【ENG SUB】[创造营 CHUANG2021] EP01 Part Ⅱ | First Ranking Continues! Class A Big Alteration 初评级继续,A班大换血!

创造营 CHUANG2021
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CHUANG 2021, produced by Tencent Video, is a variety show of an international boy group formation. It is dedicated to fully showing the stage performance, vigour and persistence of youngsters of new times. Nearly a hundred boys from various countries, agencies and colleges, with the help of outstanding seniors, will be together to make cultural and professional exchanges, improve themselves by rising to the challenge, explore their true self and chase their dreams zealously.
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  1. Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook
    3 小时 前

    mika makes my heart melt babe

  2. Angel
    5 小时 前

    Wow! I think I prefer this more than ywy 'cause of the diversity and the talents were overwhelming. Like everyone is just talented. P.s I downloaded "unbreakable love" hahahaha great song

  3. Ching A
    Ching A
    9 小时 前


  4. *foodie has gone 买米当卡*
    *foodie has gone 买米当卡*
    10 小时 前

    “全部垃圾”=“我看不出谁更强”细品🌚💦 12:50

  5. 王茜
    11 小时 前


  6. Terry Wang
    Terry Wang
    11 小时 前

    Never thought I would actually enjoy this show but Liu Yu caught my eye!

  7. Evy Jikook
    Evy Jikook
    12 小时 前


  8. Cz Cz
    Cz Cz
    14 小时 前

    周真难 老赖二代快还钱

  9. Li Wang
    Li Wang
    14 小时 前


  10. Why ?
    Why ?
    15 小时 前

    宁静继续突破啊! 这个节目都接下来了

  11. 俉月哀
    16 小时 前

    见一个pick一个 我疯了

  12. KnickKnackPatty
    18 小时 前

    The group drawing from Classical Chinese dance was sooooo cool!

  13. KnickKnackPatty
    19 小时 前

    Dang ZhangXingTe ‘s rendition of Unconditional Love was like balm on the soul , he has such a classic Chinese song style voice with great phrasing

  14. Famely Mewgulf
    Famely Mewgulf
    天 前

    Saya perwakilan pengemar (j9) dari Indonesia selalu mendukung bunda ratu(p'9) untuk selalu berkarya dimanapun bunda ratu (p'9) berada selalu sukses bunda

  15. Ricky Leung
    Ricky Leung
    天 前


  16. Trita su
    Trita su
    天 前

    Omg Riki is damn hot ! I never see such a talented and hardworking person like him

  17. Haylie Nguyen
    Haylie Nguyen
    天 前

    hey chuang if this year you cheat on the vote and pick one undeserving contestant Imma boycott you forever. Please thumb up so they can see.

    1. Cute Noah
      Cute Noah
      11 小时 前

      @mevis weTV or Iqiyi (iqiyi only have this season)

    2. mevis
      22 小时 前

      Hey can I ask where you watch the full episodes

  18. tae wannie
    tae wannie
    天 前

    Zeng Haijiang has the beauty of hyunjin and the voice of felix.

  19. dai x
    dai x
    天 前

    so proud of my baby Nine 🥺

  20. Siswanti
    天 前

    huwaaa ada subtitle Indonesiaa😭😍

  21. ZHAN Jiahui
    ZHAN Jiahui
    天 前


  22. Shadrak Tangco
    Shadrak Tangco
    天 前

    My fav. contestant here is Mika and in Youth With You is Liang Sen..😊😊

  23. Charlene Yang
    Charlene Yang
    天 前


  24. CELINE 温芝灵
    CELINE 温芝灵
    天 前


  25. Jane Chan
    Jane Chan
    天 前


  26. Zero亮靜
    天 前


  27. Tima Thongam
    Tima Thongam
    天 前

    Chuang 2021 has the best contestant ever I swear no one can get to see such en exquisite nd authentic performed ever in the whole world. I was left in awe when Santa took a Collab with Chinese traditional dancers in red dress Sorry I forgot the name😅 Anyway the dance bate was like a proper choreophed dance nd i love it Santa you are Truly amazing 👍👍💜💜💜💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗

  28. Tima Thongam
    Tima Thongam
    天 前

    I didn't know that there's Thai boys as well Nd wow they got me 😱😱😳 their talents are way too perfect Patrick and Nine a multi+talented , hardworking nd innocent guys. Both of them are a good actor , singer ,dancer also a fast learner 😱😱😱👍👍👍👍 I am totally impressed by them Best of luck boy 👍👍👍👍 Show 'em what u got 👍👍🤗🤗❤️❤️💚💜

  29. Tima Thongam
    Tima Thongam
    天 前

    I am literally in love with Mika's soothing voice.👍🥰🥰🤗🤗💚💚💜He has the most calm nd pleasing voice in the show. And his memeber Caelan and Kazuma just made my cry 🥺😭 I really wish their brotherhood last forever for goods 🥰🥰💜💜💜🤗😅😅

  30. Tima Thongam
    Tima Thongam
    天 前

    my Japanese boys on top A seats yay🤗🤗🥰🥰 By the way I am really impressed by Li Luoer he really got a very unique talents. Nd the way he describes using green nd red colour from that I can feel that he's a very good lyricist.🤗🥰💚

  31. Don't ever reply to me
    Don't ever reply to me
    天 前

    can you post more? there are some of us who cant even watch things on Tencent tv

  32. SWAT 2030
    SWAT 2030
    天 前

    46:49 那笑容真杀人😍

  33. Bea Mae Tilde
    Bea Mae Tilde
    天 前

    Patrick and Nine😍😍😍...just do yor best we're here supporting you💗susu na💪...

  34. SWAT 2030
    SWAT 2030
    天 前


  35. らんまる
    2 天 前


  36. 李亭妤
    2 天 前

    望星 媽媽愛你❤️❤️ 我是媽媽粉,不是女友粉 雖然望星很帥😂😂

  37. Maliya Amamiya
    Maliya Amamiya
    2 天 前


  38. sink
    2 天 前

    Guys wheres that funny ass fly performance

  39. Ijoy Y
    Ijoy Y
    2 天 前


  40. On L
    On L
    2 天 前

    This show is so much fun to watch than youth with you 3 but both show is great tho

  41. R . T
    R . T
    2 天 前


    2 天 前


  43. frankie fan
    frankie fan
    2 天 前


  44. S A
    S A
    2 天 前

    That freestyle part with Santa and Liu Yu is amazing

  45. Thainá Cristine
    Thainá Cristine
    2 天 前

    "¿No te lo mando yo? ¡Sé fuerte y valiente! No entres en pánico ni te desanimes, porque el SEÑOR tu DIOS estará contigo dondequiera que vayas." Josué 1:9

  46. Thainá Cristine
    Thainá Cristine
    2 天 前

    "Não fui eu que lhe ordenei? Seja forte e corajoso! Não se apavore, nem se desanime, pois o SENHOR, o seu DEUS, estará com você por onde você andar". Josué 1:9

  47. Thainá Cristine
    Thainá Cristine
    2 天 前

    "Did I not command you? Be strong and brave! Do not panic or be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

    1. Qiao’3r
      21 小时 前


  48. Thainá Cristine
    Thainá Cristine
    2 天 前

    Hey, you're reading, GOD loves you so much, you're not alone. ♥️🌈

  49. Thainá Cristine
    Thainá Cristine
    2 天 前

    Oye, estás leyendo, DIOS te ama tanto, tú no estás solo. ♥️🌈

  50. Jino Santos
    Jino Santos
    2 天 前


  51. Yihui Liu
    Yihui Liu
    2 天 前

    57:40 Mika!!!!!!!

  52. c. mouy
    c. mouy
    2 天 前

    I want to know name song at 1:55:26 tell me please!!!

  53. Inconnu Neseprononcepas
    Inconnu Neseprononcepas
    2 天 前


  54. S h u n F a
    S h u n F a
    2 天 前


  55. Rami Sun
    Rami Sun
    2 天 前

    Just wondering why is Nene a judge? omg. she just debut in 2020 and she is judge now?

    1. ingfakirata
      天 前

      She is just international mentors' assistant. I think the show wants her to be here because she has lots of inter fans since the theme of this year is an international group and there are many inter trainees in this year. She can use her experience from the past to guide the inter trainees as she was only inter trainee who joined the show without knowing Chinese language. She has no right to vote like other mentors.

  56. S h u n F a
    S h u n F a
    2 天 前

    bull shit bull shit

  57. ⁷
    2 天 前

    Vote for Liu Yu on Wetv app!!

  58. Stanley
    2 天 前


  59. e l s a
    e l s a
    3 天 前


  60. zi yi law
    zi yi law
    3 天 前

    原来网红和爱豆是有分别的 我理解了😂 看的我好尬哦

  61. 餓了我
    3 天 前


  62. xiao lun
    xiao lun
    3 天 前

    pls, vote for yu gengyin, he yifan & jing long

  63. JI叶子
    3 天 前


  64. Cathy SHEN
    Cathy SHEN
    3 天 前

    Liu Yu!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Ling
    3 天 前


  66. Koha maria Edwards
    Koha maria Edwards
    3 天 前

    I am in love with mika 😁😁😁 he singing almost made me cry 😭

  67. Mr. Haha
    Mr. Haha
    3 天 前


  68. 江燕金
    3 天 前


  69. Charlotte TG
    Charlotte TG
    3 天 前

    Huuhuu Im so proud of Nineee🥺

  70. Charlotte TG
    Charlotte TG
    3 天 前

    P Nine and Patrickkk 🥺❣️

  71. Arlene Anicama
    Arlene Anicama
    3 天 前


  72. JJ N
    JJ N
    3 天 前

    why post part 2 but not part 1. Are they stupid? lol

  73. Diana Janneth
    Diana Janneth
    3 天 前

    mi hermosa Amber... recordó sus tiempos de trainee al ver aquel chico bailar (no me acuerdo el nombre)

  74. Zahra _
    Zahra _
    3 天 前


  75. Zahra _
    Zahra _
    3 天 前


  76. Noneedtomentionme
    3 天 前

    I'm here for my baby Nine

  77. Krystal Ma
    Krystal Ma
    3 天 前

    这个庆怜说话有股美国白人小孩的感觉 看中国人好像看马戏团一样不够尊重 不喜欢

  78. Cai Cai
    Cai Cai
    3 天 前


  79. yeon tani
    yeon tani
    3 天 前

    Amber 😍 Nene 😍 Santa 😍 Nuo yan 😍 Xiao lihuan 😍 Zeng hanjiang 😍 gan wangxing 😍 Yetao 😍 Jing long 😍 Boom star youth 😍 Zhang xingte 😍 Patrick 😍 Nine 😍 Liu yu 😍 Wang xiaochen 😍 Rong yao 😍

  80. Victo Peres
    Victo Peres
    3 天 前

    Братья и сестры, за кого болеем?

  81. Aisha Andulmajeed
    Aisha Andulmajeed
    3 天 前

    Vote for nine and Patrick susu❤️

  82. Rita /
    Rita /
    3 天 前

    When's the next episode coming?

    1. Jimmy La
      Jimmy La
      3 天 前

      You should watch this on WeTV / Tencent Video app since the episodes are uploaded there and not on youtube. The next episode is Ep 3 which is the 1st public performance. That episode should be released on Wednesday.

  83. 呷霸Jabbar
    3 天 前

    李洛爾 的歌 好聽!!!

  84. Kg
    3 天 前


    1. 王興龍
      2 天 前


  85. 莊建苗
    3 天 前


  86. Vivian Lei
    Vivian Lei
    3 天 前


  87. 恺琳
    3 天 前

    男人将女人逼到墙角,一声温柔却充满诱惑的嗓音轻轻吐出几个字:“女人,想要什么都给你,你,没有退路了。代价就是:给@创造营2021-刘宇 撑腰。

  88. Dong Yoda
    Dong Yoda
    3 天 前


  89. Nan Nan
    Nan Nan
    4 天 前

    Me when my mom starts talking about the neighbor's kid: 1:35:00

  90. 劉宇的魚丸owo
    4 天 前


  91. 李佳妮
    4 天 前


  92. liyu cool
    liyu cool
    4 天 前


  93. Gacha.-.angelsఌ
    4 天 前


  94. Kahui Len
    Kahui Len
    4 天 前


  95. riicesoo
    4 天 前

    Zhang Xingte fighting!

  96. 蔡榕兒
    4 天 前


  97. 雪薇
    4 天 前


  98. Key ._. Key
    Key ._. Key
    4 天 前

    Guys if you want to vote for your favourite trainee head over to the wetv app and make an account! Let’s all try our best for our favourites!

  99. W H
    W H
    4 天 前


  100. Allen Zhang
    Allen Zhang
    4 天 前