How Mercedes Secret System Cost Lewis the Win | Azerbaijan Grand Prix Explained

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Lewis Hamilton had a great shot at leading Max in the championship today in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but a strange mistake cost him a shot at the win. So what went on? And what is this Brake Magic system?

Crashes, collisions and heartbreak - Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail!

Watch full-speed footage here -

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  1. formulafan
    个月 前

    Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like the best (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  2. Jacob Wadsworth
    Jacob Wadsworth
    个月 前

    "How Mercedes Secret System Cost Lewis the Win | Azerbaijan Grand Prix Explained" Truthfully - it was applied far too heavily on the warmup lap, nothing happened post start but over-heated brakes. But that's F1 for you - when you gamble and lose - you lie - vehemently. "Marathon not a sprint" was code for "here comes one hell of a gamble" - followed by "don't worry Lewis we knew this could happen and it was the only shot you really had - wasn't worth taking though"

  3. Jay Bower
    Jay Bower
    个月 前

    I'm sorry but you are usually so knowledgeable when it comes to stuff like this, but the explanation you gave for the "brake magic" was not entirely true. The magic is for bias and it is used to help with temps but the design you explained was incorrect. The bias for the magic puts the brake power to the front by over 80% depending on the track, and it is used for out-lap brake warm up and for tracks with aggressive/tight corners. It is not a system designed just to heat up the brakes. Mercedes is not that simple.

  4. mesa's artworks
    mesa's artworks
    个月 前

    0:12 "it cost him the championship lead" He already lost it at Monaco GP.

  5. R Cic
    R Cic
    个月 前

    Couldn't it be that Lewis simply overheated the brakes during the formation lap and simply screwed up?

  6. Terrence Klaverweide
    Terrence Klaverweide
    个月 前

    Bla bla TLDW

  7. Booba44 Gaming
    Booba44 Gaming
    个月 前

    Good upload my friend. Full watch

  8. 1 Billion Views
    1 Billion Views
    个月 前

    F1 have no one but themselves to blame for the loss of millions of fans for allowing the teams to make the car into computers.Its like they forget that fans loved the crashes we had in the sport back in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s,we don't like seeing drivers die but we love a few good crashes per race.And for the last 7 years Mercedes have had the best car for years hence winning 7 double world titles and before that Red Bull had the best car and they won 4 championships in a row which leaves the sport boring despite having some of the best drivers in the world.I know they still have fans it's just in this day and age they could and should have millions more.

  9. miko foin
    miko foin
    个月 前

    Lewis forgot it wasn't Albon at the wheel, third time isn't always the charm

  10. shazmeister2005
    个月 前

    Personally I think he forgot to switch it off on the grid. His brakes were smoking heavily prior to the restart so he was clearly using it a lot.

  11. vjayind
    个月 前

    Lewis can make no mistake .. its the magic buttons fault

  12. seiom jvony
    seiom jvony
    个月 前

    Lol it's pretty ironic that a button called "brake magic" didnt help Lewis in stopping the car

  13. Skyrecked Loemm
    Skyrecked Loemm
    个月 前

    This year's championship reminds me of those Senna VS Prost days. Really great racing guys. 🏁👌👌👌

    1. miko foin
      miko foin
      个月 前

      Hamilton's car was the only one on the grid with smoking brakes-why didn't the team spot this?DUH!!

  14. Dushyant Verma
    Dushyant Verma
    个月 前

    It's hamilton's foolishness that has costed him the victory. He deserved what happened with him in azerbaijan race. His team gives him the adwantage always of using DRS & not to botas. I have always noticed. I believe botas is a much better F1 driver than lewis.

  15. Bonded by Thrash
    Bonded by Thrash
    个月 前

    So...can't they just drive the warm up lap with one foot dragging on the brakes?

    1. seiom jvony
      seiom jvony
      个月 前


  16. doire aintu
    doire aintu
    个月 前

    That was strange when they stopped before the restart, Hamilton front brakes were smoking way more than the other cars.

  17. baylessnow
    个月 前

    It made a change from the old excuse of "it's not my fault, it's not my fault", whilst he quickly tried to pick a scapegoat from his pit crew, I suppose.

  18. Ok Go
    Ok Go
    个月 前

    That 'magic' button needs reprogramming to be pressed TWICE to avoid this mistake in future. A simple solution to bad design.👍🇬🇧

  19. Jim Sperlakis
    Jim Sperlakis
    个月 前

    Merc is possibly using Selective Brake control to assist steering input to the car. I designed a way to get selective bias the rear differential to aid in Corner Out control with simple Belville washers. Both may be out of the sporting regulations.

  20. Aech1898
    个月 前

    There's nothing secret about their "magic", it's just a brake-warmin preset.

  21. old tighthead
    old tighthead
    个月 前

    All this just adds to the skills that old school drivers like Senna ,Mansell,Piquit,Arnoux and more possessed.....

  22. Coen80
    个月 前

    What secret?!?! Downvoted for clickbaiting. No secret here. Every team has such a button (or pre set under any button)

  23. sokin jon
    sokin jon
    个月 前

    His brake bias was set to full front.

  24. Ronald Grey
    Ronald Grey
    个月 前

    Not the ‘secret system’ but Hamilton himself cost him the win. For the first time in 6 years he is under pressure and he starts making mistakes.

  25. Ross Sayers
    Ross Sayers
    个月 前

    Long live Shummi .. who cares about cry baby Lewis 😁

  26. gggggggg
    个月 前

    Secret system my arse..... He was outdriven, and tried too hard..... I pissed myself laughing. He blames the car? Typical bullshit

  27. Colin Humphries
    Colin Humphries
    个月 前

    Hamilton's car was the only one on the grid with smoking brakes-why didn't the team spot this?DUH!!

    1. sokin jon
      sokin jon
      个月 前

      In other words, driver mistake.

  28. Ant Bod
    Ant Bod
    个月 前

    So when Hamilton wins it's due to his driving skills but when he loses it's due to the car, haha - maybe he was driving a racist car this time.

  29. Alejandro Aranda
    Alejandro Aranda
    个月 前


  30. Rido Dido
    Rido Dido
    个月 前

    Hmmm, something is off about this explanation!!! I do not buy it!

  31. Br At
    Br At
    个月 前

    I wonder how long lewis complained about that one. Cry baby.

  32. Jason
    个月 前

    He cracked under Pressure simple as that. Stop blaming everything and everyone else, Lewis is NOT GOAT, never will be either. He was Known to crack under pressure before he got in to the Mercedes car. He made these idiotic mistakes all the time back then. He is only good in superior cars that fit his driving style.

  33. Highland_Biker
    个月 前

    That's why I haven't watched F1 in over ten years their just driving around in computers

  34. Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson
    个月 前

    He ballsed it, plain and simple

  35. LE BERRE H.
    个月 前

    Extremely clear. Thanks for these explanations

  36. MBY
    个月 前

    In 1994, 1995 everybody screaming that Schumacher are cheating with an illegal traction control. In 2021 everybody celebrating Mercedes F1, who uses different systems as all the others! Last year the use DAS for upwarning the tires, now they have the magic button. The only thing I can say is that a middle 90 F1 car had just 5 Buttons in the Wheel and today there are so many electronic systems, that the driver not winning a race, it’s the car! You can’t compare the old cars with them from today, but the better electronic helps so many more, so it’s not surprising that AMG F1 dominate the F1 since 2014. put the same electronics/systems to the other cars and we will have a real Race.

  37. Alan Turnbull
    Alan Turnbull
    个月 前

    Sir lulu has too many buttons to learn he not really that clever let's see he not too bright ?

    个月 前

    In other words, driver mistake.

  39. mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi
    个月 前

    Dangerous system imo, he's lucky there was a run off there. Imagine it would have been much worse at say Monaco.

    1. fallenshallrise
      个月 前

      There is a run-off at the first corner at Monaco and Sainte Devote is only 140m from the start. Watch Max's crash there only a few of years ago.

  40. The Real BlackGary
    The Real BlackGary
    个月 前

    Why did the race restart after the red flag when there were 2 laps left. I thought the race had to end if a red flag happened right at the end

  41. Erick Omondi
    Erick Omondi
    个月 前

    What if Lewis Hamilton forced a hard turn...

  42. Steven Batty
    Steven Batty
    个月 前

    Could also be down to Perez putting the wind up Hamilton. 😂

  43. lewistaylor1965
    个月 前

    Hmmm...Still sounds like a mistake by Lewis...a rare one...and he's still the master in my book!

    1. mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi
      个月 前

      "it wasnt driver error" ( proceeds to explain a long winded route that culminates in it being driver error just like this comment )

  44. Kobus Venter
    Kobus Venter
    个月 前

    Bull Shit. Mistake Mistake Mistake. The pressure is on.!!!!!!

  45. The Prospecttor
    The Prospecttor
    个月 前

    It looks to me like he just missed his breaking point, he clearly was going too fast, you can see how he got way in front of Perez, Lewis is always blaming issues in his car, every time he has competition

  46. Rattus Norvegicus
    Rattus Norvegicus
    个月 前

    My magic brake failed on me once. Barreling downhill toward our shed-barn, at the last moment went to pedal backwards to stop, chain came off and ended up hurtling into said building and smacking into the back wall. Luckily made of corrugated tin and not hitting the 4`x2` uprights. However, over 50yrs later, I still don`t have the deepest of voices.

  47. Phantom
    个月 前

    have you notice allso when lois is accel the the front tires are straight at 0.07 allso when he locks up at 0.10 but after he locked up the fron tires were pointing in inside at 0.12!!!

  48. Peter MacLauren
    Peter MacLauren
    个月 前

    Why were Lewis's breaks smoking while he was lined up on the grid?

  49. Mark Furst
    Mark Furst
    个月 前

    It was amazing it didn't cause a big pileup.

  50. Keyzer Games
    Keyzer Games
    个月 前

    Those mouth sounds 🤯

  51. Dion Oliveira
    Dion Oliveira
    个月 前

    Either way it's great to see a FAIR field all racing in environments where stuff happens and mistakes cost.......breaking down all the semantics does not negate the fact that on any given day there could be better cars and drivers. Making it seem like Lewis should always win is like politics its dysfunctional and will ultimately ruin the SPORT of F1 racing.

  52. Δανιελ1611
    个月 前

    Brake matters aside... can Perilli please make a tire that actually WORKS? Not this chewing gum rubbish... All we hear about in F1 is tires tires tires tires... and tire management... they need to make tires that work so that the drivers can actually RACE!

  53. #1 bullshittt
    #1 bullshittt
    个月 前

    Analyze checo's epic defence vs hamilton the entire race PLEAAAASSSSE(with mechanical issues...insane) 😆

  54. Stevie Hope
    Stevie Hope
    个月 前

    If only we could go back to drivers being able to just drive instead of all this button technology

    1. Samraj Dwivedi
      Samraj Dwivedi
      个月 前

      The "button" technology you speak of has made f1 so much more safer through the years. f1 isn't just about a driver driving, from the engineers doing overtime to mechanics getting minimum time on pitstops to the driver working with strategies provided, f1 is an engineering master-event.

  55. Prat Ramkilawon
    Prat Ramkilawon
    个月 前

    The race was fake. It was designed so that Merc did not win again to perpetuate a fake interest in the sport.

  56. bilinas mini
    bilinas mini
    个月 前

    I was wondering why Hamilton was the only one not swerving on the way to the grid before the restart.

  57. Cryha87
    个月 前

    "it wasnt driver error" ( proceeds to explain a long winded route that culminates in it being driver error just like this comment )

  58. Spam Can
    Spam Can
    个月 前

    Don't worry, I'm sure Toto will figure out a way to blame it on Bottos.

  59. robertoratp
    个月 前

    Hamilton didn't have the car or the guts to overtake Perez. He didn't deserve to win

  60. VENOM
    个月 前

    Mercedes thinks,..“Were'r the One and Only“..... No !!! There's other Teams, their can smash !!

    1. bilinas mini
      bilinas mini
      个月 前

      Question for anyone Perez or leclerc

  61. ThemiEER
    个月 前

    i dont like this guy, bs

  62. PlainBagel
    个月 前

    so that's why Lewi's tires were steaming compared to the other cars during the restart (literally steaming compared to other cars )?

  63. Max Dangerfield
    Max Dangerfield
    个月 前

    Thanks for going into this. I always enjoy the details of your videos.

  64. Albanolopolis
    个月 前

    Cost? He never was close to win that

  65. Norton Commando
    Norton Commando
    个月 前

    Couldn't happen to a bigger twat.. lol

  66. BeeCee
    个月 前

    Funny how people say the system cost Lewis the race winn. There is nothing wrong with the system, there was with Lewis. Guy feels the pressure he never had and he is choking.

  67. William Ford
    William Ford
    个月 前

    In the Mercedes Debrief video, they said the button was clipped AFTER the start on the run down to turn 1. Lewis turned the wheel to lunge away from Perez and his finger clipped the button. Dozens or hundreds of starts with no problem. Then this. Accidents happen and this was just a freak occurrence. If they can, Merc may try to move the location of the brake button and put something less critical ( the radio button??) in that position.

  68. RagerU
    个月 前

    Was the "Brake Magic" which supposedly wasn't turned on until the restart the reason that Lewis had the only car with brakes smoking like a burning building while lined up for said restart?

  69. Iain Mac
    Iain Mac
    个月 前

    Unlucky Max,

  70. nsltrc
    个月 前

    Not a secret. Can you try an honest title instead of wasting people's time?

  71. Bob
    个月 前

    Surprised he didn’t take a knee afterwards

  72. alan tebbs
    alan tebbs
    个月 前

    serves him right . he cocked up . live with it and learn

  73. fidan2fast
    个月 前

    That's why Hamilton's tires were smoking like a european before the restart?

  74. Magma Fang
    Magma Fang
    个月 前

    Question for anyone Perez or leclerc

  75. Ruud Kraan
    Ruud Kraan
    个月 前

    It was No mistakes. Hamilton must do this. SURE!!!

  76. jimmie Roan
    jimmie Roan
    个月 前

    so how about all of us watching hamilton sitting waiting for the restart and all 4 wheels smoking like the fucking car was on fire, seems like the problem started long before the start, so im not buying this shit.

  77. Dima Tsoukalas
    Dima Tsoukalas
    个月 前

    Thanks for the explanation there mate, good stuff!

  78. Michel
    个月 前

    You have to ask yourself why Hamilton apparently first calmly started to wonder what went wrong long after the finish. Immediately after it happened there was just a despondent "sorry guys", no sense of bewilderment at all. My guess is he forgot to switch it off (also seemed to have overused it with his smoking brakes) and they gave us a little spiel to save face. Also, he was released from his pitstop at least 5 car lengths after Gasly, so he didn't cause the holdup.

  79. Alejandro Tobienne
    Alejandro Tobienne
    个月 前

    His brake bias was set to full front.

  80. E Sv
    E Sv
    个月 前

    When you ignore daddy´s advice because you think to be smarter. Box: Don´t overtake in lap 1 Ham: Got it, this is a marathon not a spring...

    1. In Aere Ediflcare
      In Aere Ediflcare
      个月 前

      1 of 52 is not the same as 1 of 2.. but you already know that.. don't you?

  81. praphan yaphom
    praphan yaphom
    个月 前

    The humorous tendency putatively amuse because dead intrestingly need save a hallowed sphere. fragile, wasteful breath

  82. nearlyretired
    个月 前

    In theory you could left foot brake to heat up the brakes! Not practical in f1 of course - you would be slower.

  83. Redjacc
    个月 前

    F1 is farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too complicated.

  84. Robin And The Dog
    Robin And The Dog
    个月 前

    From now on it’s called Brake Tragic.

  85. mis comentarios
    mis comentarios
    个月 前

    Eso del botón mágico es pura mamada. Hamilton se iba a ir de largo, era obvio, porque Pérez no lo dejo tomar la línea principal.

  86. Mersed Muratovic
    Mersed Muratovic
    个月 前

    So, in the end it was driver error as he clearly said Lewis turned it on whilst selecting the gear.

  87. Steven Pang
    Steven Pang
    个月 前

    well it is a driver error nothing will redeem that

  88. Punish Unext
    Punish Unext
    个月 前

    Mercedes didn't cost Lewis the win, LEWIS, the DIVA, cost himself the win by not paying attention and being a dumbass. Let's face facts, Lewis is great out front in the BEST CAR on the grid. If he has to go through people and make daring passes, he is lost, period. I can't wait for them to get rid of Lewis. Georgie Boy proved last year that he could step into that car and WIN, but for a puncture. Lewis gets what 50 plus million a year. George would get like 5 million, maybe

    个月 前

    Imagine the result ..if there would not have been any run off area at turn 1

  90. riley fair
    riley fair
    个月 前

    Toto better chill out about the flexi wing

  91. glimm3r
    个月 前

    When checking Perez's onboard still seems like Lewis braked way too late and was going to overshoot it, I might be wrong though.

  92. Graham
    个月 前

    It all makes sense and the smoke pouring out of the brakes as Hamilton sat on the grid suggested that something had made them extremely hot, but I find it a little bit far fetched that he knocked the switch just this one time, despite the system having been in use for a large number of races. Hamilton had been involved in a lot of great fights into the first corner during the last couple of years but apparently he had never knocked the switch before? It sounds like an excuse rather than an explanation.

  93. ChrisNLD
    个月 前

    just a error. Cry baby always someone’s else fault😂😂😂

  94. Neil Stephen
    Neil Stephen
    个月 前

    Thank goodness for brake magic. We at least had an interesting race for a pleasant change, rather than a Mercedes benefit.

  95. James HH
    James HH
    个月 前

    Do think this button contributed to Seb hitting the back of Lewis?

  96. stratkster
    个月 前

    And what about the smoking brakes at the start? I found that kinda weird...

  97. dolita windo
    dolita windo
    个月 前

    Lol it's pretty ironic that a button called "brake magic" didnt help Lewis in stopping the car

  98. Xolamzi Mqhayi
    Xolamzi Mqhayi
    个月 前

    I do not agree that it cost him the win. Its not like Merc were the best performing car on that circuit. And Lewis was not leading either

  99. 84 Ateo
    84 Ateo
    个月 前

    This system is it legal? Cause could be an other traction control ?

  100. Mervin Goose
    Mervin Goose
    个月 前

    all that for that !!