Lakers vs Knicks | Lakers Highlights | 2020-2021 NBA Regular Season

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Welcome to my channel, I'm a Lakers fan out of LA in the 818. I do only Lakers scoring highlights and key defensive plays. If you want Lakers only highlights right after games please subscribe to my channel as I will be covering all games in the regular season and in the playoffs.

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  1. Nachiket Ayare
    Nachiket Ayare
    个月 前

    Fuck, what defense by AD on Randle at 7:48 . He really did a great job guarding Randle tonight. Showed why he's one of the best defenders in the league.

    1. jazz03
      29 天 前

      @Dashawn Mincey you're missing "context" with that number 31pts from 11/26 shooting

    2. LakeShow Highlights
      LakeShow Highlights
      个月 前

      @Dashawn Mincy to be quite honest with you, i told myself at half time if they kept Randle under 40 we would win because i truly thought he was gonna get it, dude wasn’t even hitting the rim it was all net. yea he got 31 but AD did a way better job guarding him than what Kawhi and PG did on their game two days ago. in that sequence Drummond didn’t even have to come double, AD was doing fine, idk why he did that.

    3. Nachiket Ayare
      Nachiket Ayare
      个月 前

      @Edrick James considering how good Randle has been this season, Davis did a good job, in the closing minutes and OT, on him. Ofcourse you can't stop Randle but limiting him to 11/26 shooting is a pretty good job this season.

    4. Edrick James
      Edrick James
      个月 前

      Cut it out randle got 31 he did not do a great job overall he got the two key stops needed though

      个月 前

      @Dashawn Mincey omg lol thats a burn lol

  2. Kent Reyes
    Kent Reyes
    23 天 前


  3. crime does not pay
    crime does not pay
    24 天 前

    DRose & randle can’t get pass thru lakers defense😂

  4. norain bagilad
    norain bagilad
    26 天 前

    kobe better than leflop complain queen james

    28 天 前

    THAT DEFENSE THO!!!! DAMN! Randle clamped like hell. THT clutch! I feel bad for the first-round opponents of the Lakers.

  6. Lewor Smiley
    Lewor Smiley
    个月 前

    Love Jeannie Buzz reaction after Wes hassled put back follow up tied the game..

  7. Lewor Smiley
    Lewor Smiley
    个月 前

    Props to coach Vogel contesting the legit block of KCP! That is crucial to this win come to think of it!😊👊

  8. Lewor Smiley
    Lewor Smiley
    个月 前

    “Wide open is K C 3!”🤣👊

  9. Preme Divina
    Preme Divina
    个月 前


  10. Batsaikhan Chuluunbat
    Batsaikhan Chuluunbat
    个月 前


  11. Gwapito Onse
    Gwapito Onse
    个月 前

    if lakers want to have future stars better not trade THT, Caruzo and Kuzma or else they’ll be stars on their own somewhere else just like Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram and Jordan Clarkson. those young players needs more time just relax and enjoy..

  12. The3pleThreat
    个月 前

    Maclemore is ideal target for LBJ on the kickouts. If he shoots anywhere around 40% in playoffs, this team will be unstoppable.

  13. Michael Jorgenson
    Michael Jorgenson
    个月 前

    Someday KCP will hit a big shot in a laker uniform... someday...

  14. Teflon John
    Teflon John
    个月 前

    Spike the type to yell "See y'all in the Finals"

  15. Shhhh
    个月 前

    This is the Lakers we wanna watch

  16. Bass Hunter
    Bass Hunter
    个月 前

    Nice edit, thanks bro

  17. Bass Hunter
    Bass Hunter
    个月 前

    let's go lakers

  18. Ayman Lyoubi
    Ayman Lyoubi
    个月 前

    If black lives matter to you, palestinian lives should two. Protect_Palestine_from_thezionist.

  19. emir Yenere
    emir Yenere
    个月 前

    daaamn nba is nothing without spike lee, just like without jack nicholson

  20. Faik Çağatay Demir
    Faik Çağatay Demir
    个月 前

    Thank you for the highlights ❤️

  21. Melchor Bautista
    Melchor Bautista
    个月 前

    what a game for both team..ohh my G..

  22. Lorenzo Anderson
    Lorenzo Anderson
    个月 前

    Yessir good win #LakeShow let go!!! We got this squad 💪

  23. Steve Ridgeway
    Steve Ridgeway
    个月 前

    this game was INSANE

  24. Mac Sim
    Mac Sim
    个月 前

    Spike Lee's always talking crap Ad had to let him have it

  25. Lakers VS Haters
    Lakers VS Haters
    个月 前

    Matthews came thru with some shots and with his defense. nice role player to have for the playoffs

  26. Bogdan Gurau
    Bogdan Gurau
    个月 前

    Tht is 💣💣💣

  27. Paul Ashir
    Paul Ashir
    个月 前

    Wow. The anxiety was something else. The turnovers really meant the team was against it and how did they claw back to pick this indispensable win.

  28. Lucky45 April Diamond
    Lucky45 April Diamond
    个月 前

    Congrats My #LakersBronnTeam!👋👋👋💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈🌈💓💓💓

  29. Amirhossein Shafiei
    Amirhossein Shafiei
    个月 前

    nice game

  30. Charlie Castillo
    Charlie Castillo
    个月 前


  31. Andrei Gawek
    Andrei Gawek
    个月 前

    More minutes for THT he can be a great Player soon... Talent is der only he need more experience

  32. eman X
    eman X
    个月 前

    Lakers are back. Screw the regular season. The lakers are the kings of the playoffs. Go Lakers

  33. bozz 400
    bozz 400
    个月 前

    AD locked Randle in a cell and threw away the keys

  34. Abel Reyes
    Abel Reyes
    个月 前

    THT future Grant Hill

  35. Akira
    个月 前

    That guy number 9 stupid derrick rose is open

  36. Maya Gaming Roblox
    Maya Gaming Roblox
    个月 前

    We should thank Wesley Mathews for the tying shot. THT’s game winner would never happen if that never happens.

  37. Steve LEE
    Steve LEE
    个月 前

    It's so sad to watch this .. rose, if u haven't get injure .. u are the best one at thr

  38. David Su
    David Su
    个月 前

    Thanks for sharing. I am happy to see Laker's play defense like this game

  39. Lillly Shane
    Lillly Shane
    个月 前

    Let go lakers

  40. ARTERI
    个月 前

    Jeanie Bust 😏😏😏

  41. Raymond Acance
    Raymond Acance
    个月 前

    It’s always spike Lee Can’t hate him he’s just hilarious

  42. pepot sasori
    pepot sasori
    个月 前

    Wes plays great tonight. Hopefully hes locked in during playoffs.

  43. Frankie Ungaro
    Frankie Ungaro
    个月 前

    Knicks rly felt the absence of Quickley and Robinson last night. For Robinson, all the Lakers shots were coming right in the paint and for Quickley, he could’ve taken some of the weight off Rose’s shoulders. U can’t just have one man doing it all off the bench

    1. Frankie Ungaro
      Frankie Ungaro
      个月 前

      @LakeShow Highlights 🤷‍♂️ idk why u do that man

    2. LakeShow Highlights
      LakeShow Highlights
      个月 前

      Lakers rly felt the absence of LeBron and Schroeder last night. For Lebron, all the Knicks would have been wetting the bed thinking of guarding him in the paint and for Schroeder, he could’ve taken some of the weight off AD’s shoulders. U can’t just have one man doing it all in prime time.

  44. Nana Kofi
    Nana Kofi
    个月 前

    Kotoko= when you kill a thousand , a thousand will come ( Ashanti proverb) I couldn’t sit when the Knick were up a couple of points and the clock left with 1 mins and some change....kudos to both teams!

  45. eric cerojano
    eric cerojano
    个月 前

    The 3 made by THT cannot be done by Schroder the turnover king! With Schroder, it was a lost!

  46. Daniel Ridore
    Daniel Ridore
    个月 前

    Tough defensive battle, THT made a ton of mistakes but redeemed himself. He’s going to have to work on his point skills this summer.

  47. nigel alleyne
    nigel alleyne
    个月 前

    Man I love your edit bro lol me funny great vid

  48. Deridia
    个月 前

    Kuz dyes his hair back and goes off? lol

  49. brandon moran
    brandon moran
    个月 前

    No lie, the best highlights were the defense. It’s crazy how the Lakers can pretty much lock up anybody when necessary. AD was putting clamps an any and everybody lol. As good as Randle has been there were points in the game where you could tell AD said “you aren’t scoring” and then proceeded to make sure that he didn’t

  50. Alfredo Agustin
    Alfredo Agustin
    个月 前

    Wesley get us out.

  51. Expo BT
    Expo BT
    个月 前

    100k! Congrats!

  52. Johnson Estrellon
    Johnson Estrellon
    个月 前

    Defense is 🔥🔥🔥

  53. Ball-Busting testicles tacular Dripward
    Ball-Busting testicles tacular Dripward
    个月 前

    I don’t why why but when we play the rockets I feel like kpj is gonna drop 44 or 67 Idk tho

    1. Ball-Busting testicles tacular Dripward
      Ball-Busting testicles tacular Dripward
      个月 前

      LakeShow Highlights I'm not even a rockets fan or a meat rider I just dunno feel like he is

    2. LakeShow Highlights
      LakeShow Highlights
      个月 前

      yea uhu, suuuuuure lol

  54. Jerry Handsome
    Jerry Handsome
    个月 前

    Wow 👏🏿😮👏🏿😮👏🏿😮 that was freaking impressive

  55. Richard Prado
    Richard Prado
    个月 前

    Lakers last night gave me hope to next games, what a game, glad to see Spike Lee with his mouth closed at the end. Salutes from São Paulo - Brazil.

  56. Marcos Vinicius
    Marcos Vinicius
    个月 前


  57. Hassan Alsheiby
    Hassan Alsheiby
    个月 前

    OMG loved the D of all players but specially AD ....... nice job all guys ... AD , Wess , THT , KCP , MAN the DRUMM with the boards wow... btw I think Lebron has a handshake even with the ball collectors on NBA and i loved the handshake he did with Wess at the end and now I know why Wess shows archery when he makes 3s .... well done team lets get prepared for the playoffs and of course King coming back ... lets go champs LAKERS

  58. Ralpp Martin Cobarde
    Ralpp Martin Cobarde
    个月 前

    KCP Block that was challenged by Vogel made the difference & won by 2.

  59. Gamer X
    Gamer X
    个月 前

    Defense!!!!!!!! Come on , bout time they know this the lakeshow

  60. Veden Dumogho
    Veden Dumogho
    个月 前

    Congrats for the 100k subs bro 🎉🔥 Thank you for the highlights 💯💯

  61. Baller
    个月 前

    That Anthony Davis lockdown defence in the clutch though 👌

  62. Jarenth de Leon
    Jarenth de Leon
    个月 前

    Really great job putting in the defensive stops at the end too

  63. Marvin Henry
    Marvin Henry
    个月 前

    I'm just loving this...

  64. Mark Penaflor
    Mark Penaflor
    个月 前

    That is absolutely a foul for D-Rose Thank you Wes!!!

  65. Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92
    个月 前

    Damn this was a game

  66. Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92
    个月 前

    Thank God RJ Barrett took that long shot at the end. He should’ve passed it. I know Spike Lee was mad 😂

  67. Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92
    个月 前

    Bruh AD’s defense on Randle was god tier

  68. Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92
    个月 前

    8:25 damn Wesley Matthews 👍🏼👍🏼

  69. Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92
    个月 前

    AD and AD look the same with the black sleeves on 😄

  70. divenoy
    个月 前

    dammmm what a game!

  71. Jar rel
    Jar rel
    个月 前

    My team ❤️ Let's go 💪🏆

  72. Kamoni Parks
    Kamoni Parks
    个月 前

    Idk What Randle Was Doing But He Definitely Held The Too Long On Some Of Those Possessions. He Was Getting Doubled And Still Tried To Score

  73. Leroy Rocket
    Leroy Rocket
    个月 前

    THT, “ when your idols become your rivals, you gotta AI em for your survival”

  74. Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘92
    个月 前

    THT or Kuzma are gonna hit a game winner in the playoffs

  75. Andrei Cauba
    Andrei Cauba
    个月 前

    Wesley matthews save the game👍👏🥵

  76. Garrick Slagle
    Garrick Slagle
    个月 前

    This should be the finals, since it would help out the NBA, especially bcuz JR was a former laker.....I'm pretty sure everyone on the laker roster has a hater tho...seems all the inconsistent 1s from last few months, have been clutch players lately...congrats 2my Lakers on another dub....lakers In 5🏆

  77. D. Anthony
    D. Anthony
    个月 前

    Sometimes slandering our players work 😅

  78. ayamarine lubog
    ayamarine lubog
    个月 前

    heads up play with Wesley tho! 🔥

  79. AI Riggz
    AI Riggz
    个月 前

    8:52 yess yess she was😁

  80. Macbeth Cenizal
    Macbeth Cenizal
    个月 前

    Let's go Lakers!!! 💜💛💜💛

  81. David Howard
    David Howard
    个月 前

    I was dying .. they kept showing Spike talking mad sh*t during the entire game lol

  82. AI Riggz
    AI Riggz
    个月 前

    OMG!!! …I had to go to sleep like 2 hours before the game ended… I just couldn’t… I was getting anxious from this game… thank god we WON!!!

  83. RaeBordz27
    个月 前

    Someone should tell Kuzma he should keep his black hair and just keep his clean fade haircut because for some reason we always lose and he plays mediocre when he dye his hair blonde or he change his haircut/hairstyle lol Kuz prioritize being a hooper not being a model lol

  84. Rafael Durana
    Rafael Durana
    个月 前

    wow lakers incredible win

  85. Joan Bautista
    Joan Bautista
    个月 前

    lakers is back💜💛💪💪🔥

  86. Cyber Bully Hunter
    Cyber Bully Hunter
    个月 前

    Lakers defense brooo they need to improve and maintain it because they are fucking scary when they play defense

  87. MG N
    MG N
    个月 前

    Lakers now flip the switch for the playoffs.

  88. Laksmono Hadi
    Laksmono Hadi
    个月 前

    my man go go lakers go b2b champ...hit it LBJ

  89. MyShadow1000
    个月 前

    LSH, you're our Alex Caruso! You are defending our rights to watch Lakers highlights in the Internet :D Greetings from Poland and congrats of 100k subs. You deserved that!

    1. LakeShow Highlights
      LakeShow Highlights
      个月 前

      damm from LA to Poland 😭 the internet crazy bro

  90. ToxicFlares
    个月 前

    7:47 bruh this shit is unfair

  91. PatrickStarfist
    个月 前

    6:55 beautiful pass by Drummond

  92. Adil Altaf
    Adil Altaf
    个月 前

    Im telling y'all. Wesley is seriously needed for these playoffs if we want to stay a top defensive team.

  93. james june restrivera
    james june restrivera
    个月 前

    I think we will gonna see more of this gasol harrel.. and kuz need to play like this everygame..

  94. stampscapes
    个月 前

    Congrats on 100K! Wow, a quick rise. There's a lot of Lakers fans out there and your game edits are the best. Most of the others are just made shots but your edits give us a better idea of the overall game with the hustle and key defensive plays. I can't even watch the other channels after watching your vids.

    1. LakeShow Highlights
      LakeShow Highlights
      个月 前


  95. Silambarasan Kulandaisamy
    Silambarasan Kulandaisamy
    个月 前

    This type of play we want from our team goo lakers ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  96. keLetoN
    个月 前

    If you pause it at :24.0 seconds left in OT (9:38) that's when THT looks up at the clock and turns on the jets. He saw the mamba bless him through the shot clock and nailed the game winner. Nice

  97. Jesus Is Our Savior
    Jesus Is Our Savior
    个月 前

    wow wow lets go lakeshow!

  98. xxplosive
    个月 前

    Holy cow ADs crunch time defense was incredible tonight

  99. Lester
    个月 前

    8:49 Oh man. I love our team's owner so much.

    1. Retsub Anires
      Retsub Anires
      个月 前

      She's my wife

  100. TheAlejandroorosco
    个月 前

    What a game