Magpies Defeat Foxes At King Power Stadium | Leicester City 4 Newcastle United 2 | 2020/21

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The action from King Power Stadium as Newcastle beat Leicester 4-2 in the Premier League.


  1. VM Hosen
    VM Hosen
    个月 前

    It's the jersey, otherwise they can barely see each other

  2. NINJA
    个月 前

    The fact that Aiyawatt srivaddhanaprabha was watching 😢

  3. Omeslot
    个月 前

    Only 1 win in the next 3 games, you will surely in the top 4.

  4. muyi king
    muyi king
    个月 前

    Maddison seem rusty and for me not a team player. Ndidi should have stayed on, remove Maddison and allow Thielemans play in front of Ndidi as they have done for most of the season successfully. They should not bungle the top 4 at this stage!

  5. Miguel de Amorim
    Miguel de Amorim
    个月 前

    The title is wrong kkkkkk

  6. Charles Cong Pei ji
    Charles Cong Pei ji
    个月 前

    We wouldn’t want champions league football, safe from relegation is enough

  7. и че получавате куб
    и че получавате куб
    个月 前

    stai oyyy

  8. Mac Vaz
    Mac Vaz
    个月 前

    Even though i am a liverpool fan i think leicesster is the least hated team

  9. Sheriff Abudu
    Sheriff Abudu
    个月 前

    Wrong caption. It should read Leicester City 2 Newcastle 4

  10. Jobi Varghese
    Jobi Varghese
    个月 前

    Why not correct the title?

  11. Kelvin Otieno
    Kelvin Otieno
    个月 前

    Iheanacho is on another level thinking he was brought as backup is hilarious

  12. Laziz Nuridin
    Laziz Nuridin
    个月 前

    It's football, where the unexpected happens from time to time

  13. Ahmed Rahma
    Ahmed Rahma
    个月 前

    Thanks leicster for giving us third

  14. dan nice
    dan nice
    个月 前

    Liverpool are getting the champions league spot ahead of Leicester guys. Let's not expect anything from these guys atm. They are so tired from the way they played. They jux want the season to end so they could rest.

  15. Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea
    个月 前

    Willock is our (Arsenal) player!

  16. jason parkinson
    jason parkinson
    个月 前

    What's the point of performing so well through out the season, then falling out of top 4 in last fews games? These players better start showing some balls and stop choking.

  17. Iwan Kurniawan
    Iwan Kurniawan
    个月 前

    Leicester City 4 Newcastle United 2

  18. Jefferson Jeff
    Jefferson Jeff
    个月 前

    It's a fixed match

  19. Aayushh Shrestha
    Aayushh Shrestha
    个月 前

    Video says something else and video title says something else 😁😁😁

  20. Vijay Iyer
    Vijay Iyer
    个月 前


  21. Leonardo watch
    Leonardo watch
    个月 前

    The scoreline in the title is wrong 😂

  22. FootballGamer21
    个月 前

    LOL LFC Written 4-2 and not 2-4

  23. Gaming Beasts
    Gaming Beasts
    个月 前

    why does it show leicester4 newcastle2

  24. Raunaq Bose
    Raunaq Bose
    个月 前

    ghosts of last season are back

    个月 前

    Leicester 2 Newcastle 4 No Leicester 4 Newcastle 2

  26. elochukwu akabuike
    elochukwu akabuike
    个月 前

    This match was fixed

  27. E K
    E K
    个月 前

    If Leicester must make champion League this season, then they must stick to the winning formulae that has been tested and produced good results, no need to reinvent the wheel even in the absence of Johny Evans: Timothy C, Fofana, Soyuncu C Albrighton,Thielemans,Ndidi,Thomas Ayoze Perez Kelechi and Vardy Hope Johny comes back before next match. #ForeverHopeful #

  28. Nagisa Yamato
    Nagisa Yamato
    个月 前

    Congrats, Leicester City 😂

  29. Liban Samaraweera
    Liban Samaraweera
    个月 前

    I think the score makes it look like the foxes have won...correct it.

  30. ลูกหมาเฟรน น่ารัก
    ลูกหมาเฟรน น่ารัก
    个月 前


  31. OrthoChristos
    个月 前

    The title "Leicester City 4 Newcastle United 2" is a little misleading

  32. Stopnate
    个月 前

    Im a leicster fan and Im already angry🤬😡😡😡

  33. Hardi Ramadhan
    Hardi Ramadhan
    个月 前

    Kadang kolo kalah rakpopo , menang terus koyok sultan mngko

  34. Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano
    个月 前

    Leicester siempre cagandose a fines de torneo , y perdiendo su plaza para ir a champions.

  35. Duncan
    个月 前

    "Leicester City 4 Newcastle United 2" ... er, no.

  36. East Blue
    East Blue
    个月 前

    Admin: Upload the highlight despite their loss. also admin: change the scores so it looks they win.

  37. Tri Budi Raharjo
    Tri Budi Raharjo
    个月 前


  38. hassam saqib lodhi
    hassam saqib lodhi
    个月 前

    Great performance by Newcastle and Willock ❤❤❤👍👍👍. Too many defensive errors by Foxes.

  39. Leicester Lad
    Leicester Lad
    个月 前


  40. Kippy Adams
    Kippy Adams
    个月 前

    Leicester 4 Newcastle 2? 😂

  41. Imrorn Osaya
    Imrorn Osaya
    个月 前

    That goal from iheanacho is succinctly sumptuous

  42. Filipos Zaros
    Filipos Zaros
    个月 前

    A lot of mistakes 💙🦊

  43. kun mwas
    kun mwas
    个月 前

    It's a big shame, Leicester are blowing up the chance to qualify for the champions league again 😭😢

    1. John McConkey
      John McConkey
      个月 前

      With a performance like that we should only be in the "chumpions league". Can you imagine Barcelona a or Real Madrid rolling into town? Embarrassment would be total and complete. Wake up guys we ain't UCL material. Sorry.

  44. lamemeshitface
    个月 前

    Soyuncu was paid off man

    1. ahmet ak
      ahmet ak
      个月 前

      what Çağs in premier leuge best defender top 3

  45. Naija Network
    Naija Network
    个月 前

    Leciester city defence was bad, the team needs to sit up and play like the foxes we know, am disappointed and also happy to see iheanacho scoring, I hope he scored and win the FA cup. Honestly the coach needs to do something now, we can't play with chealsea this way at the Fa cup final. Focus foxes.

  46. Peter Chuka ugochukwu
    Peter Chuka ugochukwu
    个月 前

    Fofana was visibly tired. Ndidi was awful. No good connection from the defence to midfield.

  47. Sencretor TV
    Sencretor TV
    个月 前

    Why is Leicester city always loss at the spot of the top 4 at the end of the season

  48. Dalhatu Adamu
    Dalhatu Adamu
    个月 前

    EVANS injury cause that lose 😭

  49. Adoni as Adoni as
    Adoni as Adoni as
    个月 前

    What utd 4..🤦🤦🤦🤦

  50. CR SEVEN
    个月 前

    Chelsea go...

  51. Shivashish Kagra
    Shivashish Kagra
    个月 前

    Score is written as if Lcfc thumped 4 past new castle lol

  52. Kalu Emmanuel
    Kalu Emmanuel
    个月 前

    Soyuncu has to answer some questions😡

    1. Kalu Emmanuel
      Kalu Emmanuel
      24 天 前

      @Ahmet Çakar lol 😂

    2. Ahmet Çakar
      Ahmet Çakar
      24 天 前

      he answered with a goal against manchester united UCL time Leicester

    个月 前

    Why ddi you write the title of the video LFC 4 NEW 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. David Gamble
    David Gamble
    个月 前

    Let's hope Rogers sorts it out and earns his very big pay packet.

  55. Arafat UG
    Arafat UG
    个月 前

    Who said Soyonchu was better than Slabhead lol

  56. พฤฒิศักดิ์ พฤทธิพิพัฒน์
    พฤฒิศักดิ์ พฤทธิพิพัฒน์
    个月 前


  57. john paul
    john paul
    个月 前

    Why is it that the coach didn't put all his best defenders.. No Morgan, No Evans

  58. Jonathan Ekhagbai
    Jonathan Ekhagbai
    个月 前

    For some people it's a loss...but for Nigerians it's another win......Iheanacho keeps scoring 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬💙

    1. Samuel JLS
      Samuel JLS
      个月 前

      It's a loss bruv Have some respect for the team

    2. Kalu Emmanuel
      Kalu Emmanuel
      个月 前

      😂 Honestly We the Iheanacho fc

  59. Brian Pedron
    Brian Pedron
    个月 前

    Leicester city are such a bottlers. They're not in Europe don't have to play so many matches yet they loose against teams like Newcastle.

  60. Legion 187
    Legion 187
    个月 前

    What the hell happened here

  61. Kallum Allen
    Kallum Allen
    个月 前

    Thankyou for being very neutral towards my team Newcastle United gg none the less hope u get champions league still

  62. BHM
    个月 前

    Disappointed Leicer..

  63. Lynnie Heal
    Lynnie Heal
    个月 前

    #lcfc ALWAYS WIN again after they loose .

  64. Hazard Nickson
    Hazard Nickson
    个月 前

    Thanks Leicester 4 giving us hope to get 3rd

  65. John Denholm
    John Denholm
    个月 前

    And your in 3rd? Wtf you made us look good LMAO!! !!!

  66. Anthony Ogwo
    Anthony Ogwo
    个月 前

    If Evans cannot make it for the fa cup final, maybe Brendan should consider playing Ndidi or Amartey in defence and Mendy as his DM.

  67. Sahasra in wonderland
    Sahasra in wonderland
    个月 前

    Are lci being paid are what? They bottle, when they are about to qualify in ucl

  68. Swanand Soman
    Swanand Soman
    个月 前

    Typical BR pattern .. bottling at its finest..

  69. DHK TV
    DHK TV
    个月 前

    Looks like a fixed match 🤔

  70. Muhammad Ibnu
    Muhammad Ibnu
    个月 前

    Its funny how Arsenal loaned out Joe Willock

  71. It's Dawson
    It's Dawson
    个月 前

    lol, Leicester showing their true colours Howay th’toon!!!!

  72. Jamie Mason
    Jamie Mason
    个月 前

    Absolutely shocking performance

  73. Filmmaker IRAQ
    Filmmaker IRAQ
    个月 前

    #Jamie_Vardy what's happening?

  74. Afande Undercover
    Afande Undercover
    个月 前

    I am just happy that I iheanacho scored

  75. VANS Of The GAMES
    个月 前

    Leiscester 4 Newcastle 2 😂😂 loool u need to edit your Headlines 👊👊

  76. Frank Ford
    Frank Ford
    个月 前

    What did deluded Brendon say after that?

  77. Karim Zidan
    Karim Zidan
    个月 前

    Now is the time to show that we have learned from last season. Man u game will be crucial. Let's hope Jonny will be fit

  78. Alisher Atabaev
    Alisher Atabaev
    个月 前

    Лестер пидараз билин

  79. Thomas Slettedal Longva 123
    Thomas Slettedal Longva 123
    个月 前


  80. Collin Howard
    Collin Howard
    个月 前

    Maddison should be benched!!! He’s been ass since he came back from injury! Why is Brendan not seeing this

  81. ivan kicker
    ivan kicker
    个月 前

    Lmao n Newcastle roaming free in the LCF penalty area😂 where the hell are the deffenders?

  82. Niklank Jain
    Niklank Jain
    个月 前

    The name of the video is very misleading. (Leicester 4 Newcastle United 2)

  83. Scholar Sam
    Scholar Sam
    个月 前

    Error defensively killing leicester in this game

  84. Evie Goddard
    Evie Goddard
    个月 前

    Ihnacho is just great! He cannot stop scoring can he. What a player!

    1. Filipos Zaros
      Filipos Zaros
      个月 前

      I think after 1-2 years he's gonna be muck better than vardy

    2. Johnex Reacts
      Johnex Reacts
      个月 前

      Yh....that's why he is a #seniorman .Check out my football channel out...

  85. Rlindq dunn
    Rlindq dunn
    个月 前

    Brendan Roger's the Chump,get the helicopter ready 😱

    1. John Denholm
      John Denholm
      个月 前

      Lmfao fucks sake

    2. Akinola Samuel
      Akinola Samuel
      个月 前

      Can't imagine a team with a weaker defence after going down 2:0,still went ahead to take out defending midfielder the coach has a problem he did the same last season that cost them champion league spot

  86. Evie Goddard
    Evie Goddard
    个月 前

    What a goal from allbriton! Well done foxes. The defence was poor from soyuncu but they were just the better team yesterday. Good luck against man united. 💙

    1. Evie Goddard
      Evie Goddard
      个月 前


    2. Evie Goddard
      Evie Goddard
      个月 前

      @Yhung Kay soccar? Im not american

    3. Yhung Kay
      Yhung Kay
      个月 前

      Do you even watch soccer

  87. Sandeep Kumar Shaw
    Sandeep Kumar Shaw
    个月 前

    video caption should be leicester 2 newcastle 4

  88. Joseph Osagwan El-heart
    Joseph Osagwan El-heart
    个月 前

    This looks like a fixed match

  89. Arfur Witt
    Arfur Witt
    个月 前

    Three at the back and not a strong back 4 and we concede 4 goals. It does not work for us and why are we choking again? Can this team and the manager just not handle the pressure of potential success? I cannot watch the FA Cup as at least I will acknowledge that I cant handle that frustration and stress.

  90. Fadeyi Julius Ayomide
    Fadeyi Julius Ayomide
    个月 前

    Why Una con Make mistake. Should be LFC 2-4 Ncastle United

  91. Nana Kwimanika
    Nana Kwimanika
    个月 前

    put 1:35 to 1:42 on replay mode, then grab some popcorn

  92. Nosakhare Eke
    Nosakhare Eke
    个月 前

    What the hell happened?😳

  93. nickthefox72
    个月 前

    Embarrassing last night. Slow predictable and can’t blame it all on Evans not playing. Maddison Vardy kelechi and others didn’t turn up at all and played like they already won the game. I don’t like arrogance in my club

  94. Nnanna Prince
    Nnanna Prince
    个月 前

    What is wrong guys

  95. Aryan Patil
    Aryan Patil
    个月 前

    Foxes 2 Newcastle 4 , the title is just wrong admin .

  96. Keveen
    个月 前

    The defence is.messedup

  97. Arfias Lutfi Madyansyah
    Arfias Lutfi Madyansyah
    个月 前

    Music background make this result worse

  98. Mufunwa Mudau
    Mufunwa Mudau
    个月 前

    Man United Chelsea Spurs

    个月 前

    I want the defeat of West Ham vs Everton and the defeat of Chelsea vs Manchester City.

  100. Insert Name
    Insert Name
    个月 前

    The problem is that we always Wake up too late in games, we scored 2 goals in the last 10 minutes again, if we can just start playing better earlier in games matches like these shouldnt be a problem