Amazing Cartoon Character Glow Up Transformations

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Amazing Cartoon Character and Disney Princess Glow Up Transformations! Leave a Like if you enjoyed!! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  1. Sonakshi Bhaumik
    Sonakshi Bhaumik
    49 分钟 前

    u did not just insult Flynn Rider noooooooo 😭😭

  2. • M a r v e l _ F N a F _ W o F _ G a m e r •
    • M a r v e l _ F N a F _ W o F _ G a m e r •
    小时 前

    I love how she wasn't able to get over that Elsa's hair got cut xD

  3. Kieran Lawler
    Kieran Lawler
    小时 前

    When they did Elsa she looked like kallmekris

  4. eli afton :3
    eli afton :3
    小时 前

    Can we just talk about how sniper wolf gets prettier every video ☺️

  5. Romel Dyer
    Romel Dyer
    小时 前


  6. SaltedCaramelEdits
    2 小时 前

    Anna is my fav , she has red hair like me and is the baby of the family

  7. Fiker Rz
    Fiker Rz
    7 小时 前

    Literly no won me staying up to watch sniperwolf frogets to turn down the volume

  8. Kayleigh Moore
    Kayleigh Moore
    10 小时 前

    I love it 😍😍

  9. Hadis Muradi
    Hadis Muradi
    10 小时 前

    1:33: why does that remind me of Peyton List?

  10. butter milk hates sky hates kitty channel Afnan
    butter milk hates sky hates kitty channel Afnan
    10 小时 前

    This is my favorite part of this video 5:26

  11. Sophia Petrovich
    Sophia Petrovich
    10 小时 前

    Snipwerwolf: oh its snow whi- Me:heeheehe

  12. Tick Void
    Tick Void
    11 小时 前

    1:28 uh yes- she literally marries Flen-

  13. Tick Void
    Tick Void
    11 小时 前

    Fun fact: Snow White was Disneys first full length film.

  14. Dara lopez
    Dara lopez
    11 小时 前

    5:26 she said 😶

  15. Da_black_ elf 200
    Da_black_ elf 200
    12 小时 前

    I was lagging hard at the shrek one 😂😂😂

  16. Jarrett Botnick
    Jarrett Botnick
    12 小时 前

    Am not lol

  17. Caitlyn Wenzon
    Caitlyn Wenzon
    12 小时 前

    What is that app called

  18. Oladayo Ogunleye
    Oladayo Ogunleye
    14 小时 前

    U: pls don't tell me its Flynn rider disgusting! I HATE that guy! Me: why, he's cute, he and Rapunzel r a perfect match, I mean, which other guy will marry Rapunzel?! Flynn's nice now. Watch tangled the series and Rapunzel's tangled adventure.

  19. Lila Mullins
    Lila Mullins
    15 小时 前

    Lol anna did drugs lol

  20. Sakina and siblings.
    Sakina and siblings.
    16 小时 前

    My fav glow up was of jane she looked amazing after the glow up

  21. Airi Artemis
    Airi Artemis
    17 小时 前

    Oh it's Snow W- 😲

  22. Linda Konadu
    Linda Konadu
    18 小时 前

    Snow White was the first Disney princess and is still one of the jungest of the princesses

  23. Panda WolfieNugget and Marshmallow
    Panda WolfieNugget and Marshmallow
    19 小时 前

    the reason tiana was crying in the last one was because Naveen was leaving her on read and not responding, he stood her up to a date they where going on

  24. B Njie
    B Njie
    22 小时 前

    Sorry, that's my 5 years old daughter asking for your number 🤭

  25. •Aliza LittleLion•
    •Aliza LittleLion•
    天 前

    1:04 why just why

  26. Twice NicePotato
    Twice NicePotato
    天 前


  27. Maddie
    天 前

    I tap the title and I don’t she Doras glow up 🥲

  28. 。「 Įm ñøt çøčø 」 。
    。「 Įm ñøt çøčø 」 。
    天 前

    The wine on the thumb nail tho- 😫✋

  29. Lily Combs
    Lily Combs
    天 前

    Snow White is the youngest in age but maybe she meant she came out first

  30. Aesthetic_devilツ
    天 前


  31. Pokémon Kat
    Pokémon Kat
    天 前

    Flynn ryder and Fred from scooby doo I hate them

  32. Sylveongamer 700
    Sylveongamer 700
    天 前

    Did anybody else notice the title said glow up not grow up

  33. Miya K
    Miya K
    天 前


  34. Thanataos _Walshy
    Thanataos _Walshy
    天 前

    elsa be looking like anne marie when she sang rockabye

  35. Craig H257
    Craig H257
    天 前

    I lasted 20 seconds.

  36. sundas kashif
    sundas kashif
    天 前

    I lov rapunzel she is so cute like sssniperwolf And jasmine who can forgot Anna and Elsa and mairmad

  37. Riaz Rehman
    Riaz Rehman
    天 前

    Nobody: When you lonely and no one likes your comment Me: likes own comment Also me: Hapi :>

  38. M O O N L I G H T
    M O O N L I G H T
    2 天 前

    oH mY gOd dIe mY hEhE

  39. Dan Chalk
    Dan Chalk
    2 天 前

    The Mulan transformation looks like Julie.

  40. Scarlett Tilbrook
    Scarlett Tilbrook
    2 天 前

    im jealous of ur eyebrows like my eyes are brown my hair is brown my eyelashes are brown but my eyebrows are blonde so i gotta dye them 🤣😂😭

  41. Scarlett Tilbrook
    Scarlett Tilbrook
    2 天 前

    me thinking im good at art: yay this is so cool!-... video: *your worst enemy has arrived*

  42. Monique Azzopardi
    Monique Azzopardi
    2 天 前

    Lol I was laughing my head of 😂🤣

    1. Monique Azzopardi
      Monique Azzopardi
      2 天 前


  43. ella8020 ella8020
    ella8020 ella8020
    2 天 前

    Why do u hate Flynn Ryder????,

  44. Mitchell Hintz
    Mitchell Hintz
    2 天 前

    Anyone see Michael jackson in the snow white one

  45. Aman K
    Aman K
    2 天 前

    What knowledge we gained from this highly professional, polished and informative video is dookie is dookie. And nothing in the world changes the way people will see it.

  46. Madeleine Madeleine
    Madeleine Madeleine
    2 天 前

    Ummm hiii lia what app do you use to draw these beautiful pictures

  47. Hui Carrie
    Hui Carrie
    2 天 前

    You say you like bella

  48. Cute Baby Mochi
    Cute Baby Mochi
    2 天 前

    7:58 Blackpink jennie hairstyle in how you like that

  49. Aliya Sansom
    Aliya Sansom
    2 天 前

    i lol your videos

  50. Tomeka Morin
    Tomeka Morin
    2 天 前

    vEddie George

  51. Dumb_Dabi
    2 天 前

    What freaking app is this

  52. Ryleigh Woodworth
    Ryleigh Woodworth
    2 天 前

    Hi my

  53. Girlcatlove
    2 天 前

    SSSNiperWolf: "If Snow White was on tick tock that's what she would look like" meh: "Gurl she be lookin like a sims person get your games right -_-

  54. Laci Bailey
    Laci Bailey
    2 天 前

    yo can i have a shout out i love your vid's pleaseeeee

  55. Laci Bailey
    Laci Bailey
    2 天 前

    if i saw a boy trying be a girl they a idiot

  56. Aliya Davis
    Aliya Davis
    2 天 前


  57. Julia Falkowska
    Julia Falkowska
    2 天 前

    Oh my god I'm gonna cry

  58. Thundhun games
    Thundhun games
    2 天 前

    Elsa is the oldest and nontenager she is 21

  59. Tom Jameson
    Tom Jameson
    2 天 前

    The Tiana one gives me Michael Jackson vibe

  60. Eliza Isaacson
    Eliza Isaacson
    2 天 前

    5:27 laughing out loud just fell out of my chair xD (Snow white my fave princess, HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO HER!!!)

  61. *- Chloé -*
    *- Chloé -*
    2 天 前

    0:20 she be looki' like Barbie

  62. tiny mha lover
    tiny mha lover
    2 天 前

    Lia is the only person who understand that i hate flynn

  63. the little dog
    the little dog
    3 天 前

    Long neckkkkk very long neckkk I'm short neck bc I'm only 7

  64. Muna Wahib
    Muna Wahib
    3 天 前

    from sleeping beauty to yo where you gon sleep with this beauty

  65. MarshmallowPrincess
    3 天 前

    That’s a good BBBBB

  66. Arvxii
    3 天 前

    4:01 if Kim K and Cleopatra had a child yk what I mean?

  67. ·little white devil·
    ·little white devil·
    3 天 前

    OmG iM gOnNa CrY iM DiManD eaRinG

  68. naga mani
    naga mani
    3 天 前

    I like bell

  69. joann pelvera
    joann pelvera
    3 天 前

    How dare you hate flint he is an important charecter

  70. Justice Pointer
    Justice Pointer
    3 天 前

    What app

  71. Gwen Boudwin
    Gwen Boudwin
    3 天 前

    Dude when I had long hair I WAS Moana, not even joking when the movie came out my friends and family said I looked like Moana

    3 天 前


  73. Aubrey Harmon
    Aubrey Harmon
    3 天 前

    wait is it just me....or was that not Mulan???

  74. Weifan Wu Wu
    Weifan Wu Wu
    3 天 前

    5:27 ssniperwolf be like:👁👄👁me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. sophia's gaming life
    sophia's gaming life
    3 天 前

    This comment has no hate I love sssniperwolf aka lia I just wanted a correction snow white is the youngest hope that help please comments don't hate on me I was just correcting something

  76. Miriam Cruz
    Miriam Cruz
    3 天 前


  77. Khomotso Motimele
    Khomotso Motimele
    3 天 前

    Omg shrek

  78. Deia Nicholson
    Deia Nicholson
    3 天 前

    The sleeping Beauty glow up looks kinda of like Barbie

  79. Amanda Johndrow
    Amanda Johndrow
    3 天 前


  80. Eri Chan OwO
    Eri Chan OwO
    3 天 前

    If you forget Alice me sad because Alice is the second best Disney princess/character (Cheshire cat all the way)

  81. ammata thammavongsa
    ammata thammavongsa
    3 天 前

    The colorful samurai originally bomb because eight frequently question modulo a aspiring kimberly. spooky, cooperative open

  82. Kata Pfeiffer
    Kata Pfeiffer
    4 天 前


  83. Kata Pfeiffer
    Kata Pfeiffer
    4 天 前

    Ah girl that sleeping beatuty forhead ;)

  84. fire sword
    fire sword
    4 天 前


  85. Naruto Hey
    Naruto Hey
    4 天 前

    You need to watch Dora the city girl it's not the name tho

  86. Norma Iliana Rodriguez
    Norma Iliana Rodriguez
    4 天 前


  87. Gatcha Cookie Queen
    Gatcha Cookie Queen
    4 天 前

    Me. Disney show make these characters they should see the characters and then make them👁👄👁

  88. shortcake
    4 天 前


  89. Bertucci Kids
    Bertucci Kids
    4 天 前

    i love your videos their so funny

  90. Claireandpaul Lynch
    Claireandpaul Lynch
    4 天 前

    this is wow

  91. fathimath zahra
    fathimath zahra
    4 天 前

    What Is the app name

  92. Mo Vlogs
    Mo Vlogs
    4 天 前

    Aurora glow up transformation do be looking like teddy off of good luck Charlie like if u agree

  93. Alma Ochoa
    Alma Ochoa
    4 天 前

    snow white is doing drugs

  94. Lilyana Feasel
    Lilyana Feasel
    4 天 前


  95. JESSICA THE WOLF cunningham
    JESSICA THE WOLF cunningham
    4 天 前

    Sniper wolf omg I love your vids

  96. Chanel Azurite
    Chanel Azurite
    4 天 前

    What ever Vid i whach you are so funny

  97. Saku
    4 天 前

    My mind: NO NO NO

  98. Briella piper
    Briella piper
    4 天 前

    lia:what’s under all that hair “forhead” me: ;-;

  99. Gabrielle Samuels
    Gabrielle Samuels
    5 天 前


  100. Lisa Alsbrooks
    Lisa Alsbrooks
    5 天 前

    Sniper wolf you are the best