye
    Elhadji Boye
    个月 前

    No mendy 🇸🇳🔥❤😘😘👏🏽👏🏽

  98. Joel Corona
    Joel Corona
    个月 前

    Ala Chelsea 🤣🤣🤣

  99. ghost pro
    ghost pro
    个月 前

    kutukan CR7 belum usai

  100. โต๋ โต๋นะคาบ
    โต๋ โต๋นะคาบ
    个月 前