I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

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Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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    thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏

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      you are still weird and it won't change for me ... NEVER :! ;)

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      Sei un grande

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      god 504

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      Stay funky bro

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    Brilliant Awesome Superb Slapper

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    I didn't moved even by an inch while watching this whole video

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    John Newman
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    I'm happy to be here before 10M subs. I really enjoy your content. Keep it up!

  5. Lucas the Lemur
    Lucas the Lemur
    15 小时 前

    we love you man. and btw, i'm not very socially active, either. i feel like people don't really feel comfortable around me, and that stems from my high school problems. i've just kinda given up making friends. Thank you for sharing your feelings, it makes me (and my others) feel less alone. :) *slaps "post comment" button*

  6. Tim O
    Tim O
    19 小时 前

    holy moly bud this was a great video thanks fro taking the time to let us know more about you. great job

  7. Queen_fan
    20 小时 前

    Davie... This is very brave! Thanks a lot for everything!

  8. Christopher James Rawn
    Christopher James Rawn
    22 小时 前

    Genuine. Human. Thoughtful. Worthy.

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    Mohammed Hasham
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    keep doing what you are doing man! Love your videos and they always put a smile on my face 😊

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    che padilla
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    Rock on D. That’s it.

    1. che padilla
      che padilla
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      That’s not it , SLAP like now

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    salisha Gadaily
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    Your all videos is epico omg slap bass

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    This man is so beautiful inside...he got so much inside...

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    Sofia Rivera
    天 前

    Davie, Thanks for the great content! My husband and I love your videos! I'd like to see you be more real with your girlfriend, maybe playing video games together? I also would love to see some more collab with Roomie, boyinaband or maybe with Jaiden and have you in animated style? Just some ideas

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    Drummer boii
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    so your a gemini same bro

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    Im kinda new to this channel and I just wanna say your great and hilarious and so thanks...

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    Thanks for everything Davie, you're an amazing CNautor and thanks for opening up to us, that really touched me so I hope you will have a wonderful life, you truly deserve it

  18. Nicolás Sebastian Bernal Pastor
    Nicolás Sebastian Bernal Pastor
    天 前

    This are too much emotions for only one slap, greathigs from latam

  19. Seba92000
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    Just imagine years later in a PAWN SHOP tv episode: *"this is the full collection of Davie504's Play Button bass guitars".*

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    10million subs sounds Subway.

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    Kijey was uo
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    Slap LiKE

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    Davide Triolo
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    Periodo di merda per tutti.

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    Javier Acosta
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    “505” epic!

  24. Bum Deedly
    Bum Deedly
    天 前

    Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself Davie. You still kind of seem like you're in character so I see what you mean about how your CNauto persona is just an exaggerated version of yourself.

  25. Léa Grand'Maison
    Léa Grand'Maison
    天 前

    Grazie for taking the time and having the courage to open up about yourself we truly appreciate 🙏🏻 Life is like a rollercoaster: there’s up and down and also unexpected turn so you got to be prepared to face everything that comes your way and be proud of yourself when you’re able to overcome it

  26. alone
    天 前

    thank u so much:)

  27. Daniel Donnelly
    Daniel Donnelly
    天 前

    David504, when and how did you learn English? You speak it very well!

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    Why did you dont streaming on twitch ?

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    Spiralz FPV
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    Wow!! ❤️ Super video Davie!! 🙏

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    davie504 always talked like that before he became a memer as well

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    Dear Davie504, One humble suggestion for your CNauto content Google the word "jugalbandi"...... and try this "jugalbandi" with other talented music players atleast once a month.....

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    Rinkatsi TV
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    Im sorry davie. Im one of the reason why you got lower views because i stop watching your videos. I stopped watching youtube videos for almost 4 months now. I judt found a new hobby. But i'll still slap the like button everytime i'll click yoyr videos

  33. david nyabuto
    david nyabuto
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    Thanks Davie would you mind playing reggae bass lines of famous reggae artists

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    Arcee29 Vlogs
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    your welcome for my 1 sub contribution!

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    Wait...the bass player has a girlfriend?! Huh, well slap my ass and call me Sally, who'd have thought 🤷

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    Tom Es parta
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    I hate David 505 davie 504 much better bring back davie 505 no wait davie 504. I hate davie 505 as much as davie 504 hates the guitar😡🥵

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    BossyCat A.
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    I Always enjoy your videos.

  38. Winshaw Aicrag
    Winshaw Aicrag
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    Sana makapunta ka sa Philippines

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    Christopher Cook
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    Davie need more friends

  40. Freegems360
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    I have the anweser ofwhat he ut 504because 504 is the number direction of Honduras, if you dont believe me search it

  41. DataScientist
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    Let's do a blues jam togheer!

  42. DataScientist
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    You HAVE to come to Brazil. Come to Belo Horizonte!!!

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    I got an pizza ad before the video

  44. Solidmex
    2 天 前

    i just want to give you a compadre hug man, send you the best vibe from México, many people doesnt know what happen when the camera turns off , they dont realize theres a person with feelings with life with issues with success like many of us, but theres always more people who admire you becasue you are funny and talented that poeple who hates you or envy for the same reasons. god bless you. keep doing what you like and share that with us, peace!

  45. Be-Bop
    2 天 前

    Would be cool if you showed tips on using your playing techniques

  46. Shruthi Maniyodath
    Shruthi Maniyodath
    2 天 前

    Dude, I really needed this. Thank you so much. I've been feeling like crap off late. Your talk about passion was something I needed. Thanks again!

  47. HaryThePelican
    3 天 前

    what a great video man

  48. Sage Lee
    Sage Lee
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    Am I right?

  49. Sage Lee
    Sage Lee
    3 天 前

    You are a Gemini

  50. Buncha Randomness
    Buncha Randomness
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    Ya know, I researched it and 504 is the area code from NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. He’s not from Italy. He is from LOUISIANA. EXPOSSSEEDDDDD!!!!

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    cedric -
    3 天 前

    Tbh I didn't see your videos because I didn't get any recommendations to me

  52. MTR
    3 天 前

    Davey, thank you so much for opening up and sharing this. At the moment, I’ve hit the same issue with my channel, and I am very passionate about music. You pretty much said exactly what I was feeling. Whilst my channel is no where as big as yours, watching this has really helped me try to put things into perspective. Thank you, and thank you for everything you do 💕💕

  53. Gianluca Diodato
    Gianluca Diodato
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    Grande Davie ti meriti 100Mln di iscritti. Non mollare mai!

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    bernard tamayo
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    DEDICATED Davie504 We Love You

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    Personally? I felt cleansed pure after this sesh. Thank you.

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    Cal'el Jones
    3 天 前

    I want a chest hair reveal ngl

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    Victor Poblano
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    Bro ur good man Your videos are funny. And you made me like more.

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    Wow !!! Interesting video ! thx for the share !

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    Almost no difference from the videos XD

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    This is EPIC!!!

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    This is unironically one of my favorite vids on your channel man

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    Love you buddy

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    Youve made 9million of us smile and wish we could slap the bass bruski. Keep having fun and dont sweat the beans.

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    thank you Davie504

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    U r so great⚫💜

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    It’s the algorithm that’s making Davies view count to drop. I’m not subscribed to davie but one day the algorithm recommended me Davies vids when I all I watch is tech vids. I kept watching Davies vids until the algorithm stoped pushing them to me I stay unsubscribe to see what the algorithm will recommend with out me subbing.

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    I only have 10 subscribera and i find this one inspiring 3:08 Thankyou

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    i love watching vids of davie

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    You’re hilarious

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    Arizen Hizumi
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    2:54 Meanwhile in my country, many people love to watch stupid things and love to watch people suffering, or drama between people etc. It's really sad but what can i do? They're all blockhead.

  72. Raizen Kaoroshi
    Raizen Kaoroshi
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    I came here for laughs, but I got the feels instead

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    Sos un genio loco, un tipo genial que toca como un Dios el bajo y hace los videos más interesantes que cualquiera, desde Argentina te sigo a full, hace poco conocí tu canal así que si no entendes español, traducilo y listo jajaja además de baterista soy bajista y le doy altos slaps al mío jajaja abrazo enorme!!!!

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    Your Bass-Jesus

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    Wow, I wasn't even a subscriber before watching this, but what I watched was just a really humble guy, opening up and spreading sincere but good thoughts SUBSCRIBED!

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    Emanuela Škarić
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    You are amazing! God bless you💗

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    Praying for you, Dude. Hard times happen to everybody, but I trust God can help us all. He can take the handle when we fly off it. If you need anything, contact me.

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    Kara Takasaki
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    this is my favorite video so far!

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    Dude i was expecting a goofy video when i clicked this.. Congrats for the 9M sub! i dont even play bass but i love watching your videos! XD

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    The haters are just people jealous that you can do what you love and have fun doing it...

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    Michał Konieczny
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    Man, you are the most badass bass player ever! Most of all your the koolest mofo and I respect your overall musicianship as a whole!!! Thank you for your contribution to my life and to all of music. Thank you!

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    Wholesome video, Davie!

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