Jose Mourinho appointed Roma head coach for next season

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Jose Mourinho has been appointed Roma head coach on a three-year deal set to begin at the start of next season.

Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham in April after just 17 months in charge of the Premier League.

It will be the Portuguese manager's second spell in Serie A, after he spent two seasons with Inter Milan before leaving to join Real Madrid in 2010.

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  1. PIT3RZ
    4 天 前

    "Daje Roma!" means "Come on Roma!" and, phonetically talking, it's pronounced: D A I E

  2. Adam
    4 天 前

    There was once a time Mourinho wouldn't consider Roma, but he has outstayed his welcome with so many clubs he needs to take jobs like Tottenham or Roma. He will probably be managing Villareal or Everton in two years. One things for sure, the top tier clubs wont employ him again.

  3. Fredy Budiman
    Fredy Budiman
    20 天 前

    jose already make achiement in spurs when last time spur WERE AT THE TOP OF TABLE IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE ? jose made it on oct to desember 2020, if not because the team was not good enough, could maintain at least top 4

  4. Contarius9
    26 天 前

    He surely knows how to fight unemployment

  5. Andrea Toppi
    Andrea Toppi
    28 天 前

    The pronunce is D I E H

  6. Jerson Gonsalves
    Jerson Gonsalves
    个月 前

    He will be sacked again

  7. gad abdat
    gad abdat
    个月 前

    He makes more money getting sacked than winning trophies. This is the world we live in.

  8. Eagles Eye
    Eagles Eye
    个月 前

    bid for matic incoming 🤔😜

  9. Ray Borban ⭐⭐
    Ray Borban ⭐⭐
    个月 前

    Roma next Serie a Champions.. Lol

  10. Artel
    个月 前

    Good luck Jose

  11. Richard Cooper
    Richard Cooper
    个月 前

    He is a waste of space can only spend money to buy titles he a crap manager a has been.

  12. Peter Pan
    Peter Pan
    个月 前

    I have already subscribed to AS Roma CNauto channel. We will get them to 1M subscribers. FC Mourinho

  13. mygunzy
    个月 前

    Can't wait another episode of special one drama

  14. King James
    King James
    个月 前

    Another $ 100 million on players spent only to bench them . He'll be laughing all the way bank when roma sack him before Christmas

  15. King James
    King James
    个月 前

    Jose won the treble in Italy but he's terrible now

  16. Dan The Man
    Dan The Man
    个月 前

    lol you just know he will get the chance next year to put one over Spurs,Jose could fall in a pile of manure and come out smelling of roses.

  17. jacek michalski
    jacek michalski
    个月 前


  18. Rajesh Velu
    Rajesh Velu
    个月 前

    Another tragedy 🎭

  19. Ghost A
    Ghost A
    个月 前

    forza Roma forza JM

  20. Daily- Football News
    Daily- Football News
    个月 前


  21. Thinking Out Loud
    Thinking Out Loud
    个月 前

    Rome is ruined

  22. Michael Chinappa
    Michael Chinappa
    个月 前

    Jose congratulations and you are a great soccer coach

  23. COLLINS7979
    个月 前

    Ooh guys I forgot he says himself is football 👍👍

  24. Mack Daddy
    Mack Daddy
    个月 前

    Poor Roma...

  25. Peter Kariuki
    Peter Kariuki
    个月 前

    No it won’t work there. He needs to make money as an ESPN analyst. He seems of late to destroy great players. Sit down somewhere.

  26. Vegalus
    个月 前

    God what a step down

  27. JomUnited
    个月 前

    I sink we should get rid of Smalling and Miki

  28. Kofi Boakye
    Kofi Boakye
    个月 前

    He's only fit for Italian soccer as he can never achieve anything anywhere.

  29. 089.Anurag Ghadge
    089.Anurag Ghadge
    个月 前

    Why they hate murinho🙄?

  30. Martino Degli Innocenti
    Martino Degli Innocenti
    个月 前

    2:26 replay button 🤣

  31. Claudio Barbesco
    Claudio Barbesco
    个月 前


  32. BUG- SoulWeapon
    BUG- SoulWeapon
    个月 前


  33. mrccmpnll
    个月 前


  34. Jose Costa
    Jose Costa
    个月 前

    Yes Mourinho is coming back

  35. fahad jhon
    fahad jhon
    个月 前

    Mourinho is finished

  36. Red United TV
    Red United TV
    个月 前

    subscribe to red united tv best united content with humor

  37. Mr Hussain
    Mr Hussain
    个月 前

    He could've and should've gone to Juventus, but he didn't want to let the Inter Milan fans down. Morals.

  38. HG
    个月 前

    Jose is a great coach but the club must back him and not any trouble making players e.g. like his previous club’s players Pogba (Cancer), Delli, Rose, Bale etc if they want their club to win anything in coming Seasons.

    1. Deano Deano
      Deano Deano
      个月 前

      Look at pogba now though under ole!! Thriving!! Pogba was never the problem it was Jose, he loses the dressing room where ever he goes Chelsea twice , man united, real Madrid.

  39. Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson
    个月 前

    Good move for Jose Mourinho. Roma got new owners and can challenge next season for League Title, Coppa Italia and Europe.

  40. Juan Mercado
    Juan Mercado
    个月 前

    England national team should get him. He will be able to deal with all that ego in the locker room.

  41. Shawn Hope
    Shawn Hope
    个月 前

    I am officially a Roma fan now.

    1. park lane
      park lane
      个月 前

      😂🤣😂🤣😂 I'd rather watch crawley play !

    2. Liverpool fan since 2007
      Liverpool fan since 2007
      个月 前

      come on. really bro?

  42. LETv ኢትዮጵያዊነት ።
    LETv ኢትዮጵያዊነት ።
    个月 前


  43. Rocco
    个月 前


  44. darren joness
    darren joness
    个月 前

    Jose Mourinho has a brilliant football manager. You cannot argue with his track record. He has won trophies wherever he went. Best of luck Special One. Hope you prove the haters wrong

  45. UnholyBeachGxd-
    个月 前

    Daje ROMA DAJE JOSE!!!!!!

  46. UnholyBeachGxd-
    个月 前


  47. James
    个月 前

    02:35 As an Italian-born Australian "Daje Roma" basically means "Come on Roma" or "Let's go Roma" the sentence is written in "Romanesco" which is a way to speak in Rome, it's not Italian

  48. F M
    F M
    个月 前

    "Daje" is not a properly italian word, but an roman dialect word. It's an imperative verb, it could be translateted like "Come on!" or "Let's go!"

  49. Martin Mwangi
    Martin Mwangi
    个月 前

    And tottenham are waiting to sign Hansi Flick

  50. jaywill4ever
    个月 前

    Mourinho is like Michael Myers from Halloween.

  51. Amaniel Habtai
    Amaniel Habtai
    个月 前

    Daje is an expression that is used in Rome to say c'mon just as Forza Roma

  52. Charles Demanuele
    Charles Demanuele
    个月 前

    Yeah Jose’s finished apparently !!! Meanwhile we’re still flapping around looking for a coach soon to post advertisement on the Unemployment office to see if we can find the right person 🙄 Ohhhh Levy you genius ..... with government subsidy of course....🤪🔫

  53. Lucas Dwornik
    Lucas Dwornik
    个月 前

    Good luck with a terrible manager lol He's a has been toxic person who will damage your team even further. Idiots.

  54. mctura
    个月 前

    Daje Roma 👏🧡❤️

  55. Wei Hao
    Wei Hao
    个月 前

    He'll finally get his wish to have Dzeko in his squad! 😂

  56. stefano di pietro
    stefano di pietro
    个月 前

    daje is a roman word that means c'mon!! dajee

  57. dewa sank
    dewa sank
    个月 前

    I am a Roma fans now

    1. park lane
      park lane
      个月 前

      no one cares !

  58. Lakshmi G
    Lakshmi G
    个月 前

    The way this man bounces back from losing jobs is incredible...I need this

  59. D K
    D K
    个月 前

    Bring Glory to Rome!

  60. CopyBat Productions
    CopyBat Productions
    个月 前

    It would be great to witness revival of AS Roma.. Was One of the best once.. Best wishes ❤️😎

  61. J Carter
    J Carter
    个月 前

    Mourinho achieved in the past, but he ruined Manure and Sburs

    1. iHaramain
      个月 前

      @J Carter lacking discipline. If u look at his old players like JT, he said he would leave the field in a coffin for JM. Nowadays these players are lifestyle footballers. They have no passion for the game

    2. J Carter
      J Carter
      个月 前

      @iHaramain you may have a point. He's seems to cause the players to turn on him, or are they just lacking discipline?

    3. iHaramain
      个月 前

      They ruined him

  62. DARKi701
    个月 前

    there are two types of person watching the video - All the world for the announcement except Italians - And the Italians trying to not laugh by hear the two Jounalists trying to understand the Mysterious Word

  63. Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason
    个月 前

    Why does it seem like this will fit him like a glove?

  64. rose oris
    rose oris
    个月 前

    As inter fan. Welcome back to serie a jose.

  65. Jojo Pellegrini
    Jojo Pellegrini
    个月 前

    Ok Roma please park the Bus immediately

  66. Beni Bjelak
    Beni Bjelak
    个月 前


  67. Ajay Komath
    Ajay Komath
    个月 前

    Specialist in getting Sacked

  68. vietcong78
    个月 前

    02:24 D-A-J-E Roma!

  69. Gila Bola
    Gila Bola
    个月 前

    At last, Rome got another legendary relic from the past 🤣🤣

  70. nicksilver99
    个月 前

    It is not "deja", it's "DAJEEE"

  71. Paolo Sciamanna
    Paolo Sciamanna
    个月 前

    Dieigie Rhomaa my ears are burning

  72. Music Man
    Music Man
    个月 前

    Roma is just about his level these days. 💶💶💶

  73. Paul McKernan
    Paul McKernan
    个月 前

    Why are we going to this random sky dude for comment??? Is he someone we should be care about?

  74. Julian Dicks
    Julian Dicks
    个月 前

    Incredible hahaha

  75. Flekx R
    Flekx R
    个月 前

    Natural born winner. He was gonna get spurs their 1st trophy for sure.

  76. sdemosi
    个月 前

    Good idea to get out of the premier league. The "lost the dressing room " narrative becomes a self fulfilling prophesy in an English club. The press start writing about it as soon as he takes over a club and it infects the players as soon as he has to criticise them.

  77. Haferflocke
    个月 前

    From one club to another 💩

  78. David Moloi
    David Moloi
    个月 前

    I never thought I’d end up supporting Roma but eh here I am.

  79. J Attitude
    J Attitude
    个月 前

    After Tottenham,you can only go lower and lower

  80. OH FINE
    个月 前

    Our king is returning. Only man to win a treble in SERIA HISTORY. ⚫🔵⚫🔵 You deserve a 90mins grandstand applause at SANSIRO for the memories you gave us. Shame that you never returned after winning treble and stayed at Madrid. But we understood your dreams and aspirations. Anyways We interistas will always be rooting for you wherever you go🔵⚫🔵⚫ Welcome back our King 🔵⚫🔵⚫

  81. Xaliimo Yuusuf
    Xaliimo Yuusuf
    个月 前

    Jose Mourinho is the only man Italian football history to win a treble cup

  82. Wayne W
    Wayne W
    个月 前

    Luke Shaw to Roma?

  83. Funky Monk
    Funky Monk
    个月 前

    He said “a winning PATH” , not project. You look very ironic about this appointment but you can’t even translate correctly Italian to English.

  84. UN Tifoso Romanista 63 Torlonia
    UN Tifoso Romanista 63 Torlonia
    个月 前

    Btw Daje Roma means come on Roma in the roman dialect

  85. Kim Festa
    Kim Festa
    个月 前

    Daje Roma is for boys , Daj dej dei doj duy Roma is for men

  86. Ettore G.
    Ettore G.
    个月 前

    "Daje" means "come on!" in roman slang.

  87. Iakovos Alifragkis
    Iakovos Alifragkis
    个月 前

    Come on Roma . you find the Man. Y.N.W.A.....from Liverpool fan

  88. Alessandro Chieco
    Alessandro Chieco
    个月 前

    fu*k yeah!

  89. Luca Spinosa
    Luca Spinosa
    个月 前

    The final “daje!” is not Italian but rather Roman dialect, it’s a common way of saying that means “let’s go!”

  90. Max LEE
    Max LEE
    个月 前

    Kane and Son to Roma?

  91. Waiko the Amazing
    Waiko the Amazing
    个月 前

    Yeah, he's lost it.

  92. Sean McQuinn
    Sean McQuinn
    个月 前

    English media and pundits hate Jose mourinho and everyone know that. So going to Italy is a good option.. Fortunately for Jose mourinho his cv speaks it self and 25 major trophies its not easy... I'm happy for Jose mourinho and wish him all the best

  93. MoJoHavok
    个月 前

    Poor Roma.. don’t you think they have had a bad time already 😂🤣.

  94. Happy Days
    Happy Days
    个月 前

    Spurs just look so stupid.

  95. Karan Vinod
    Karan Vinod
    个月 前

    This is going to end up as it did with either Porto or Tottenham. No middle ground.

  96. Zach
    个月 前

    Roma fans should love this hire. I’m still shocked we fired him. He needed more time at Spurs with the players he inherited. Give the guy a time to transfer some players and see how they develop. Good luck Roma I think you’ll be better next season

    1. Rafsan Shivaduta
      Rafsan Shivaduta
      8 天 前

      Mou asked for Skriniar, Castagne, and Dias. He get none

  97. Nima Scolari
    Nima Scolari
    个月 前

    Awful career decision. Best Roma can hope for is top 4. Big club, huge history but he will not be getting prestige points and offers for top clubs unless he wins the league. Is this Jose accepting he's passed his sell by date?

  98. Ahmed Adan
    Ahmed Adan
    个月 前

    Jose Morino can pnly Manage the Clup with only alot of money. If Rome does not show up with unlimited ammount of money with Jose to pay best players available the Clup and the Coach will boyh fail miderably. Rome is a big Name Vlup but Iam Not sure if they were ready with the pocket.....kkkkk...kkkkkk

  99. Franco Mango
    Franco Mango
    个月 前

    e nu beffon

  100. Tatsuya BZ
    Tatsuya BZ
    个月 前

    dee ay jei ay DAJE ROMA