FP1 Highlights | 2021 Spanish Grand Prix

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Who was quickest in the opening practice session in Barcelona? Here are all the best bits from FP1...

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  1. Raffaele Scognamiglio
    Raffaele Scognamiglio
    个月 前


  2. Ernest Yau
    Ernest Yau
    个月 前

    Tbh Maspin does not deserve that F1 seat.

  3. Anthony Rodemus
    Anthony Rodemus
    个月 前

    _"Video unavailable This video is not available"_ Why do I keep getting this on this channel?

    个月 前


  5. 7sq
    个月 前

    No more "music" ,turn up the cars !!!

  6. Bartosz Bones
    Bartosz Bones
    个月 前

    Nice to see Rob back on track(or next to it)🇵🇱❤

  7. moises severo
    moises severo
    个月 前


  8. sokrusound
    个月 前

    Did you edit this video? I thought it had something about Mazepin in the beginning... (a joke about Haas and someone behind him making a comment about the spin).

  9. Charles Papineau
    Charles Papineau
    个月 前

    Lando Norris next world champion in 2 or 3 years

  10. IDK Plays
    IDK Plays
    个月 前

    *My man norris is still consistent.. and is improving*

  11. Oliver B
    Oliver B
    个月 前

    2:32 before pausing to double check, I thought the McLaren had sexgod written on the side 🤣🤣

  12. ADAM Truthfinderz
    ADAM Truthfinderz
    个月 前

    I think he's been taking to many temazepan lol ✌️

  13. Arpan D'Rozario
    Arpan D'Rozario
    个月 前

    2 that happen in every F1 race Lewis will win, Mazepin will spin.

  14. ริน ทัดแก้ว
    ริน ทัดแก้ว
    个月 前


  15. KRANK
    个月 前

    thanks for uploading this !

  16. Lanz 4youtube
    Lanz 4youtube
    个月 前

    Mazepin world spin championship 2021

  17. Michael Syvius
    Michael Syvius
    个月 前

    Mazespin spins.........SHOCKED.

  18. Mila Nzukuma
    Mila Nzukuma
    个月 前

    I open the video and not even 30 seconds into it Mazepin is already performing spinning duties on track

  19. David Philip
    David Philip
    个月 前

    F1 has become like, 1st will be either of Mercedes, who is second ??

  20. Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams
    个月 前

    Mazepin should just ditch f1 and become a rally driver. He seems to love going off road.

  21. Max 2
    Max 2
    个月 前

    Mazepin is such a clown

  22. Vernon Keane
    Vernon Keane
    个月 前

    What time UTC is the qualifying?

  23. Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar
    个月 前

    Ok so this year after all the hypes Merc will be pretty much 1-2 in the season too. See you in 2022. Hopefully some changes then!!

  24. Sal
    个月 前

    What's with the brits saying "Nikki Temazepin"?

  25. Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson
    个月 前

    marzipan 20th haha

  26. Snute7
    个月 前

    Can we just accept Mazepin isn't cut out for F1 yet?

  27. Hayden Johnson
    Hayden Johnson
    个月 前

    Sadly there is no Moto Gp this weekend, Just this boring procession dominated by Mercedes.

  28. Viktor Protasov
    Viktor Protasov
    个月 前

    Russian drivers should be restricted from international competitive racing 🏎️

  29. HekkeH
    个月 前

    mazespin does it again....

  30. _ derweber85
    _ derweber85
    个月 前

    Oh, Mazespin last again?

  31. Dexbuild
    个月 前

    MazeS🅱️in 😌

  32. Mythical RP
    Mythical RP
    个月 前

    Ferrari is decent this year huh let's see if they can be on top 3 again next season

  33. Mr2quake
    个月 前

    Mazepin - just legend. ... ... other generic f1 pilots..cant remember they names

    个月 前

    why is ricciardo so far off the pace

    个月 前


  36. Jamie A
    Jamie A
    个月 前

    Wait why didn't Raikkonen and Russell race? Was it for fun or are they somewhere else or somth😂

  37. Thomas Flamini
    Thomas Flamini
    个月 前

    Go MazeSpin!

  38. Ridos PL
    Ridos PL
    个月 前

    Mazepin soft kubica hard tire 😁🥰

  39. Nobilt
    个月 前

    I made a bet with my friends where Mazespin is gonna spin first I won

  40. Waleed Mustafa
    Waleed Mustafa
    个月 前


  41. bjr Gaming
    bjr Gaming
    个月 前

    Mazapin has spun at least once in every weekend (includes Fridays)

  42. Ramathustra
    个月 前

    Haas - you know you have a bad car if even Nissany beats you...

  43. Jesus Vargas
    Jesus Vargas
    个月 前

    There's got to be something really wrong with Ricardo's car for him to be struggling so hard.

  44. Joseph Odinga
    Joseph Odinga
    个月 前

    2021 is probably the year with the best-looking cars since I started watching F1 (late '90s). Alpine, McLaren, Alpha Tauri and even Williams have very handsome cars.

  45. Bayu reza reza
    Bayu reza reza
    个月 前

    Kubica shouldn't be in the sport again

  46. Shreyas Santhosh Mathew
    Shreyas Santhosh Mathew
    个月 前

    Danny cmon man you Dan do better pls man

  47. Navin
    个月 前

    Mazepin just cannot stop spinning

  48. WildwoodClaire1
    个月 前

    I'm all-a-tingle waiting to see who wins P4 THIS week.

  49. Jacob Viki
    Jacob Viki
    个月 前

    Danial Ricardo is struggling in that mclaren

  50. mightress
    个月 前

    Why is spinning mazepin a highlight? Isn't that just normal?

  51. Johnny Gutierrez
    Johnny Gutierrez
    个月 前

    I hope this wont be a boring ahem mercedes race 😂

  52. Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor
    个月 前

    Kubicia litterally beat masepin one handed😂

  53. Mohamed Hussain
    Mohamed Hussain
    个月 前

    Finally! SEB is back

  54. Alkis Fragoulidis
    Alkis Fragoulidis
    个月 前

    lewis become a legend with 100 pol..!!!

  55. Angel Soliz
    Angel Soliz
    个月 前

    Mazepin el campeon de los malos

  56. W B
    W B
    个月 前

    The Vegas line only has two options for Mazespin: P20 or DNF

  57. Cris P. Bacon
    Cris P. Bacon
    个月 前

    Wait, F1 removed the "Mazespin will never change"??? XD

  58. Oxymoron
    个月 前

    Mazepin still last 😂

  59. Fish Sticks
    Fish Sticks
    个月 前

    Gasly to Mclaren and Riccardo to AlphaTuri. Riccardo just leave Mclaren man the car doesnt suit you period.

  60. luis alejandro
    luis alejandro
    个月 前

    Mazepin is like a Maldonado 2.0 is Pastor crashzepin

  61. Scott Saylor
    Scott Saylor
    个月 前

    How long is Mazapins contract? Big yikes

  62. Ken88
    个月 前

    Top-10 is less than a second from each other..amazing.

  63. Clok-Roo, The Primordial
    Clok-Roo, The Primordial
    个月 前

    *groan* At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Mazepin is dropped and replaced with someone COMPETENT!

  64. NeverBeen TheSame
    NeverBeen TheSame
    个月 前

    finally they turn 11. that corner always gave me a hard time in the game

  65. Fergi Akbar
    Fergi Akbar
    个月 前


  66. Shashank Saikumar
    Shashank Saikumar
    个月 前

    Mazepin is the new Lord Mahaveer

  67. FranK
    个月 前

    man I can't wait for 2021 cars and fans.

  68. p1502
    个月 前

    FP1 Bottas fastest, so its normal 🤣🤣

  69. Darren Chin
    Darren Chin
    个月 前

    everytime Kubica is in an F1 car, it reminds me that miracles are possible

  70. Sairamkumar M
    Sairamkumar M
    个月 前

    Why was this deleted and reupoaded?

  71. Franz Garbe
    Franz Garbe
    个月 前

    "...with Mazepin 20th in the Haas." - A sentence we will all know by heart at the end of the season.

  72. Ritesh Chandel
    Ritesh Chandel
    个月 前

    So Haas becomes new Williams 😂😂

  73. vangledosh
    个月 前

    Cant wait for Ham Ver Bot

  74. Diego Capua
    Diego Capua
    个月 前

    Give a horse to Mazepin!!!!

  75. CyanSilhouette Gaming
    CyanSilhouette Gaming
    个月 前

    another day, another spin by nikita mazespin

  76. Tyrkane
    个月 前

    "New corner" is actually the original corner from the 1991 layout :) I'm glad they did this, sick of those Tilke sharp turn garbage

  77. Hadrionics
    个月 前

    Lol Mazep in last even behind an F2 driver

  78. Scar Strife
    Scar Strife
    个月 前

    No mazepin

    个月 前

    Does Mazepin just overdrive corners to spin all the time. It baffles me how he can spin the car around so often.

  80. Bartandaelus
    个月 前

    Why is KUB even out there at all? Has he not had enough chances in this sport?

  81. AEC Media
    AEC Media
    个月 前

    Why was this reuploaded?

  82. Channel Z
    Channel Z
    个月 前

    GO MAX!!!

  83. Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz
    个月 前

    Sólo en Español

  84. Furkan
    个月 前

    Charl legreg is popping off

  85. Aleksa Stanisic
    Aleksa Stanisic
    个月 前

    How mazepin even could stay on the stage

  86. Alex Derus
    Alex Derus
    个月 前

    Look how they massacred my boys (turns 10 & 11)...

  87. V M
    V M
    个月 前

    Somebody’s gotta start a go fund me page for Haas.

  88. Hua Yu
    Hua Yu
    个月 前

    What day is not a tough for Mazepin as long as he is driving f1 car

  89. Reiki-Guy
    个月 前

    TEMAZEPAM 💊 = may cause DIZZINESS, resulting in regular SPINS! 🤣🤣🤣

  90. Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh
    个月 前

    Now youu are are really bullying mazepin ,let him be guys he is a rookie.

  91. Ben Huot
    Ben Huot
    个月 前

    The green car.. should have stayed pink :-(

  92. Glyne Martin
    Glyne Martin
    个月 前

    Mercedes...removing the sandbags very quietly...

  93. Night Hunter
    Night Hunter
    个月 前

    This only brought more attention to Mazespin. You effectively damaged whatever is left of his name more then Leclerc and the commentator did.

  94. Stewart Bennett
    Stewart Bennett
    个月 前

    who gave Mazespin a super license.....and how much were they paid....???

  95. Vilmar Silva
    Vilmar Silva
    个月 前


  96. GMAC0123
    个月 前


  97. Ryan Clayton
    Ryan Clayton
    个月 前

    This is shaping up to be Landos coming out year

  98. João Miguel M. Haddad
    João Miguel M. Haddad
    个月 前

    Pietro Fittipaldi shoud be driving for Haas !! Mazepin for sure do not deserve this opportunity.

  99. Ay-Leck
    个月 前

    0:16 hey at least he didn’t spin

  100. DUBaviator
    个月 前

    Mazepin is a yoke