If people lagged in real life. Part 10

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Another episode to my lagging series showing how ridiculously inconvenient it would be if we lagged.
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  1. simplyy evie
    simplyy evie
    2 小时 前

    Mad respect to this mans detication

  2. Smart Kids
    Smart Kids
    4 小时 前

    Those transitions were nice! Well done

  3. KatGirl
    11 小时 前

    This mans poor house

  4. Elamin scondofiy Scorrin
    Elamin scondofiy Scorrin
    13 小时 前

    Can we just take a moment how he just does the worst thing ever in his own house

  5. I love You
    I love You
    17 小时 前


  6. Devon O'Brien
    Devon O'Brien
    19 小时 前

    nobody: karens: 0:41

  7. Devon O'Brien
    Devon O'Brien
    19 小时 前

    i hate it when i being cheated on by a vacume 0:22

  8. Jupiter Dog
    Jupiter Dog
    22 小时 前

    I feel bad that he cheated on her for a vacuum

  9. Mr. OneTap
    Mr. OneTap
    天 前

    The lag is Messin’ with Lewbert!

  10. jj
    天 前

    If I lagged Me "Normally" sittin in school Me: punches a guy. Suddenly I spawn in the principals office Principal:in front of Me: punches the principal FBI:FBI!!OPEN!!UP!!

  11. Dairy King
    Dairy King
    天 前

    This guy got snow in his house for content. This guy is epic

  12. Endie The Enderman
    Endie The Enderman
    天 前

    But thats my thing...

  13. Beverly claire
    Beverly claire
    天 前

    This guy ruins his house for us🥺🥺🥺

  14. Egg gamer
    Egg gamer
    2 天 前

    0:00 best part

  15. Snorefest
    2 天 前

    0:37 ultimate realization

  16. Hi
    2 天 前

    Hi. I’m not a bot. Don’t you dare hit the report button

  17. Emilxyn!
    2 天 前

    0:12 let’s appreciate that-

  18. Sienna Bryant
    Sienna Bryant
    2 天 前

    Who has randomly seen him in recommending and now can’t watching him

  19. BaconBuddy
    2 天 前

    0:12 He’s not acting, he’s scared of what his wife is gonna say.

  20. Ashna Tanwar
    Ashna Tanwar
    2 天 前

    How this man is so genius and different?

    3 天 前

    Moral of the story: get a better WiFi connection 🤪🤪

  22. Fynn Morley
    Fynn Morley
    3 天 前

    I need to say one thing He needs better wifi

  23. Jourdan Jefferson
    Jourdan Jefferson
    3 天 前

    Tryes to get on the bed but falls on snow

  24. Nihar_ Mishra
    Nihar_ Mishra
    4 天 前

    My phone is laggging too😂

  25. Bob
    5 天 前

    Let’s just appreciate that this doesn’t happen, driving a car would be the end of you

  26. Dark Phoenixx
    Dark Phoenixx
    5 天 前

    0:14 That must have been a hell a of a clean up.

  27. Majo Mendoza
    Majo Mendoza
    5 天 前

    it's more of a glitch rather than a lag

    5 天 前

    0:07 total destruction!!

  29. Abyan Bhat
    Abyan Bhat
    5 天 前

    Only a gamer can understand it

  30. The Theory Of Harry Potter
    The Theory Of Harry Potter
    6 天 前

    Sooo dunny

  31. Darren Wambach
    Darren Wambach
    6 天 前

    Brilliant 🤣

  32. SamTheMan987s
    6 天 前

    They just need a better internet connection

  33. Xu Vincent
    Xu Vincent
    7 天 前

    Something to clarify is that lagging isn't glitch

  34. MeAsAce Official
    MeAsAce Official
    7 天 前

    Plot twist: Good gaming chair is a toilet....

  35. Ossi card thrower
    Ossi card thrower
    7 天 前

    Why is there always two objects🤣

  36. Indira T.K
    Indira T.K
    7 天 前

    Good vid I feel like it's my duty to help him clean that snow

  37. noob insaan
    noob insaan
    7 天 前

    Can we say that he just he does anything for make us laugh

  38. Lønely Celleste
    Lønely Celleste
    8 天 前

    You having the worst plan to do this💀

    1. Shahrukh Hasan Mithu
      Shahrukh Hasan Mithu
      7 天 前

      Don't try this at Home

  39. 6460ADS
    8 天 前

    “I think he disconnected”

  40. Masharab Aziz
    Masharab Aziz
    8 天 前

    U prob need to clean dat up🤣🙇‍♀️

  41. Scarlett ice wolf animates
    Scarlett ice wolf animates
    8 天 前

    0:08 this lagging thing is nuts

  42. Scarlett ice wolf animates
    Scarlett ice wolf animates
    8 天 前

    0:01 ouch 😬😦😧

  43. Hhulking Bugg
    Hhulking Bugg
    8 天 前

    i would be lagging in my test right now i have a test 3 days after

  44. Kinley Platt
    Kinley Platt
    8 天 前

    The messes his wife has to deal with.... am I right?

  45. Billie French
    Billie French
    8 天 前

    Imagine all the work he puts into this Like the snow shovel

  46. Hishaam Ridwaan
    Hishaam Ridwaan
    8 天 前

    ok, like bro, you need to get a new internet connection, cuz ur lagging like crazy

  47. Cyber
    9 天 前

    Dislike are people who lagged and hit dislike^_^

  48. Naseem Mulla
    Naseem Mulla
    9 天 前

    That snow in your house what a mess it would have been for you 🥺

  49. Shammy y
    Shammy y
    9 天 前

    Ayo the cool Justin bieber 0:47 😎

  50. Chiyo Katsui
    Chiyo Katsui
    9 天 前

    That is called rubberbanding. Lag is different.

  51. Subic Bay
    Subic Bay
    9 天 前

    :keyboard :flush toilet lagging

  52. Celeste Wrucke
    Celeste Wrucke
    9 天 前

    That last one with the mask😂😂😂😂

  53. Gaming Brothers
    Gaming Brothers
    9 天 前

    Lag doesn’t work like this but, good vid!

  54. hilal
    9 天 前

    Was Just on my recommendation. These lag videos are so funny 😂

  55. Sarah Khan
    Sarah Khan
    9 天 前

    I was searching him in the first one and still searching😂

  56. Faeka
    10 天 前

    0:27 darn this was sick 😂😂

  57. rick
    10 天 前

    Can we just appreciate how you went in that snow and also make his house dirty to make our days better?

  58. Super saiyan blue Rycon
    Super saiyan blue Rycon
    10 天 前

    Man is a legend for taking a pile of snow and plopping it on his ground only for a single skit

  59. johnny joestar
    johnny joestar
    10 天 前

    when theres an admin trolling u

    10 天 前

    How to clean dirty water *Put it in washing machine*

  61. Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui
    10 天 前

    This is why we can't have nice things

  62. Köpeklerle Yaşam
    Köpeklerle Yaşam
    11 天 前

    cnauto.info/cycle/sh-p-n/2KdppMmrzq3Vi5I ....

  63. Witness The Nut
    Witness The Nut
    11 天 前

    I just found out there is a mysterious black microscopic worms in all masks and swaps I tried to share the link but CNauto won't let me post it, but it's on lbry.tv Tim Truth

  64. mr ej
    mr ej
    11 天 前

    bad wifi

  65. Dakotah
    11 天 前

    0:10 lol I'm lshidmtamsfo lololol

  66. ShacoEditor
    11 天 前

    Riccardo milazzo be like:

  67. Justin Kirschenman
    Justin Kirschenman
    11 天 前

    0:43 I do not see the difference.

  68. Little Judd
    Little Judd
    11 天 前

    So it was snowing when you did it?

  69. Kayden Ng
    Kayden Ng
    12 天 前


  70. Dark blade
    Dark blade
    12 天 前

    I hope you didnt get hurt on the making of this video and cleaning the mess is really hard,i just realized this when i watched your video

  71. 1Phxbos
    12 天 前

    passive teleportation 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  72. Stevie Boy
    Stevie Boy
    12 天 前

    That could be a face mask

  73. Amalgamation Prime
    Amalgamation Prime
    12 天 前

    Shopkeeper: I'm sorry, sir. I can't let you in. Daniel: What? Why? Shopkeeper: Read the sign. No mask, no service. Daniel: But I am wearing one. Look. *Takes of rubber band* Oh..... Shopkeeper: Mmmhmm....

  74. Mr. Cheese
    Mr. Cheese
    12 天 前


  75. Matchu Vlogs
    Matchu Vlogs
    12 天 前

    I am gonna be honest okay. Your videos are non sense

  76. Pixel Making
    Pixel Making
    12 天 前


  77. Neva B
    Neva B
    12 天 前

    His poor house omg-

  78. Cappy
    12 天 前

    Cop: Wear a mask! Karen: But im wearing a mask! Also karen: 0:48

  79. Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie
    12 天 前

    I wonder how he cleaned up the snow...

  80. &
    13 天 前

    No efence but this is teleportation not lag

  81. Michelle Briffault
    Michelle Briffault
    13 天 前

    I love these!

  82. Pawel Wojtas
    Pawel Wojtas
    13 天 前

    If people radomly teleport in real life.

  83. Choigab_YT 2.0
    Choigab_YT 2.0
    13 天 前

    Mye wifi be like-

  84. Elizabeth leong
    Elizabeth leong
    13 天 前

    That hurts

  85. Tennyson TV
    Tennyson TV
    13 天 前

    0:48 Imagine just seeing this in public 😂

  86. Jada Lee
    Jada Lee
    13 天 前

    I love those videos do more

  87. XxWhiteShadowAshxX
    13 天 前

    he brought snow in his house for that so. that makes him a legend

  88. Gotskillunlikeyou Is very skilled
    Gotskillunlikeyou Is very skilled
    13 天 前

    Daniel keep up the great work these vids are always great

  89. Bobby White
    Bobby White
    13 天 前

    How pissed you think this guy is that he has to make stupid videos like this for the rest of his life to make a living

  90. Rylee Jade
    Rylee Jade
    13 天 前

    I wonder if it’s hot inside and the snow just melted

  91. Kokoh 800
    Kokoh 800
    13 天 前

    My friend when he’s lagging-_-

  92. Usman Amin
    Usman Amin
    13 天 前

    Yeah that's the funniest one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  93. Aditya Mukherjee
    Aditya Mukherjee
    14 天 前

    😂😂😂 You really have a brain of 10000 comedians.

  94. DementedPear Music
    DementedPear Music
    14 天 前

    I just noticed he lives in a really snowy place

  95. Ashlee M.
    Ashlee M.
    15 天 前

    I love how he is willing to clean all that up after just for us☺️

  96. Musheer
    15 天 前

    0:08 oh no Daniel what have you done

  97. Paul’s Existence
    Paul’s Existence
    15 天 前

    When you’re carrying mercury 😳

  98. The Pea
    The Pea
    16 天 前


  99. Ruchitha
    16 天 前

    Ohh man he messed up his house for this video😱

  100. Joey M. W.
    Joey M. W.
    16 天 前

    0:26 The most funniest 😂