Belgium 3-2 Japan | Extended Highlights | 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Watch extended highlights of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Round of 16 thriller between Belgium and Japan.

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  1. Ropheka Music
    Ropheka Music
    7 小时 前

    Knuckle ball Japanese golden generation!!

  2. Ropheka Music
    Ropheka Music
    7 小时 前

    Remarkable match., they use there hight advantage!!

  3. Edward Newgate
    Edward Newgate
    8 小时 前


  4. Jad Zein
    Jad Zein
    9 小时 前

    KDB and Hazard link up is phenomenal

  5. afro symphony
    afro symphony
    21 小时 前

    Beautiful but painful

  6. @CFCMoi11
    23 小时 前

    Lukaku was terrific in this game

  7. Jerry Adam
    Jerry Adam
    天 前

    Please upload 2002 FIFA world cup full match

  8. Zweihander zouzouz
    Zweihander zouzouz
    天 前

    12:15 they never gave up and all ran when the ball started

  9. LOVE
    天 前

    European so strong :((

  10. ジン
    2 天 前

    ベルギー3点目 全速力で戻っても間に合わないって、、完璧なカウンターだな。。

  11. rahmad adji
    rahmad adji
    2 天 前

    Courtois give the to De Bruyne , that's it

  12. Pink Domo
    Pink Domo
    3 天 前

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  13. Donnaly Gala
    Donnaly Gala
    3 天 前

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  14. David Jarrah
    David Jarrah
    4 天 前

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  15. Ronald Lasang
    Ronald Lasang
    4 天 前

    Say hi

  16. Ray!!【アマチュア作曲家】
    4 天 前


  17. Ardhiansyah Sadewo
    Ardhiansyah Sadewo
    4 天 前

    Im cry seen this match, because its too epic ,dramatic and full emotional to seen

  18. 李四
    5 天 前


  19. Bumardinhos
    5 天 前

    Lukaku’s off the ball movement for that third goal was just 🤌

  20. Harina Chery
    Harina Chery
    5 天 前

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  21. Parsuram Rai
    Parsuram Rai
    5 天 前

    Japan won my heart WC 2018 Played against the prime Belguim. Asian Pride Japan. I have lots of hope again in 2022 WC that's why I am going through Japan journey 2018

  22. 유리베
    6 天 前


  23. Roshan Fernando
    Roshan Fernando
    6 天 前

    Inexperience at that level cost Japan in the end. Most teams would have played safe towards the end of the 90 minutes but Japan were striving for the winner and left their back exposed. Courtois saw the opportunity and set the winning attack rolling. But what a brilliant humdinger of a football match!!

  24. steve monroe
    steve monroe
    7 天 前

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  25. Devolish Ash
    Devolish Ash
    7 天 前

    Japan deserved to win this match.

    1. z hhl
      z hhl
      6 天 前


  26. Aqua Rius
    Aqua Rius
    7 天 前

    imagine being weebs in Belgia

  27. 董宸昊
    7 天 前

    Inazuma Eleven play

  28. daron
    7 天 前


  29. Sir Amoras
    Sir Amoras
    8 天 前

    11:08 the vision from Lukaku is important. To let that one through, that needs a lot of vision and balls.

  30. Anoop Chalil
    Anoop Chalil
    8 天 前

    High balls beat japan

  31. 张提右
    9 天 前

    Japanese is in world best losser

  32. Ashwin
    9 天 前

    How Japanese plyrs see Courtois: 🙄

    9 天 前

    Its against belgium height

  34. Misui Games
    Misui Games
    9 天 前

    keisuka honda free kick is always awesome to watch

  35. jaanu2222
    9 天 前

    japan gave a great fight to the giant team like belgium , they played outstanding both physically and tactically just they've got one disadvantage was their players height , belgium whole team was almost 6+ and they're great at headers so they took advantage of it , and the last minute mistake from japans side cost them defeat , belgium seems like the strongest team from that point.

  36. Duc Pham
    Duc Pham
    10 天 前

    Inui (no.14 of Japan) has some world-class shots. Well, cannon shots.

  37. Avhik Banerjee
    Avhik Banerjee
    10 天 前


  38. Johan prx
    Johan prx
    11 天 前

    That last counter attack I was awesome. Respect for both teams. They both gave it their all.

  39. aks5615
    11 天 前

    One of the best matches I have seen..beautiful game from both sides ye

  40. Navneeth Sriram
    Navneeth Sriram
    11 天 前

    This match was immortalized by Kevin Keatings' goosebumps worthy commentary.

  41. Feri Peot
    Feri Peot
    12 天 前

    Gak ada bosen²nya nonton ini

  42. Pritam Nanda
    Pritam Nanda
    12 天 前

    Courtois was op in that wc

  43. 500 ปีที่ผ่านมา
    500 ปีที่ผ่านมา
    12 天 前

    ยิงเยอรมันได้ก่อนตั้ง2ลูก ก็เก่งมากแล้วครับ เอเชียอย่างเราไปแข่งกับยุโรป ยากนะครับที่จะได้ประตู อย่างประเทศไทยแทบไม่ได้จับบอล

  44. Haryadi ajja
    Haryadi ajja
    14 天 前

    who love to watch JAV here?

  45. Ferenc Horvath
    Ferenc Horvath
    14 天 前

    The comeback tho

  46. Ash Geo
    Ash Geo
    14 天 前

    This was 3 years ago and here is me getting all pumped up for Belgium 🇧🇪

  47. Vann Kh
    Vann Kh
    15 天 前

    i love you Lukaku😘

  48. Douglas Enoch
    Douglas Enoch
    15 天 前

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  49. Zeref Dragneel
    Zeref Dragneel
    15 天 前

    japan needed endou mamoru and gouenji to win football world cup

  50. Benjamin Wong
    Benjamin Wong
    15 天 前

    The Japanese goalkeeper was subpar.

  51. Covid 19 Kicks
    Covid 19 Kicks
    15 天 前

    One of the best match ever.... Belgium confidence level 🌍❤️

  52. laksh
    16 天 前


    1. Henri Jocquet
      Henri Jocquet
      13 天 前

      How about Russia, the host... How about Iran How about Saudi Arabia How about South Korea

  53. Chad Apol
    Chad Apol
    16 天 前

    Brilliant game. Heartbreak for Japan - one of the most memorable world cup games in my lifetime

    1. Mikhail Klyukvin
      Mikhail Klyukvin
      11 天 前

      you dont have likes and i decided to help you (I am from Russia)

  54. Molecular Samm
    Molecular Samm
    17 天 前

    I felt devastated for Japan after this!

  55. Bhusan Xess
    Bhusan Xess
    17 天 前

    GreaT to See an Asian teaM dominate an EngLishian ❤️ From India

  56. Iulian Butanu
    Iulian Butanu
    17 天 前

    What a beutifull game..

  57. ubong ibok
    ubong ibok
    17 天 前

    One word for this match Classic

  58. Chetan Anand
    Chetan Anand
    18 天 前

    Never forget that Lukaku produced the greatest counter attack of all time without touching the ball.

  59. WY G
    WY G
    18 天 前

    What a way to go out, Japan!

  60. Moneyxl00
    19 天 前

    Japanese team 2-0: Wastes all their stamina celebrating Belgium: Ok, let's see how you defend now *3 Goals* Moral of the story? Don't adrenaline dump and celebrate like a rockstar ;)

  61. Darren Bravo
    Darren Bravo
    19 天 前

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  62. Eberle Tyler
    Eberle Tyler
    19 天 前

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  63. Jeroma Atkins
    Jeroma Atkins
    19 天 前

    The orange rat normally rain because ghana beautifully pop among a overt sociology. icy, finicky forest

  64. Aasim Ali
    Aasim Ali
    21 天 前

    Felt bad for japan watched it live they deserve to win

  65. Shirtless Weeb
    Shirtless Weeb
    21 天 前

    ah so this is what started Blue Lock😳

  66. Maanas
    21 天 前

    I’m happy and sad lol. Happy for Belgium and sad for Japan

  67. Hikmahuddin Hasbullah
    Hikmahuddin Hasbullah
    21 天 前

    the only thing Japan lacked in this match is physicality...maybe in the next 15-20 years our asian physical will have the chances to challenge western peoples’ physical😭😭

  68. Alwayspissedoff
    21 天 前

    I could not take one side one was my fav football team and one is my dream country

  69. иιghτlιgнt
    21 天 前

    looks like fries are better than sushi

  70. Manab Bezbaruah
    Manab Bezbaruah
    22 天 前

    Love live Japanese, even though they loses, but they had a great impact.

  71. Web Master
    Web Master
    22 天 前

    Frankly speaking , its not the big picture of Lukaku (simply he was not able to control the ball) its not the ability of Nacer Chadli(an easy goal to the open post) its really the goalkeeper(Courtois) , who stopped the corner and released the ball very fast to Debruyne, which allowed the team to counter attack and score the goal.

  72. Witch Sorrowful
    Witch Sorrowful
    22 天 前

    Best game from this world cup. Even better than the 5-3 and the 3-3

  73. BigM Purilup
    BigM Purilup
    23 天 前

    กลับมาดูอยู่บ่อยๆ ญี่ปุ่นสู้ได้ดีมาก น่าจะชนะด้วยซ้ำ แต่ต้านไว้ไม่ไหว นับถือจิตใจจริงๆ

  74. Seteng Samad
    Seteng Samad
    23 天 前

    Japan the emerging football country of Asia . Proud of them

  75. Ryanto Parma
    Ryanto Parma
    23 天 前

    Hadir 🙏

  76. Phil
    23 天 前

    Defintely was rooting for Japan

  77. RolloxRA
    23 天 前

    What a match ⚽️ 🔥

  78. THE Eagle bearer
    THE Eagle bearer
    24 天 前

    John newman music at the beginning is so random 😅

    24 天 前

    One of the best world cup games ive ever watched

  80. Aditya Bhat
    Aditya Bhat
    25 天 前

    I remember when Japan lost, the Japanese Fans, as a support to their team and as a way for thanking the host country, cleaned all the litter from the stands.. You need to love Japanese for a lot of reasons..

  81. Ilyas Rian Permana
    Ilyas Rian Permana
    25 天 前


  82. Suta Pinatih
    Suta Pinatih
    25 天 前

    When Japan plays a game, it’s like watching an anime. Long story and breath taking.

  83. Xyz Zyx
    Xyz Zyx
    25 天 前

    Belgium💕 loves from Turkey...

  84. Mohammed Rishad Kabir
    Mohammed Rishad Kabir
    25 天 前

    One of my unforgettable match 😍❤️🔥🔥

  85. jose gnaspini junior
    jose gnaspini junior
    26 天 前

    fantastic narration!

  86. philip ha
    philip ha
    28 天 前

    Lost a lot money on this match. I never thought Belgium will win even watching to the last minute. 90% people buyes Japan win or draw.

  87. Marcus Holloway
    Marcus Holloway
    28 天 前

    Japan is a underrated, they nearly beat the third best at the tournament

  88. Anubhav Thakur
    Anubhav Thakur
    29 天 前

    It's not long after Asia will conquer Europe here as well.

    29 天 前

    Selamat Belgia atas kemenangan mu melawan Jepang. salam dari kami Indonesia 🇮🇩 🤝 🇧🇪

  90. Grandma Gertrude
    Grandma Gertrude
    个月 前

    i'm not from Japan but it would have been very interesting to see them in the quarter finals

  91. Srujan Nagdeve
    Srujan Nagdeve
    个月 前

    The best moments is that , Courtois passed the ball to DeBruyne even after their personal disputes ❤️❤️

    1. Srujan Nagdeve
      Srujan Nagdeve
      个月 前

      @Noah888 11:00 this is what,I was talking about .👍🏻

    2. Noah888
      个月 前

      They've decided to put all that aside when it comes to playing on the Belgium team. They aren't friends, they just play and don't talk to each other.

  92. Kabir Kharadi
    Kabir Kharadi
    个月 前

    Battle of The giants vs The

  93. Nazeer Abdulazeez
    Nazeer Abdulazeez
    个月 前

    After leading 2 -0 Japan ruined the match, should have play some defensive game

  94. bay sao
    bay sao
    个月 前

    ăn j

  95. nicolas coppens
    nicolas coppens
    个月 前

    I am Belgian and proud of my team, but my heart cry for Japan, I am so sad for them :(

    1. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
      Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
      2 天 前

      Japan played their hearts out on this game but Belgium was too much for them

    个月 前

    mấy bạn CB nhìn nhật bản đá banh mà học hỏi theo nha, đừng có mua tài

  97. 김범준
    个月 前

    4:13 이게 동아시아다....

  98. Rexhep Bakalli
    Rexhep Bakalli
    个月 前

    big respect for japan from a belgian man ;)

  99. Pᴀᴛʀɪᴄᴋ Jr
    Pᴀᴛʀɪᴄᴋ Jr
    个月 前

    What a come back ⭕ thats the power of belgium💥

  100. Cash me outside how ‘bout that?
    Cash me outside how ‘bout that?
    个月 前

    Women’s football could never !!