How would I make $0 to $4 Million (If I had to Start Over)

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Making Millions is easy AFTER you make Millions. If I had to start over, how would I go from $0 to Millions.


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    Do you think it is possible to become rich without much education and with a average paying job of about 3k and regularly investing a percentage of that into stocks?

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    Sometimes I feel that you might be obsessed with Tesla and even think that you want it to succeed simply because you believe in the company. But I realized that I have recently done something that you have been saying multiple times, 1) Looks for proof of concept. 2) Look for capability to scale. I don't know much about computers/technology but I do know a little bit about Biology, I did my PhD at NTU. I understood the technology of Moderna and when they displayed a capability to scale up, I bought 13 shares as that's all the money I could afford. But I am shocked now that the reason that I convinced myself to buy was exactly the same that you keep mentioning. If the technology works for Covid, sky is the limit as there are so many applications for the vaccine technology ranging from other infectious diseases to cancer. I now need to make some tough decisions to plow the little savings I have into companies with huge potential to change the world. Thank you for setting me up in this journey, which I am starting so late in my life. But as Lao Tse said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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    Much appreciation, I hope to rise above the ME mindset I thought I never will at one point but that was because financially I was in a tight spot. With more money arguably I feel like a better person society tells you otherwise.

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    someone should make a video on what to do in a crash when you have no extra cash to leverage down. sell the riskier/small cap stocks and cut the loss? or wait it out?

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Just wondered what your thoughts were on the renewable energy sector as a whole (I guess it correlates to Tesla) over the next 1-2 years? I'm also quite heavily invested in BEPC (brookfield renewables), but the stock really took a beating this month.... thanks :)

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