100 Amazing Goals Of The Year 2020

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100 Amazing Goals Of The Year 2020 ft. Erling Haaland, Heung-Min Son, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyne etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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  1. Jack Leto
    Jack Leto
    8 天 前

    I like this 3:11

  2. Yavuz Selim Osmanlı
    Yavuz Selim Osmanlı
    11 天 前

    Where Beşiktaş Vida goals ?

  3. Roberth Johansson
    Roberth Johansson
    12 天 前

    abing goal

  4. _Glommy_
    14 天 前

    In the first 15 goals you can tell me the name of the song please 🥺🥺🥺

  5. Le Commissaire
    Le Commissaire
    18 天 前

    4:45 pretty sure there was an earthquake when that hit the net

  6. 代行2 supreme
    代行2 supreme
    18 天 前

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  7. POWER Ammarx
    POWER Ammarx
    19 天 前


  8. POWER Ammarx
    POWER Ammarx
    19 天 前


  9. Theogslayer
    21 天 前

    11:13 was just perfect 👌👌👌👌👌😎

  10. 천성daytime
    24 天 前

    good! Nice soccer!!! this video... after I see, drawing practice more well~~~~.

  11. Aregay Grezgher
    Aregay Grezgher
    24 天 前

    you are best.

  12. biriani khabo
    biriani khabo
    25 天 前

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  13. Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi
    25 天 前

    Many Goals against Valencia haha

  14. RAFglprocom 4
    RAFglprocom 4
    25 天 前

    May Modric forget the hospour vs PAOK 1-2

  15. Jose De Avila
    Jose De Avila
    28 天 前

    The adjoining bongo chronically cause because slip coherently bat by a orange railway. shiny, spiritual yard

  16. David Ciungu
    David Ciungu
    个月 前

    3:50 ce ai facut ma mbz nu ai vazut mingea?

  17. David Ciungu
    David Ciungu
    个月 前

    bravo ba mbz

  18. Nicola Weir
    Nicola Weir
    个月 前

    Let’s go joe aribo

  19. Khánh Nguyễn
    Khánh Nguyễn
    个月 前

    What is the song in 0:00

  20. Bhornet 200
    Bhornet 200
    个月 前

    Dominik Szoboszlai is cool shot

  21. อาทิตย์ ดีพลงาม
    อาทิตย์ ดีพลงาม
    个月 前

    skill kak

  22. Spectr0
    个月 前


  23. Yurii Yurik
    Yurii Yurik
    个月 前

    fake fan sounds are pathetic

  24. I love mountains
    I love mountains
    个月 前

    1:45 griezman perfectly recreated messi

  25. alexsm125
    个月 前

    god, how good football is

    个月 前

    This is like Rocket League but in real life

  27. Zoe Harris
    Zoe Harris
    个月 前

    2:19 absolutely outstanding

  28. Tej Padda
    Tej Padda
    个月 前

    U left my favourite player best to last man ✌🏽

  29. Ali Aydın
    Ali Aydın
    个月 前

    Where's the Ozan Tufan?

  30. I make random vids xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
    I make random vids xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
    个月 前

    Kemar roofes goal thow🤩

  31. FIFA Mobile fun with FUT BEAST
    FIFA Mobile fun with FUT BEAST
    个月 前

    Modric one was lit 🔥

  32. mo b
    mo b
    2 个月 前


    1. Spectr0
      个月 前

      the best youungster in the world

  33. LoreK
    2 个月 前

    Hello from America 🇺🇸

  34. tabe 20
    tabe 20
    2 个月 前


  35. Δημητρης κυριαζης
    Δημητρης κυριαζης
    2 个月 前

    18:00 goal was fire

  36. Hanks Xuzus
    Hanks Xuzus
    2 个月 前

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  37. Fernando Alves
    Fernando Alves
    2 个月 前

    muitooo bom

  38. Tran Hong Ngoc
    Tran Hong Ngoc
    2 个月 前

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  39. Juan Gallo
    Juan Gallo
    2 个月 前

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  40. Diego Albert
    Diego Albert
    2 个月 前

    falta de respeto que no hayan puesto el gol de penaltii de fidelal madrid

  41. Héctor García Cacho
    Héctor García Cacho
    2 个月 前

    Es una mierda porque no esta el gol de benzema contre el español. Mucha premier pero poca santander. Si lees esto eres gay

  42. Lavern Norman
    Lavern Norman
    2 个月 前

    The abashed cloudy markedly puncture because tie gergely realise through a impossible cushion. light, public fighter

  43. Porfirio Harriet
    Porfirio Harriet
    2 个月 前

    Pooch Perfect

  44. patricia zarazaga
    patricia zarazaga
    2 个月 前

    lolololololololololololololo kokokokokokokokoko ioioioioioioioioioioioioi.

  45. Porfirio Harriet
    Porfirio Harriet
    2 个月 前


  46. Julie Thomas
    Julie Thomas
    2 个月 前

    Sub to Meatloaf last to leave tree aka M C

  47. Sammie Jackson
    Sammie Jackson
    2 个月 前

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  48. Nettie Mcdonald
    Nettie Mcdonald
    2 个月 前

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  49. Weynirax
    2 个月 前

    Quelle but 😃😃

  50. Rio Fernandez
    Rio Fernandez
    2 个月 前

    De Bryune heart man city

  51. Rayane Bourguignon
    Rayane Bourguignon
    2 个月 前


  52. Bader DZ
    Bader DZ
    2 个月 前

    00:42 music name plz

  53. Pasquale Canfora
    Pasquale Canfora
    2 个月 前

    The sleepy saxophone erroneously shock because fan holoprosencephaly hook except a like debtor. therapeutic, heartbreaking pentagon

  54. Dr. Schmidt
    Dr. Schmidt
    2 个月 前

    18:32 the birds are here

  55. Sinan Tuzcu
    Sinan Tuzcu
    2 个月 前

    Best music I've seen in this kind of video. It starts at 5:30

  56. Jouy Killa
    Jouy Killa
    2 个月 前

    compilation is good, music made me fall asleep

  57. Gia khiem Dang
    Gia khiem Dang
    2 个月 前

    south american: goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll epl: what a goal who is better (this is a joke)

  58. Ciclista Élite
    Ciclista Élite
    2 个月 前

    Excellent goals of the 2020 season.🏆

  59. Ahooo Obk
    Ahooo Obk
    2 个月 前


  60. Keiner Valverde
    Keiner Valverde
    2 个月 前

    16:01 Goal Riyad Mahrez Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

  61. maharani dewi
    maharani dewi
    2 个月 前


  62. Nedved Bonello
    Nedved Bonello
    2 个月 前

    When Halaand smells the goal he scores

  63. Весёлое Детство
    Весёлое Детство
    2 个月 前


  64. Gregor Rottwinkel
    Gregor Rottwinkel
    3 个月 前

    New music?!😯

  65. Ricardo Machado
    Ricardo Machado
    3 个月 前

    curtis jones niceeee goal

  66. Diego Trinidad
    Diego Trinidad
    3 个月 前

    Sobis y Gignac en un mismo video...no estoy llorando.

    1. football cR.7👍👍😘
      football cR.7👍👍😘
      29 天 前

      NewcastIe vs Mann Ciity 0−3 All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts 14 05 2021cnauto.info/cycle/sh-p-n/2aGY19OStsnPbaQ

  67. Po Lo
    Po Lo
    3 个月 前

    Otr a najsen

  68. vincerò il pallone d'oro
    vincerò il pallone d'oro
    3 个月 前

    LUKAKU VS GENOA ???!!!?

  69. Maruan Bouizy
    Maruan Bouizy
    3 个月 前

    my man changed the first song and now the video isn't half as good as it was...

    1. Shai Ace
      Shai Ace
      3 个月 前

      Yeah wtf.

  70. Vilmos Manhertz
    Vilmos Manhertz
    3 个月 前


  71. Positive Show
    Positive Show
    3 个月 前

    16:24 Lol

  72. Sebster R6
    Sebster R6
    3 个月 前

    Am I the only one who noticed the actual puskas winner from 2020 (son vs burnley) wasn’t included?

  73. Bernard Gena
    Bernard Gena
    3 个月 前

    The ethereal lawyer radiologically charge because queen corroboratively force an a like grip. unkempt, strange comb

  74. Brian Alcala
    Brian Alcala
    3 个月 前

    y los 2 goles de mi chicote de oro en el clasico nacional chivas vs america?

  75. Sarthak Janrao
    Sarthak Janrao
    3 个月 前

    22:22 Did I misheard that?

    1. Mr Pie
      Mr Pie
      3 个月 前

      I think so xD

  76. edi
    3 个月 前

    Yellow dolars?🤔🤣

  77. Νίκος Σαρδέλης
    Νίκος Σαρδέλης
    3 个月 前

    του σιμόες όχι??????????παλιομυρωδιάδες

  78. Meg :
    Meg :
    3 个月 前

    How is martial’s goal so hig up? All he did was a chip. And don’t tell me that it was the skill move, cause anyone over the age of 11 and that play’s football can do that

  79. Igor Szubrycht
    Igor Szubrycht
    3 个月 前


  80. Kornelius Mork
    Kornelius Mork
    3 个月 前

    NO pellegrino from Kristiansund? Job not done, he scored some absolute screamers, better than 90% of these.

  81. Tariq Ahmed
    Tariq Ahmed
    3 个月 前


  82. Akiffenwa
    3 个月 前

    Where the fuck is Vidas goal

  83. Terminator King
    Terminator King
    3 个月 前

    12:52 Alireza

  84. Tim Svensson
    Tim Svensson
    3 个月 前

    where is Haller goal against Palace???

  85. Matias Tapia
    Matias Tapia
    3 个月 前

    2:57 ese me dolio

  86. Of Hennry
    Of Hennry
    3 个月 前

    2:10 Aguante Tigres papá 💛😼💪

    3 个月 前

    don't put fucking music on it.

  88. Mahmoud Mostafa
    Mahmoud Mostafa
    3 个月 前

    Shikaaaa 11:22 ❤❤

  89. Fabio Ahmati
    Fabio Ahmati
    3 个月 前

    this year is not very good but matches is awesome

  90. Mohammed Ghazni
    Mohammed Ghazni
    3 个月 前

    4:45 WTF 💀

  91. Majd Radi
    Majd Radi
    3 个月 前

    1:45 you good man

  92. N F95
    N F95
    3 个月 前

    No Kimmich:(

    1. N F95
      N F95
      3 个月 前

      The roadrunner one not the chip

  93. Leandro Abrines Claver
    Leandro Abrines Claver
    3 个月 前


  94. Aleksander Dziedzic
    Aleksander Dziedzic
    3 个月 前

    tatuś wiedział kogo wybrać do składu

    3 个月 前


      3 个月 前


  96. Doctoralis Major
    Doctoralis Major
    3 个月 前

    11:22 Amazing one.

    1. josef isaac
      josef isaac
      3 个月 前

      I watched the match and in the same match there is a goal I do not know how I did not find it in the top

  97. HPTC_ Leon
    HPTC_ Leon
    3 个月 前

    before seeing the last goal i wanted to ask where the one of reyna is , but the last one was his goal hahaha

  98. mustafa erkuran
    mustafa erkuran
    3 个月 前

    20:00 daki golü yanlışlıkla atmadıysa adam değilim orta açmaya çalışıyordu.

  99. Omar Figueroa
    Omar Figueroa
    3 个月 前

    20:20 Aguante la Chilean premier league ctm 🙌🏻♥️

  100. Ivett Kondor
    Ivett Kondor
    3 个月 前

    3:40 the Hungarian Star, Szoboszlai! ♥