50+ Players Destroyed by Phil Foden

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50+ Jogadores Destruídos por Phil Foden


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MSHOW 2021

Phil Foden vs Liverpool
Phil Foden vs Everton
Phil Foden x Borussia Dortmund
Phil Foden Goal x Borrusia Dortmund
Phil Foden x psg
Phil Foden vs psg
Phil Foden


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      Mohamud Bulle
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      I did..

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      @Keiran Johnson 1wWwWW

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    5 小时 前

    The best thing he doesnt dive... What a player

  3. Guilherme Dbr2020
    Guilherme Dbr2020
    天 前

    Lembra o Hazard 🤔

  4. Talente Mzimela
    Talente Mzimela
    2 天 前

    Whack no skills just running with the ball 👎

  5. Joe Lyttle
    Joe Lyttle
    3 天 前

    It's a shame about the shit music

  6. Kernel Charles
    Kernel Charles
    4 天 前

    That s nice keep it up phil foden love you 🌟💯🖒💎👍💯🌟

    4 天 前

    1:57 Messi was so proud of you son 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Bxxgey_man
    5 天 前

    I think pep was right. This kid is so talented

  9. mark theblue
    mark theblue
    5 天 前

    Pure class 😎

  10. M00D EDITS
    M00D EDITS
    8 天 前

    Next Messi

  11. Lai Zhenqi
    Lai Zhenqi
    8 天 前

    and mason greenwood xddd

  12. Ryan Coackley
    Ryan Coackley
    9 天 前

    Tbf I could take the piss out off 50+ year olds on a pitch

  13. Md Han
    Md Han
    10 天 前

    Did he play CL final,coz i dont see him 🙊

  14. Juul
    11 天 前

    Unpopular opinion: Phil Foden overrated🙈

  15. Rastrom
    12 天 前

    Absolute shit music lmao but great video anyways

  16. the beast
    the beast
    14 天 前

    Really? 6 ads on 8 mins video by footage that isn't even urs?

  17. Adam Davis
    Adam Davis
    14 天 前

    Doesn’t go down like a sack of shit, crying & screaming every 5 mins. There’s hope for modern football yet! 👏🏼

  18. Michael
    16 天 前

    Southgate will pick Lingard instead 😂😂

  19. Paul The Cityzen
    Paul The Cityzen
    16 天 前

    Just like his hero David Silva, what a talent

  20. Khasi Virgo
    Khasi Virgo
    17 天 前

    Wonderful talent from the lad... Wishing him to lift the baloon' d or . One day

  21. Abdias Meneses
    Abdias Meneses
    17 天 前

    No mbappe, no haland.... FODEN señores mas gambetero y encarador que recuerda a messi y cr7 el es el digno sucesor

  22. babita rani
    babita rani
    18 天 前

    Reminds me of young Eden hazard💯

  23. Joe Gainsford
    Joe Gainsford
    20 天 前

    Phil Foden will be the best player in the world

  24. Rody Ioni
    Rody Ioni
    22 天 前

    Reminds me of prime Cassano

  25. BenCalderwood
    22 天 前

    I mean hardly any of these were "destroyed when I hear that I think hazard or messi running past a whole team or sitting a player on there bum

  26. Sebastian Aguiar
    Sebastian Aguiar
    23 天 前


  27. Sebastian Aguiar
    Sebastian Aguiar
    23 天 前

    @vituber12 @papigavi

  28. TrapperJohn72
    24 天 前

    Just hope & pray that defensive Mr Southgate gives Phil the freedom to express himself 🤞🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    24 天 前

    His better play the game but not strong ☺☺

  30. luciano clavin
    luciano clavin
    24 天 前

    Es un crack phil foden demasiada calidad 😎🔝

  31. Dylan McGowan
    Dylan McGowan
    27 天 前

    Almost looks like Maradona, his brains two steps ahead of everyone else . Devils advocate - there’s highlight reels of Georgi Kinkladze doing the same and as skillful as he was , he was no Maradona .

  32. Samson Seram
    Samson Seram
    27 天 前

    Its a good skiill to score in such a rush goal mouth.

  33. Karun Leelasiri
    Karun Leelasiri
    27 天 前

    look at his age, I think he's better than Ryan Giggs at peak!

  34. it's true
    it's true
    27 天 前

    Potential is over .. the machine is here .

  35. samuel Budi
    samuel Budi
    27 天 前

    David silva smiling see him

  36. Roshan Patel
    Roshan Patel
    27 天 前

    Pep gurdiola another master piece.... Just loke kbd and messi and many more

  37. Korfingshile Headphones
    Korfingshile Headphones
    28 天 前

    Looks a right bloody handful! So glad he's English!

  38. fahad mansoor vlogs
    fahad mansoor vlogs
    个月 前

    Next messi

  39. Rugved Palodkar
    Rugved Palodkar
    个月 前

    I sometimes see young messi in him

  40. Abdi Mohamed
    Abdi Mohamed
    个月 前

    He reminds me alot of prime Jack wilshere when he was blowing up. Just a better version

  41. Wayne-R-
    个月 前

    Foden is the English messi

  42. Futz Highlights
    Futz Highlights
    个月 前

    Esse mlk e mt bom véi mds, um dia vai ganhar uma bola de Ouro, tem muito futuro

  43. Traski Traskola
    Traski Traskola
    个月 前

    Music is 👌👌👌

  44. cold water
    cold water
    个月 前

    Man this guy is better than mount. I’m a Chelsea fan.. Jesus

  45. Ph H
    Ph H
    个月 前

    Manchester city will be mighty a long time because they have Phil Foden.

  46. Gonz
    个月 前

    I thought this was going to show Foden dribbling fifty year olds

  47. Eeesh
    个月 前

    Superb balance!

  48. Michael Segun
    Michael Segun
    个月 前

    Will be the new number 10 of man city

  49. Jord
    个月 前

    Why has the song changed?

  50. scan0121
    个月 前

    Foden is the best player in the world right now

  51. Jizzon Myface
    Jizzon Myface
    个月 前

    very good lad.

  52. illiterate thug
    illiterate thug
    个月 前

    Brahim Diaz disliked this 138 times. We did warn you Brahim, shoulda stayed

  53. Joe Thompson
    Joe Thompson
    个月 前

    Foden is the most Messi like player out there right now (apart from Messi himself ofc)

  54. Joe Thompson
    Joe Thompson
    个月 前

    Proud to say I’ve been following this kids success for a few years now. So glad to see him silencing the doubters

  55. liamdor
    个月 前

    When will people realise he is elite already

  56. Neuro Philosophers
    Neuro Philosophers
    个月 前

    Foden looks like he took lessons from Messi himself at the GOAT Gatorade academy lol

  57. Bahen Phom
    Bahen Phom
    个月 前

    English Messi

    个月 前


  59. Saugata Choudhury
    Saugata Choudhury
    个月 前

    PSG and Dortmund games no even added to it

  60. Cenk
    个月 前


  61. Digital HITE
    Digital HITE
    个月 前

    the second player after messi who dribbles the defenders...

  62. Federal Gaming
    Federal Gaming
    个月 前

    Foden is the next big thing

  63. S K
    S K
    个月 前

    Jude Bellingham is better

    1. Saugata Choudhury
      Saugata Choudhury
      个月 前

      Get a life imo

  64. Octi
    个月 前

    Newborn Andres Iniesta! 🔥💪🏻 respect from Chelsea fan

  65. cooltongkid
    个月 前

    Best 12 year old I've ever seen play

  66. Devasya Takkar
    Devasya Takkar
    个月 前

    I'm reminded of messi when he was his age ngl

  67. Reyka Purwoko
    Reyka Purwoko
    个月 前

    he was the heal for me after i heard if aguero will go next season

  68. Clapton IsGod
    Clapton IsGod
    个月 前

    I don't bother as much with football and had heard his name a few times. After watching these clips, there is absolutely no doubt he can become one of the all time greats. No need to list his attributes as I'd be here all night. An astonishing talent and already his style is incomparable. He doesn't remind me of anyone, he has flashes of skill reminiscent of Scholes, or Giggs, Messi, Zidane etc but this kid is already fully loaded. Longevity and big trophies will determine his place on the pantheon but I suspect he's top 10 potential.

  69. Rudi Prayoga
    Rudi Prayoga
    个月 前

    the next messi

  70. james francis
    james francis
    个月 前

    he reminds me a bit of wilshere when he first broke through

  71. Kry5n0
    个月 前

    After vs PSG 🤯🤯🤩

  72. MultiRibrob
    个月 前

    Destroyed hahahaha

  73. Frank Byrne
    Frank Byrne
    个月 前

    I'm an Evertonian.....but Foden is another level to any player we've got....that lad is something else!....just wait until he reaches his best!....I can't wait to see him progress....💙

  74. sakura kakki
    sakura kakki
    个月 前

    Music ??

  75. Graham Moore
    Graham Moore
    个月 前


  76. Botond Szabad
    Botond Szabad
    个月 前

    Next Messi?

  77. Hedmaga Rodrigues
    Hedmaga Rodrigues
    个月 前

    all i know, he's never diving

  78. England UK
    England UK
    个月 前

    He should be the first name on the City and England team sheets! Pure quality... 😎

  79. EfE
    个月 前

    what's with the shitty music...

  80. Adapt to Health
    Adapt to Health
    个月 前

    Watching this and realising he will only get better. daym

  81. Slayer of Oryx Then
    Slayer of Oryx Then
    个月 前

    Going to be England’s best talent if he keeps going the way he is

    个月 前

    Football : It’s all about passion & love Content : Player’s destroying each other!

  83. 02reidr111
    个月 前

    World class talent, hopefully he continues to have a world class career 🙏🏾

  84. Rilli Rilla Than most
    Rilli Rilla Than most
    个月 前

    Reminds me of jack wilshere when he was that age

  85. GoldBlazer
    个月 前

    World Class but without marketing... Nice video!!

  86. Janssen Lee
    Janssen Lee
    个月 前

    Messi lite?

  87. Camron Buckley
    Camron Buckley
    个月 前

    Theres no point trying to foul Phil foden because he'll just get up

  88. Camron Buckley
    Camron Buckley
    个月 前

    Phil foden the future of English midfield

  89. Marty McFlea
    Marty McFlea
    个月 前

    He's one of the biggest fakers I've ever seen. Even when he shoots he leans back like he's going top bins but instead arrows it into the bottom corner. He must have a great poker face.

    个月 前


  91. Morteza Niazi
    Morteza Niazi
    个月 前

    i love you boy .... little monster

  92. the day after
    the day after
    个月 前

    He's a crack

  93. farhan ali
    farhan ali
    个月 前

    Bruh, his run and dribbling style, really reminded me of Hazard at Chelsea tho, am i the only one think like that haha

  94. Renegade Master
    Renegade Master
    个月 前

    But can can he do it against players under 50?

  95. Isabella Petch
    Isabella Petch
    个月 前

    his close control and balance is insane

  96. Luke Kusznir
    Luke Kusznir
    个月 前

    From a Liverpool fan what a talent he is put some respect on his name

    1. sidhanth muralidhar
      sidhanth muralidhar
      22 天 前

      same here lad

  97. Sheer Crowd
    Sheer Crowd
    个月 前

    The way he plays just exudes confidence. He’s incredible. If Manchester City can sign Haaland if he leaves Dortmund, they’re going to be practically unstoppable next season.

  98. Teddy Sheckler
    Teddy Sheckler
    个月 前

    Reminds a bit of a Samir Nasri in his prime. England have a big future ahead with the talent that’s come through.

  99. Said Hassan
    Said Hassan
    个月 前


  100. alex bolton
    alex bolton
    个月 前

    remember when Pep just wouldnt even start or sub him in a game? now look at him. A vital player for city. Stupendous