LaMelo Ball With 27 Points Against the Orlando Magic 🔥

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Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets - Full Game Highlights | May 7, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  1. Tyler Nolle
    Tyler Nolle
    个月 前

    Imagine if Melo puts on 10-15 lbs of muscle... WATCH OUT!!

  2. Mano Nguyen
    Mano Nguyen
    个月 前

    Melo is a cheat code

  3. Kartoon Management
    Kartoon Management
    个月 前

    “All he’s doing is rim running!” - 2K players

    1. Adriel Rocco
      Adriel Rocco
      21 天 前

      @River Memphis Definitely, I have been using kaldroStream for since november myself :D

    2. Malakai Riley
      Malakai Riley
      21 天 前

      @River Memphis yea, I've been using kaldrostream for since november myself :)

    3. Dillon Rory
      Dillon Rory
      21 天 前

      @River Memphis yea, have been using kaldrostream for since december myself :)

    4. River Memphis
      River Memphis
      21 天 前

      Pro tip : watch movies on kaldrostream. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

  4. 101ycfm !
    101ycfm !
    个月 前

    1:38 did anyone else peep him holding hands with the ref lmao

  5. Stogie Barz
    Stogie Barz
    个月 前

    Nigga don't even look like he's trying lol

  6. Opp Rea
    Opp Rea
    个月 前

    How can y’all say he not Roy he led his team to the playoffs

  7. ImHerDad
    个月 前

    My boy really living 2k in real life 😂 been tellin people lameollo the truth since his high school days but he speaking for himself 🗣🔥🤝

  8. Zo Jamison
    Zo Jamison
    个月 前

    This is a Special Player....

  9. Manuel Espinosa
    Manuel Espinosa
    个月 前

    Looks like he can drive it to the rim all day. They don't seem like they can stop it.

  10. Sim champs Sports
    Sim champs Sports
    个月 前

    LAMELO “LAYUP” BALL Roy hands down

  11. Ken Chun
    Ken Chun
    个月 前

    This dude really had a great rookie year 👏

  12. Boruto no Jutsu
    Boruto no Jutsu
    个月 前

    My guy just beat the magic with layups XD

  13. Ømar Rivera
    Ømar Rivera
    个月 前

    These announcers instantly make me wanna hoop 🤣

  14. Roody Delien
    Roody Delien
    个月 前


  15. Tstreetz Beatz
    Tstreetz Beatz
    个月 前

    Back like he never left! My boyyyy!!

  16. waste yute
    waste yute
    个月 前


  17. JuxtinBDO
    个月 前


  18. Osvaldo Padilla
    Osvaldo Padilla
    个月 前

    Yall aint see him do that slick ass move on the ref tho😭💪🏼tufff

  19. red dot
    red dot
    个月 前

    1:37 the ref gotchu

  20. Skylark
    个月 前

    I can't believe it he's only a teenager

  21. Abbey Kamm
    Abbey Kamm
    个月 前

    his inside game is so effortless, it’s a beauty to watch

  22. Burgle
    个月 前

    I thought they were done wearing these nasty jerseys

  23. Cold Bizzness
    Cold Bizzness
    个月 前

    Bro yall tripping Anthony Edward's by far better its not even close

  24. 12Hatcher23
    个月 前

    Eric Collins making a name for himself around NBA, as an announcer too. He can thank LaMelo Ball.

  25. lante07
    个月 前

    He's SO advanced as far as skill and IQ. Bron hadn't mastered this in his first two years in the league. Melo is manipulating, both, the defense and the coach's strategy. Everyone except Melo thinks Melo is going to pass. This is extremely rare

  26. Court'land Williams
    Court'land Williams
    个月 前

    Can we just say ROTY already for this young man

  27. PT Musik ✪
    PT Musik ✪
    个月 前

    never forget the articles people were writing about this dude after his first game. he shut damn near everybody up the same week

  28. Dtrixx X
    Dtrixx X
    个月 前

    I’ll put money that the announcer came twice

  29. Arjun
    个月 前

    Not even one jumpshot

  30. FrizzyLowkee
    个月 前

    Cole Anthony gotta do better on defense he just be standing there looking.

  31. Moo. Slatt
    Moo. Slatt
    个月 前

    So nobody peep LaMelo dapping up the ref after the bucket @1:38 lmaoo

  32. Tamer Kiykioglu
    Tamer Kiykioglu
    个月 前

    LaMelo would be great on any team but boy the Warriors would have loved him. Passing, driving with Steph and Dray. I think he has great IQ, feel and confidence.

  33. G Karninja
    G Karninja
    个月 前

    lmao did the ref slip him dap?

  34. cmontalvo194
    个月 前

    I know those hornets announcers are getting paid real good

  35. Tae Lew
    Tae Lew
    个月 前

    Lamelo came thru wit the knee high socks and scored all floaters lol.

  36. SNSGaming
    个月 前


  37. Trueee Ant
    Trueee Ant
    个月 前

    E F F O R T L E S S

  38. Alexander Gallant
    Alexander Gallant
    个月 前

    That left hand is BBB Cash Money! It’s about time he start taking these boy to Rack. Ref is not calling no fouls but so what keep going to the hole when it’s wet. You understand!

  39. Neck Rotic
    Neck Rotic
    个月 前

    ROAD TO 3M❤️

    个月 前

    These the best announcers ever i need hype men like this lol

  41. Henz15Cez Oicama
    Henz15Cez Oicama
    个月 前

    For him that's easy come on...

  42. Kent Paul Alojado
    Kent Paul Alojado
    个月 前

    Only Bulls can shut him down.

  43. will stovall
    will stovall
    个月 前

    His tail has been cut off and he has mastered Super Saiyan 1

  44. Mariano Ng Uy
    Mariano Ng Uy
    个月 前

    Cole anthony is better

  45. A-O94
    个月 前

    Why wasn’t he shooting 3s in this game

    1. Efrem Marcus
      Efrem Marcus
      个月 前

      His injured wrist is bothering him

  46. Mystic The Goat
    Mystic The Goat
    个月 前

    bruh idc... this man literally just easily " 3 dribbles bye defender'd" everyone on the magic lmao... he had a bunch of open 3s but made it a point to show he can drive every play if he wanted to...

  47. Tomi Igo
    Tomi Igo
    个月 前

    What i expect Lonzo to be. A scorer. A passer. No Fear. But the little brother showed it. Lonzo is proud.

  48. James Waters
    James Waters
    个月 前

    Orlando's interior defense is horrific.

  49. Cameron Reaves
    Cameron Reaves
    个月 前

    I never realized he was coming off the bench. Lamelo is playing amazing

  50. Cameron Reaves
    Cameron Reaves
    个月 前

    Naw Melo is really killing

  51. Ri Chanh
    Ri Chanh
    个月 前

    Looking for Ant highlights for today can't find. NBA and everyone doing their best to make Lamelo ROTY

  52. Tyres Jenkins
    Tyres Jenkins
    个月 前

    Am I the only see the wrist still Bothering him

  53. Mark Eli
    Mark Eli
    个月 前

    He's got a Luka type pace but he's quicker / faster and more athletic. His rim drives look so easy and natural

    1. Koga
      24 天 前

      @Mark Eli Melo's just never been an athleticism oriented player, and Luka's always been extremely underrated athletically. He can move and has blitzed past defenders off balance straight to the rim, because they're so used to his slow and calculated game. Melo's pretty similar in that sense and has never really been athletic. Even now you can tell it takes more than strength and reflex for him to even do a two handed dunk consistently

    2. Mark Eli
      Mark Eli
      个月 前

      @Koga Explain

    3. Koga
      个月 前

      I would heavily disagree with the notion that LaMelo's more athletic than Doncic

  54. Redgar
    个月 前

    lamelo is way better than lonzo, he abuses every missmatch because of is his lenght while lonzo have smaller guys on him and literally does nothing

  55. Chris Tippins
    Chris Tippins
    个月 前

    This man can put the ball on the floor💪💪

  56. Fred Rijos
    Fred Rijos
    个月 前

    1:38 Luka is not gonna like this one bit!!!!

  57. what other food? Fish
    what other food? Fish
    个月 前

    I've never been more wrong about a draft pick. I honestly thought this kid would be a bust smh.

  58. Dj
    个月 前

    Edwards is better !

    1. Dj
      个月 前

      @polo hoodie bra just dropped 42 plz stop suckin melo like the media does edwards is clearly better

    2. polo hoodie
      polo hoodie
      个月 前

      At being inefficient and losing, correct

  59. Jake Bones
    Jake Bones
    个月 前

    Ahem ROTY for a winning player . When we see him in the playoffs the discussion will be over

  60. Davin Kim
    Davin Kim
    个月 前

    Can Hornets announcer be on every playoff games?

  61. JaSx91x
    个月 前

    Not gonna lie I thought Lonzo would be a good player and I thought lamelo would be a wash, never seemed like he had to bust a sweat in high school it just looked too easy but it’s clear now this kid is just a savant. Imagine a lonzo and lamelo back court? That could be lethal in 2 or 3 years

  62. Eric Hamilton
    Eric Hamilton
    个月 前


  63. Kwymane Sheppard
    Kwymane Sheppard
    个月 前

    The magic had nobody to guard melo

  64. Dorrale Stephenson
    Dorrale Stephenson
    个月 前

    I like the fact that he kept the ball and took control instead of trying feed everybody and getting scraps when they feel like giving him the ball. Melo needs to do this more often and get everybody's attention to share the ball when he serves them cake, you gotta bring me back a donut if you want another slice!

    1. yvon T
      yvon T
      个月 前


  65. Hit EmUpHatch
    Hit EmUpHatch
    个月 前

    Lamelo playing the 6’7 guard he is‼️

  66. Stephen Solas
    Stephen Solas
    个月 前


  67. Cai 💗
    Cai 💗
    个月 前

    0/7 at the 3😔

  68. London Stackhouse
    London Stackhouse
    个月 前

    Lamelo ball 🌟 27

  69. Johnathan Robinson
    Johnathan Robinson
    个月 前

    How could you not root for Melo at this point

  70. Winterfreshmac
    个月 前

    Aye hold on I know my eyes not tripping the lady ref gave LaMelo some dap right lol? at 1:36

  71. Thesgfire
    个月 前

    That fresh hair”cut” literally made him “cut” to the lane like a beast 🔥

  72. Noah Fitzgerald
    Noah Fitzgerald
    个月 前

    I wonder if a lonzo lamelo duo would be bicw

  73. abdullahi ali
    abdullahi ali
    个月 前

    0,7 three 😂 smh

    1. polo hoodie
      polo hoodie
      个月 前

      What he shoot from the field tho

  74. Awsomekidclutch
    个月 前

    And I thought the hornets paint defense was bad 💀

  75. Angel Armenta
    Angel Armenta
    个月 前


  76. Andrea Kumar
    Andrea Kumar
    个月 前

    Oh he’s nice with those floaters

  77. Purely Presbyterian
    Purely Presbyterian
    个月 前

    ROTY !!!

  78. Dan Silvester
    Dan Silvester
    个月 前

    They can't guard him. lol

  79. ItssTREX
    个月 前

    Wtf is Melo wearing bruh

  80. Korey Hill
    Korey Hill
    个月 前

    All layups and floaters... on purpose.

    个月 前

    So we not gone talk about what happened at 1:32 with the ref and lamelo😂

  82. H. L.
    H. L.
    个月 前

    It's awesome that he is playing so well at his age. He will be on his way to becoming one of the greats if he keeps it up with the right mentor.

    个月 前

    Ayo I can see this and I’m in Canada 😮

  84. Zak Griff
    Zak Griff
    个月 前

    He scored 27 points and did shoot a 3

  85. Vince
    个月 前

    I like the fact that he demands the ball just like a superstar.

  86. Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes
    个月 前

    Rookie of the year!🔥

  87. Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings
    个月 前


  88. Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings
    个月 前


  89. Flashツ
    个月 前

    Lamelo vs Lonzo tomorrow! Should be fun!

  90. Andrei Riley Montinola
    Andrei Riley Montinola
    个月 前

    the calf sleeves tho 🔥

  91. P N
    P N
    个月 前

    I love this guy!

  92. M Lytle
    M Lytle
    个月 前

    Remember when he wasn't a starter.. SMH. Its too easy being a fan of this kid.. LOL

  93. ActOfLove *
    ActOfLove *
    个月 前

    Jesus loves us and died for our sins

    1. George Chile
      George Chile
      个月 前


  94. Howard The Alien
    Howard The Alien
    个月 前

    These commenters be making every shot seem like a buzzer beater 😂

  95. AlphaDwg
    个月 前

    Lamelo makes it look easy when it's not

  96. Jamal pass me the draco
    Jamal pass me the draco
    个月 前

    mo bomba to the hornets he can catch lobs by lemelo he can shoot decent in the corner he can get rebs and get blocks he like biz but better

  97. HisRoyalMajesty 08
    HisRoyalMajesty 08
    个月 前

    Hornets Announcer is Life🎤🏀👶

  98. King Jay
    King Jay
    个月 前

    Yall peep the ref dap him up they even giving him his respect he deserves

  99. Peter Dinoy
    Peter Dinoy
    个月 前

    lay up field day for melo haha

  100. james matthew
    james matthew
    个月 前

    1:40 ref literally high fived him lmao