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Never have I ever seen anything like that! Mad game...

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  1. Abdelrahman Suliman
    Abdelrahman Suliman
    7 个月 前

    Aston villa fans are stupid they start making bad chants at Leeds after they let villa score its disrespectful

    1. Phillip
      7 个月 前

      Have you ever been to football game? I guessing you haven’t. This is nothing

  2. Monsiur Snowman
    Monsiur Snowman
    11 个月 前

    🎶 Leeds are going up and the villas going down 🎶

  3. Will Ball
    Will Ball
    年 前

    Gayest mob I’ve seen you villa lot 😂

  4. Goldie Productions
    Goldie Productions
    年 前

    Intro Song plz??????

  5. The Gaming runaround
    The Gaming runaround
    年 前

    Now compare that to today when Norwich kicked off when we scored

  6. latinsizer
    2 年 前

    On that day Leed fans made a bed buddy named Aston Villa.

  7. John Hollis
    John Hollis
    2 年 前

    “Fair play Leeds” ten seconds later “1-0 up and u fucked it up”. Then u say the ref has to be consistent. 😬👌

  8. Play With Noah
    Play With Noah
    2 年 前


  9. josh watling
    josh watling
    2 年 前

    why did villa go mental when we gave them the goal? 😂

    1. Marco Sarasini
      Marco Sarasini
      年 前

      Because they deserved it and the first goal wasn’t right. Your club is scum and you buckled. 2nd half vs Derby in semis was hilarious hzhahahahshahah

  10. Sam Simkiss
    Sam Simkiss
    2 年 前

    You deserve a lot more subs

  11. The Beaver
    The Beaver
    2 年 前

    Check out my clip of my machining a villa badge when my boss wasnt looking, can make you one if you want 👍🏼video is cnc machining a villa badge

  12. Lucas Barker
    Lucas Barker
    2 年 前

    There was nothing wrong with it he didn’t have a head injury so don’t see problem with it

  13. jack norman
    jack norman
    2 年 前

    They let u score the goal lol

  14. L Gat
    L Gat
    2 年 前

    ‘Disgusting’ i heard you scored against stoke when their player was down?

  15. Jubb 1919
    Jubb 1919
    2 年 前

    How’s janssons an idiot for been passionate?

  16. Nick King
    Nick King
    2 年 前

    Looking forward to playing villa at the weekend. You're on a cracking run but I have a feeling city might just want the win that little bit more. I cant see there being any dirty Leeds tactics from either villa or city, I think both sets of players have far too much respect in themselves and their fans for that!

  17. ray beardsall
    ray beardsall
    2 年 前

    Klich was attacked after his goal the A V players should be banned.

  18. Harrison Smith
    Harrison Smith
    2 年 前

    you lot think your sommet fuck me

  19. Jake Halford
    Jake Halford
    2 年 前


  20. Nathan Kershaw
    Nathan Kershaw
    2 年 前

    I don’t get it. You had a go at your players for putting it out but when it’s the other way round it’s disgusting

  21. David Morewood
    David Morewood
    2 年 前

    thanks for getting a point we ain't stopped celebrating yet, hope you beat Norwich and we beat stoke to win the title . good luck in playoffs I'm rooting for VILLA

  22. LeedsUnited Vlogs
    LeedsUnited Vlogs
    2 年 前

    Grealish is dirty as! Leeds💙💛

  23. Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart
    2 年 前

    Six extraordinary minutes! Fascinating to see it from the stands, thanks, as always. UTV from a Kent Lion.

  24. Fred Greaves
    Fred Greaves
    2 年 前

    Please beat Norwich as I support sheff utd

  25. John Barrs
    John Barrs
    2 年 前

    Leeds dirty twats hope you batter then in play offs (forest fan)

  26. Jim West
    Jim West
    2 年 前

    Wasn't a foul on Kodjia. Leeds shouldn't have given up the goal.

  27. Garry Bastow
    Garry Bastow
    2 年 前

    You play to the whistle. 1 0 to Leeds. Villa chucking themselves down again.

  28. karlos tabb
    karlos tabb
    2 年 前

    Another great video lads. Nice one. Utv

  29. Amuols6030 ‘
    Amuols6030 ‘
    2 年 前

    If we had Tammy maybe we would had won

  30. Buc Whovian
    Buc Whovian
    2 年 前

    You spelt Klich’s name wrong.

  31. Bobby
    2 年 前

    Our manager is the only reason you got a point

  32. Teaser
    2 年 前

    I like how villa complain about hourihane kicking it out but when Leeds don’t and then score it’s all of a sudden disgusting they shouldn’t have let you score, but saying that this allows West Bromwich to go 3rd

  33. darren woolley
    darren woolley
    2 年 前

    Another brilliant away day video captured it as it happened Max love these videos this one was certainly controversial. UTV

  34. Chris Earle
    Chris Earle
    2 年 前

    Inbetweeners big day out

  35. Shane
    2 年 前

    The guy who went down is an embarrassment, Jansson never touched him seen replay, all game just cheating and diving on the floor, we got you a point there, u never looked like scoring anyway ( but on bright thing is your fans was quality very loud )

  36. Sam Howgate
    Sam Howgate
    2 年 前

    Why don’t you put any of are chants in honestly such a biast view

  37. Fut Preview
    Fut Preview
    2 年 前

    Why so happy u scored a open net we scored a good goal and that was unfair for u to just roll it in.

  38. T Mc
    T Mc
    2 年 前

    Ofc there's a shit villa account

  39. James
    2 年 前

    Fair play Bielsa, fuck you Bamford. And the ref was clueless.

  40. Tom Lowrie
    Tom Lowrie
    2 年 前


  41. Miller Howard
    Miller Howard
    2 年 前

    How shit must you be we gave you a goal

  42. Vantage.Bakerz
    2 年 前

    We let you score pipe down

    1. Vantage.Bakerz
      2 年 前

      That’s the only you score 1-0 and you fucked it up we let u have a goal

  43. Dan Bourne
    Dan Bourne
    2 年 前

    Im a leeds fan but Bamford should've be given a red for that simulation

  44. The Old Fowler83 Fowler
    The Old Fowler83 Fowler
    2 年 前

    Jamie get down for fuck sayyyyke 😂😂😂

  45. LONE.WOLF.1
    2 年 前


  46. George Rowley
    George Rowley
    2 年 前

    Why do you mute your swearing ? Wanna hear you go ape 😂 nothing wrong with a bit of fucking swearing

  47. Kobey Davidson
    Kobey Davidson
    2 年 前

    You could have 1 man down or 2 men down Paramedics on 3 men down or 4 men down Klich is playing on Klich Is playing on

  48. jim Mitchell
    jim Mitchell
    2 年 前

    Villa On Tour your way to disrespectful to Leeds villa aren't going up haha

    1. AVFC_ D.P.C
      AVFC_ D.P.C
      2 年 前

      How are they disrespectful u r an utter disgrace to football scum club

  49. Jossepi Hanlo
    Jossepi Hanlo
    2 年 前

    No need to celebrate that much for a tap in that we allowed u to score

  50. Colin Watkins
    Colin Watkins
    2 年 前

    37.000 at villa Park agains Leeds' utd 41.000 at the stadium of light Sunderland v Portsmouth in league 1 fukkin beat that.

    1. Steve Barwick
      Steve Barwick
      2 年 前

      We need a bigger stadium then!!!

    2. Mick
      2 年 前

      Get ur facts rights Elland Road doesn't accommodate 41,000 anymore because of hospitality boxes Leeds could've sold out there crowd twice over for the all home games since New Year and Leeds still averaged more than Sunderland where it's only £18 to get in.

  51. Phuzey 2
    Phuzey 2
    2 年 前

    Where are u in the league again???

  52. Phuzey 2
    Phuzey 2
    2 年 前

    We all love Leeds

  53. Logan Calvert
    Logan Calvert
    2 年 前

    Klich* deserved a draw but we were right to play on you play to the whistle unless it's a head injury

  54. Tyler Broadhead
    Tyler Broadhead
    2 年 前

    So we didn’t kick it out but all ur fans started swearing when ur player kicked it out for u play to the whistle we give u a goal

    1. Tyler Broadhead
      Tyler Broadhead
      2 年 前

      Music Junkie ur clearly didn’t watch the game u got it off the line 😂😂

    2. Music Junkie
      Music Junkie
      2 年 前

      You seem to forget we give you a goal first as we stopped playing. You couldn't even get close to scoreing against 10 men.

  55. roguee
    2 年 前

    Telling Jamie to shut up and stop hahahah. Good job again mate utfv

  56. Craig Walford
    Craig Walford
    2 年 前

    west brom will shit all over you

  57. The Gaming Faperenza
    The Gaming Faperenza
    2 年 前

    See ya at the play offs From the Albion

  58. Charlie Brentwood
    Charlie Brentwood
    2 年 前

    1:20 she was right🤣

  59. Some dude
    Some dude
    2 年 前

    Down the salt mines we go. Damn man I ain't seen this much Hypertension and Hypernatremia since Brexit. Ok so these Leeds fans having a bitch-moan because their team (apart from Janssen) did the right thing and played the game courteously. Alright, we will go back in time and have it your way, the goal stands and Villa aren't allowed the goal back...After Villa did the right thing and played the ball out for you, (When they were in a MUCH stronger position on the pitch at the time to score). Do you think you may have just set a bad precedent for Villa to do the same in the Play-Off final? I really wonder what your sentiments towards sportsmanship would be then?

  60. Global Clipz
    Global Clipz
    2 年 前

    That was my first away game it was crazy

  61. Willy Big
    Willy Big
    2 年 前

    I have to admire how u said it was unfair instead of cheating because it wasn’t so Tkx from a Leeds fan

  62. uto ftb
    uto ftb
    2 年 前

    ridiculous that leeds let you score imo, play to the whistle, good vid though

  63. Joe Harris
    Joe Harris
    2 年 前

    Best one you did lol

  64. Tate McLaren
    Tate McLaren
    2 年 前

    At 4:13 the woman at the bottom right of the screen if you lip read she said wanker its so funny Great Vid Mate UTV this is our year come on Villa

  65. Martin Gilmore
    Martin Gilmore
    2 年 前

    Smith suggested Biesla give us a goal back, Biesla didn't do it because of his good sportsmanship, he also sent his team out to kick lumps out of Jack Grealish for 90 mind so Biesla can jog on. UTV

  66. James Fleming
    James Fleming
    2 年 前

    Fair play to Leeds manager for doing that he didn't have to do that it's the same as diving for a pen or hiding behind the keeper and when he drops the ball to kick it the player runs in front of him and scores of Thierry Henry quick free kick it's all bad sportsmanship but it happens and no one says shit so well done Leeds manager 💯 respect now we gonna smash u in the final utv vtid

  67. Godzvilla
    2 年 前

    Great video as always Max.

  68. Scott lightning
    Scott lightning
    2 年 前

    grealish and bamford Oscar nominees

  69. Graham Maher
    Graham Maher
    2 年 前

    Quality vid lads 😂 #utv

  70. AJ
    2 年 前

    Great resolve shown by the boys and looked fairly solid, but I have to say Grealish was a little ineffective. Fouls or not. Also I worry about Elmo and Taylor against better, pacier quality wide players, as Leeds showed. Bielsa def targeted them to decent effect. Still a very good point. Rest the core players now and prepare for Albion or (not entirely beyond the realms of possibility) Leeds. Believe. UTV

  71. Michael Zanetti
    Michael Zanetti
    2 年 前

    See you lads at Wembley! Its the final we all want MOT

  72. Sisyphus's apprentice
    Sisyphus's apprentice
    2 年 前

    Never a dull moment following our boys. Everything that is good and equally bad in the game of football but bit of a rest against the canaries and bring on the baggies. Can't help feeling that Derby will have watched this match and fancy their chances. Anyway good video as always Max and see you at Wembley.

  73. Bar1
    2 年 前

    Hoping for El Ghazi to score the winner if we meet each other in the final

    2 年 前

    Tyrone Mings singing the Villa songs again

  75. Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper
    2 年 前

    Dya know what Stokesy, I didn't see the bit where our lads kicked the ball out for their injured player and I didn't realise what had happened earlier so they're sleeveen bastards. The word sleeveen means dirty filthy scumbags. I was embarrassed by what I saw but see Stokesy Ive only managed to see ur video now on my way home from work Monday morning so thanks for clearing all of that up pal. These lot aren't the team that came from 2-0 down at VP to win 3-2. They've lost their mop which shows in how desperate th were to get that goal. If we had Tmy on the pitch we'd have beaten this lot yesterday. Wtf are we going to do if Tammy isn't ready for the 1st leg or any of the play offs? We is fooled without our top marks an and that's nae lie pal. Thanks for the video again mate. It helped to clear a lot up for me personally. #utv #vtid #coyvb

  76. Tom Carr
    Tom Carr
    2 年 前

    Did anyone lunp on a cheeky grand in time for alberts goal?

  77. Martin Walker
    Martin Walker
    2 年 前

    We are leeds and we're the best

  78. Martin Walker
    Martin Walker
    2 年 前

    We are and we are the best

  79. T
    2 年 前

    So my opinion kodja went down and they went on to score well who ever that player was that scored got a beating from hourahaine which he deserved from not having the courage to stop For kodja when villa stopped for them!.. El Ghazi did absolutely nothing to deserve the red... It will get taken off him but the player that went down because El Ghazi apparently slapped is a fuc**ng wan**r and he should at least get booked for simulation. fair play to leads manager for letting us have a goal but he needs to teach some of his players abit of respect.! I'm going to Wembley but if we have Leeds there is gonna be more beef. But coyvb. BTW if any of u are going villa Norwich game pls text me from this mssg any1 can text but mainly Northstand peeps cuz I wanna see if they bring flares so yeah 😀

  80. Deborah Ord
    Deborah Ord
    2 年 前

    It's actually sad how much you celebrated your goal it was given to you for God sake.

  81. leeturnbull82
    2 年 前

    Play to the whistle.

  82. martin canning
    martin canning
    2 年 前

    Some right double hard bastards in the away end...I say that because they keep giving the home end the finger and wank signals from 100 yards away. #Cockwombles

    1. martin canning
      martin canning
      2 年 前

      @Aston villa Retarded comment. I take it you're a virgin and live with your mummy and daddy? 🤔

    2. Aston villa
      Aston villa
      2 年 前

      That happens in every away end take it your a take that fan who dosent like football

  83. Bha Till I die97
    Bha Till I die97
    2 年 前

    Another Great video man from a brighton fan, hope you come up and keep them Leeds scum there,

    1. Mick
      2 年 前

      Remind me to take some insurance out on my arse next time we play you at Brighton which won't be too long.

  84. Aboukba Meh
    Aboukba Meh
    2 年 前

    Leeds are bunch of cunts

  85. George Barron
    George Barron
    2 年 前

    The 37 dislikes are salty leeds fans that don’t understand how sportsmanship works

  86. Peter Sparsis
    Peter Sparsis
    2 年 前

    As an Australian football fan with zero allegiance to either side I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Would Bielsa have ordered his players not to defend if this was a playoff game and same incident occurs? Who knows, but all I know is this was possibly the greatest act of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed and for that he has earnt my respect. Class act

    1. AJ
      2 年 前

      He prob wouldn't if it was a playoff semi or final on the line. Just doing the whole PR thing b/c 2nd place was already a write off

  87. dv4lufc77 123
    dv4lufc77 123
    2 年 前

    If that's the play off Final Leeds are going up Phillips had that wanker Grealish in his pocket.

    1. AVFC_ D.P.C
      AVFC_ D.P.C
      2 年 前

      All u did to him was foul him r u fucking sure

    2. Dan Simmonds
      Dan Simmonds
      2 年 前


    2 年 前

    Been waiting 4u Max'y boy!great point for us!such a crazy game as we av all spoken about,u can't beat this league of football,u always get drama in this division bro it's great.Haha.&u kno what it will be west Brom in playoffs telling ya!&we will do them aswell.This vid was wicked max cheers m8.up the VILLAAARRR 😎😉

  89. Carlos The Villan
    Carlos The Villan
    2 年 前

    Match officials had no clue fair play to the Leeds manager though showed class unlike the Leeds players

    1. Carlos The Villan
      Carlos The Villan
      2 年 前

      @Tom Owain I am more on about Patrick Bamford

    2. Tom Owain
      Tom Owain
      2 年 前

      Leeds didn't break any rules

  90. mark anderson
    mark anderson
    2 年 前

    I think El Ghazi's red MUST be over-ruled although McGinn's yellow will mean he won't play against Norwich. Great video Max, it looks like we had some good chances again and again we're not putting them away which is a continual worry. I hope they 're all out on the training field next week practising their shooting because we really need to be converting the majority of the many chances we are creating. You can imagine us having 20 shots against the Tesco Bags and not scoring and then they carry the ball into the net and the ref doesn't see it. How typically Villa that would be.....

  91. Sunny
    2 年 前

    Leeds are scum. Plain and simple. If there are footballing gods they bottle the playoff semis while we win it. Praying this is our year. Can’t take heartbreak again but this team is different. Fuck the Leeds and UTV.

  92. chilbury.
    2 年 前

    Both teams showed great sportsmanship and thats what makes the game the best in the world!!

  93. Rich 'TYLER'
    Rich 'TYLER'
    2 年 前

    No "morning fellas"??! Wtf!

  94. Matthew Duxbury
    Matthew Duxbury
    2 年 前

    Actually laughing how arrogant Leeds and villa are thinking they are in the play off final already 🤔😂😂

    1. Matthew Duxbury
      Matthew Duxbury
      2 年 前

      @Cellar Dwellers I am a wba fan and I admit you two are faviourates but I just laugh about how confident especially villa are. We have not even lost to them this season 😂.

  95. S24suagain
    2 年 前

    It happened first day of 2015 16 season. Doncaster v Bury. Doncaster got a goal in similar circumstances and Doncaster then let Leon Clarke walk through to equalise.

  96. Ashley Glover
    Ashley Glover
    2 年 前

    Adomah goal of the season ran through the whole team 😂😂😂

  97. Anthony Lloyd
    Anthony Lloyd
    2 年 前

    Who's celebrates a goal that the other team lets them score shocking fans

  98. Villa Army
    Villa Army
    2 年 前


  99. Villa Army
    Villa Army
    2 年 前

    Never seen anything like that.. Fair play to Bielsa

  100. Anthony Lloyd
    Anthony Lloyd
    2 年 前

    your keeper tried to save it so goal was fair