Brown, Tatum Collide Exit Game vs Blazers, CJ 33 Pts! 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. Asad Ali
    Asad Ali
    个月 前

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  2. CrazyKiLL
    个月 前

    Shaq A fool

  3. #1 Nets fan
    #1 Nets fan
    个月 前

    These 2were meant for the nets. It was their destiny

  4. SkyLine
    个月 前

    Great D JB 0:11

  5. Ayush Garg
    Ayush Garg
    个月 前

    Jason Tay tum has improved tremendously in the last 2 years.

  6. Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu
    个月 前

    both jays got hurt

  7. yas king
    yas king
    个月 前

    Luka giannas Tatum d Booker and Zion are the future of the nba

  8. Family Ever After
    Family Ever After
    个月 前

    Jayln brown broken leg

  9. Ta Guro100
    Ta Guro100
    个月 前

    When 2 blm dummies meet

  10. Zelle2x
    个月 前

    Brad Stevens heart dropped twice when those to fell 😢

  11. SmxkeStacks
    个月 前

    Celtics front office watch both of their stars go down 😭😭😭

  12. TyJamar
    个月 前

    They ran in to each other what are you doing.

  13. Samuel
    个月 前

    6'10" tatum not it

  14. Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez
    个月 前


  15. dubois stewart
    dubois stewart
    个月 前

    Breh, that's tough. What are the odds your two young stars injure each other? thats some cheese!

  16. Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry
    个月 前


    1. Stephen Curry
      Stephen Curry
      个月 前

      and so do i

  17. SuperTDSmith
    个月 前

    The 2 next best player will do the same next game and all 4 will be out till next season

  18. qwertyuiop
    个月 前

    They just pulling a Paul Pierce

  19. KootenaiKing
    个月 前

    That's some extra cheeeese. How tf you gna run into and injure each other....?

  20. Dynaudio
    个月 前

    Its jay's fault ngl

  21. Lee Mcnair
    Lee Mcnair
    个月 前

    Lakers schedule tough lol haha I got nuggets jazz suns blazers beating lakers

  22. Jarekx2007
    个月 前

    Shoulda kept in the part where Smart nut tapped Nurkic and cost the Celtics the game lol

  23. Cement_ YT
    Cement_ YT
    个月 前

    That’s been the summary of our season !! 😂

  24. Line Hagen
    Line Hagen
    个月 前

    As a blazers fan, awesome well deserved game tonight. But as Boston is my second favorite team I really hope that brown and Tatum are doing well.

  25. Jey Rey
    Jey Rey
    个月 前

    I Mean J hit J first...

  26. Nicetry Guy
    Nicetry Guy
    个月 前

    Thats actually some cheese right there

  27. retr0 solo
    retr0 solo
    个月 前

    Dam 2 for 1

  28. Patric Perena
    Patric Perena
    个月 前

    Damn that collision killed 2 birds with 1stone. Hope it's not too serious .

  29. Saad jmal
    Saad jmal
    个月 前

    What's wrong with your voice smoove ? I bet he had a hell of a party Last night 😅

  30. Big Waxx
    Big Waxx
    个月 前

    😂😂😂it ain't funny but that thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. TheNamesDitto
    个月 前

    Boston burning rn

  32. Jay Blast
    Jay Blast
    个月 前


  33. Teasery
    个月 前

    That hit was nothing lmao brown and tatum faking

  34. Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa
    个月 前

    They needed Gordon Hayward

  35. Terry The Man
    Terry The Man
    个月 前

    The Boston Celtics are a bunch of clowns

  36. Mc Krempei
    Mc Krempei
    个月 前

    Thy need shin conditioning

  37. Ayush
    个月 前

    chris you ok? Voice felt a bit different, hope you ok stay safe...

  38. JJ DaReal
    JJ DaReal
    个月 前

    Chris said lillard has fournier 🤣

  39. Karl Joseph
    Karl Joseph
    个月 前


  40. Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt
    个月 前

    Auch shin to shin collision is no joke. Typical in football but you dont see often in basketball

  41. HG AidsGami
    HG AidsGami
    个月 前

    Boy Wdf

  42. ダイチモモコ
    个月 前

    2 green turtles ?

  43. Joshua Y
    Joshua Y
    个月 前

    The domino chain would've been ridiculous if more players were involved.

  44. Anthony
    个月 前

    Jalen brown might be out but not Jason Tatum

  45. KOT1Q
    个月 前

    What’s wrong with Chris smooves voice

    1. Xi Benton
      Xi Benton
      个月 前

      What wrong with it

  46. Devastinator
    个月 前

    POoR BOSton

  47. Devastinator
    个月 前


    个月 前


  49. Lez PlayYt
    Lez PlayYt
    个月 前

    When your teammate chemistry reaches 101%

    1. Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
      Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
      个月 前

      Even when too much just 1%, it still cost a Problem Situation

    2. J J
      J J
      个月 前


    3. J4 Genius
      J4 Genius
      个月 前

      A successful failure😂😂

    4. Bryceis Togoated
      Bryceis Togoated
      个月 前

      Fr 😭😭

  50. Arbin Pooran
    Arbin Pooran
    个月 前

    Celtics deserve that

    1. Arbin Pooran
      Arbin Pooran
      个月 前

      @Zegoated and?

    2. Zegoated
      个月 前

      we clapped you in the playoffs before

  51. H K
    H K
    个月 前

    Brad Stevens seeing his season flash before his eyes

    1. MoneyMan Z
      MoneyMan Z
      个月 前

      nah fr tho them niggas really collided it had to be the best ones too lmao

  52. Damon Plant
    Damon Plant
    个月 前

    Luck of the Irish

    个月 前

    We need to rest them boys they backs hurt from FUCKING carrying us

  54. Wave_ham12
    个月 前


  55. RA-YL
    个月 前

    Did smoove make a video about lonzo and zion combine for 70 points?

    1. بدر عماد
      بدر عماد
      个月 前


  56. Jmoney14
    个月 前

    Why doesn’t he do the bulls game anymore

  57. flyrby
    个月 前

    Smart getting ejected for running into a moving screen😂

  58. Gang time
    Gang time
    个月 前

    watched live kinda ironic lol how it happend to their best players lol

  59. Gino
    个月 前

    Give tatum and brown a manual... what are they doing? 😆🤣

    1. Thicc Bush
      Thicc Bush
      个月 前

      @xastric i agree with you what

    2. xastric
      个月 前


  60. eba1029
    个月 前

    Of course it has to be the best players on the team.

    1. Nate. W
      Nate. W
      个月 前

      At least they still have Kemba Walker😂🤣

    2. ThirstenGivens
      个月 前


    3. Jay Marin
      Jay Marin
      个月 前

      FlyPizza.mp4 he knows

    4. Eljahi Hamgottin
      Eljahi Hamgottin
      个月 前

      @Jean Paul They said best players on the team

    5. Jean Paul
      Jean Paul
      个月 前

      Did something happen to Smart and Prichard?

  61. See she sheng
    See she sheng
    个月 前

    Double Kill.

  62. Jack Ho
    Jack Ho
    个月 前

    Powell really stepped on both of their feet

  63. Thiccslimsy
    个月 前

    damn double homicide

  64. cman3893
    个月 前

    You ok smoove?

  65. Seth Morgan
    Seth Morgan
    个月 前

    Summary of the Celtics Season

    1. Musa Gaming
      Musa Gaming
      个月 前

      Bflix is better dont listen to these scams

    2. Munty LEGEND
      Munty LEGEND
      个月 前

      Just what I was gonna say

  66. joseph chavez
    joseph chavez
    个月 前

    Damn how does that happen to two of your best players? Just bad luck lol

    1. jackson
      个月 前

      celtics have the worst luck in the league, ever since len bias

    2. Ricardo Izarraras
      Ricardo Izarraras
      个月 前

      As a Celtics fan we weren’t gonna make it to the ecf anyway.

    3. C4
      个月 前

      @Zydare technically its a 3 leaf clover

    4. Zydare
      个月 前

      the irony of the four leaf clover in their logo

  67. Young OG
    Young OG
    个月 前

    Blazers picking it up again

  68. nimbuslion
    个月 前

    damn double homicide

  69. ay ru
    ay ru
    个月 前

    damn i thought they got injured in different times jb injured early in the game (me thinking why he only had 16 pts) really thought smoove edited that thumbnail

  70. colinz fn
    colinz fn
    个月 前

    Hopefully it wont be a serious injury

  71. Sherikinz
    个月 前

    1:57 ofc it’s hurts smooove

    1. ImSelfmade1
      个月 前

      smoove crazyy mann💀💀

    2. Randy White
      Randy White
      个月 前


    3. Sherikinz
      个月 前

      @Nuno Cruz facts lol

    4. Nuno Cruz
      Nuno Cruz
      个月 前

      Smoove sometime be saying stupid shit

    个月 前

    We got cheated by the refs

    1. ZAY SHAWN
      个月 前

      @The IceMan fair, smart got ejected off of 1 tech and there was a lot of missed fouls.

    2. The IceMan
      The IceMan
      个月 前

      Which team? Both teams feel robbed lmao. Refs were shit all night on both sides. Missing charges, blocks, calling goaltends that didn’t happen. Ridiculous, these refs need fined.

  73. Andrew Pina
    Andrew Pina
    个月 前

    Should’ve shown that be goaltending call and that trash ejection . Terrible officiating soft NBA ruining the sport

  74. myles jones
    myles jones
    个月 前

    Imagine that best 2 players same time in last minute of the the game that’s some bs I know Celtic fans hot

  75. El Peluca
    El Peluca
    个月 前


  76. Mooo
    个月 前

    That bromance right there

  77. Musa Gaming
    Musa Gaming
    个月 前

    Hitting two bird 🐦🐦 with one stone 🤕 lol 😂😂

    1. Sxgfd
      个月 前

      That's some cheese

  78. Jonas Lam
    Jonas Lam
    个月 前

    Chris you gotta clear ur throat

  79. Ruben Bamaca
    Ruben Bamaca
    个月 前

    After the game Tatum said he was feeling Okay but there was no update on Jaylen

    1. Abdirahman Musse
      Abdirahman Musse
      个月 前

      Jaylen got hit HARD 🤕🤕

  80. Madis Peterson
    Madis Peterson
    个月 前

    two of best forward in nba crash and collide and die in hospital holding in hands at 3 am

  81. Folarin
    个月 前

    damn... double homicide

    1. Thicc Bush
      Thicc Bush
      个月 前

      damn... triple homicide for Marcus Smart too lol

    2. Joshua Newbern
      Joshua Newbern
      个月 前

      You outta pocket bruh 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. frederick
      个月 前


    4. Rj DaGoAt
      Rj DaGoAt
      个月 前

      Underrated comment

  82. Nikola Jokić
    Nikola Jokić
    个月 前

    Prayers up to the J's man 🙏

    1. Teasery
      个月 前

      They faked bruh that hit was so soft lmfao

    2. thekingbradable
      个月 前

      Tatum seems to be fine. JB might be out a few games

    3. BroFiss
      个月 前

      Jokic stealing Melo’s job

    4. Philip Aguila
      Philip Aguila
      个月 前

      Thats my Boy we hope there okay and you too Jokic

    5. LEIthal
      个月 前

      @Abdirahman Musse not really i couldnt tell if they seemed hury

  83. Funniest Clips On YT
    Funniest Clips On YT
    个月 前

    Ayyy, you know it’s a special upload when you wake up from the YT notification! Love the hustle Smoove!😭🙌❤️

  84. Azi Lynx
    Azi Lynx
    个月 前


  85. Go! Cherry Picker
    Go! Cherry Picker
    个月 前

    Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum cosplaying bowling pins

    1. Kid Ink-_
      Kid Ink-_
      个月 前

      @Musa Gaming Lmao

    2. Brendan Lawhorn
      Brendan Lawhorn
      个月 前

      Nothing to see another violation in the comments

    3. Musa Gaming
      Musa Gaming
      个月 前

      They were trippin

    4. Jayden
      个月 前


  86. Kevin Hau
    Kevin Hau
    个月 前


  87. Eitan Green
    Eitan Green
    个月 前

    Let’s go champ