Dean Smith of Aston Villa at

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Brilliant comments from the Aston Villa Head Coach


  1. Anthony Kavanagh
    Anthony Kavanagh
    7 个月 前

    Could listen to deano all day the manager I want to be ❤

    1. Anthony Kavanagh
      Anthony Kavanagh
      7 个月 前

      He must be incredible on training field when you see him take control sometimes he likes to get his hands dirty

  2. Villa1874
    7 个月 前

    In an age where football is considered toxic deano is a breath of fresh air UTV!

  3. Vervas59
    7 个月 前

    The person working the camera should have to listen to this every night before bed....bloody nightmare audio

  4. Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes
    7 个月 前

    We love you deano. UTV

  5. James Burke
    James Burke
    7 个月 前

    had the pleasure of watching Leyton Orient when Dean took their penalties

  6. HabZ Rahman
    HabZ Rahman
    8 个月 前

    DEANOOOOO! Such a legend.

  7. Edbutt
    8 个月 前

    Give him the tools and he will do the job, last season did not have the players required to "keep up" with the top clubs !!

    1. Harri Mills
      Harri Mills
      3 个月 前

      We had the players buy 3 main players got injured Mcginn Heaton and Wesley

    2. Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs
      7 个月 前

      Yes and no. A lot of the players we had last season that were terrible are now brilliant (Douglas Luiz, konsa, trezeguet etc). The problem was we had to buy too many players all at once and they didn't get time to gel.

  8. NVofus
    8 个月 前

    Ffs! Stop moving the camera!! It's not hard. Jeeeeeze!

  9. D N
    D N
    8 个月 前

    We have the Heart of a Villa supporter in charge and A lion of Aston Villa And England now in charge! UPTVUID!

  10. Allan Wort
    Allan Wort
    年 前

    Thanks for posting this, mate, but LEAVE THE F**KING MIC ALONE!

  11. James Howard-White
    James Howard-White
    年 前

    Yikes... are you practicing foreplay on your phones microphone? Otherwise, great vid :)

  12. VacantHaven
    年 前

    A great manager and an even greater person. UTV

  13. George Jeavons
    George Jeavons
    年 前

    Dean smith is the gaffer He brought a trophy home Tammy Mings and axel Coming in on loan Allez allez allez

  14. Todd Hart
    Todd Hart
    年 前

    Deanoooo Deanoooo 🦁🦁🦁🦁

  15. George Dolman
    George Dolman
    年 前

    Top man. Utv

  16. Henners
    年 前

    Deanooooo! UTV

  17. Joe Sambrooke
    Joe Sambrooke
    年 前

    Good video. A little bit more rustling would really make it great though.

    1. Craig McDonald
      Craig McDonald
      8 个月 前

      he was filming it from a bag of salt and vinegar crisps

    2. NVofus
      8 个月 前

      Haha...great minds. Lol.

    3. Ant Pugh
      Ant Pugh
      年 前

      made me laugh out loud

  18. Sjarken Sjekta
    Sjarken Sjekta
    年 前

    Love you Dean😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜♥️. UTV💜♥️😍😍😍😍😍

    年 前

    Dean Smith Making the world a better place 1 man at a time

    1. Shahir1395
      年 前

      spoken it. though none these people lokk like they ever watches football

  20. Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson
    年 前

    Love him. Hope he's our manager for Many years

  21. Duncan Edwards
    Duncan Edwards
    年 前

    A quality man, & a quality manager. We trust in you Deano. Thanks for coming, I hope you're our manager for donkey's years. U T V ✌💪☝